Game Update 7.5 : Desperate Defiance

Game Update 7.5 : Desperate Defiance


    Desperate Defiance Storyline

    7.5 brings the next chapter of the story, “Desperate Defiance”. Padawan Sa’har Kateen asks the player for help in a risky mission to retrieve Darth Nul’s holocron, turning on Heta Kol, her brother Ri’kan, and the Hidden Chain. Visit the new Minboosa District on Hutta and meet new allies including Adi Vonapa and Rakit, leaders of the worker rebellion. 

    PvP Season 6 “Great Pirate Hunt”

    The new PvP season starts on May 29th, 2024 and will run for 16 weeks (up from 12 weeks). For more information visit HERE.

    Basilisk Protype Venture

    The new Venture system is debuting with Game Update 7.5. Players who have fully completed Lane Vizla’s story missions will be introduced to B3-S1, the Basilisk Prototype! Players must work with Lane to help restore the prototype to full functionality. More information HERE.

    Dantooine Spring Abundance Festival 

    Game Update 7.5 marks the debut and beginning of the Dantooine Spring Abundance Festival! This is an annual event that completes SWTOR’s seasonal event calendar. More information HERE.

    Hutta Modernization

    Coming back to Hutta means showing something familiar but also new. The team has been hard at work modernizing many parts of Hutta that not only appear in the Minboosa District, but in the original areas of Hutta as well.

    Update Window

    A content update window will now pop up for players when new content is available and the requirements to be eligible for that content. 

    Cartel Market Window Update

    • The Cartel Market window has been updated to allow for a better viewing and navigation experience. 
    • A new “inspired by” tab has been added to the Cartel Market window. Players will be able to find all The Acolyte inspired items under this tab. 
    • A new Recommended Tab where players can find the new, popular, and recommended items.
    • A new On Sale Tab as a one stop shop for all the items on sale on the Cartel Market.


    Players with active subscriptions will be able to access missions in the following daily areas without needing to have completed the story on their Legacy:

    • Iokath
    • Kessan's Landing
    • Makeb
    • Manaan
    • Mek-sha
    • Onderon
    • Ossus
    • Rishi
    • Ruhnuk
    • Yavin 4


    • [Daily Area: Ruhnuk: Unconventional Methods] Mission is no longer missing map markers. 
    • [Ossus Daily Mission: Firestorm] can now be completed by all characters on a Legacy if at least one has already played through and completed the Ossus story. 
    • The overlays from using the Mouse Droid or Iokath Monitor polymorph functions on Iokath will no longer remain visible when the Galaxy Map is pulled up. The mouse droid overlay and the Iokath Monitor overlay no longer get stuck on the screen if the Galaxy Map is used while they are up.
    • Daily missions on Rishi are now available to characters who completed the Rishi storyline on their Legacy.
    • Daily area conquest objectives are now available to all characters who have access to the missions.
    • Added a new daily repeatable objective for completing daily missions on Rishi.
    • Updated names and descriptions of daily area patrol objectives for clarity.

    Operations & Flashpoints

    • Fixed an issue preventing the operations "The R-4 Anomaly" and "The Nature of Progress" from giving progress towards the Conquest Operation objectives and the Operation: Rally objectives.
    • The following items now drop as intended:
      • Copero Resort Rug from Traitor Among the Chiss
        • Obtained from the bonus boss Strike Team Walker
      • Illumination Probe Crate from Blood Hunt
        • Obtained from the Mandalorian Cache
      • Manned Blaster Turret from Collicoid War Games
        • Obtained from Annihilator 6K-A2
      • Corellian AA Turret from Objective Meridian
        • Obtained from final bosses
    • Corrected sources on the tooltips of the following items: 
      • Czerka Banner: Sunrise drops from [FLASHPOINT] Czerka Core Meltdown
      • Czerka Data Core drops from [FLASHPOINT] Czerka Corporate Labs


    • Arena: Medalist and Warzones: Medalist now requires 7 medals, down from 8.
    • Raised the points reward of Arena: Medalist
    • Starfighter: Conquer the Skies now requires earning 7 medals in one match, and increased the points reward.

    Combat Style Fixes


    • Corrected an issue causing Thundering Blast to do unintended damage when Dark Embrace was selected in the Ability Tree.


    • Advanced Yield now correctly reduces the cooldown of Power Yield

    Copero Villa Stronghold

    • Some Underwater Dock hooks no longer require the Outdoor Terrace to be unlocked to be used.
    • Characters can no longer get stuck on the columns supporting the stairway going up in the Central Villa First Floor area.
    • Clicking on the map to the East Wing will now show the East Wing Guest Room.


    • Fixed visual issue on viewing other characters with certain equipment combinations.
    • Fixed the textures of leaves on various plants that are found on Alderaan, Hutta, and Oricon.  
    • Advanced Red-Black Eviscerating Crystal is now present in the "All" Category in Collections.
    • Fixed a typo in the mission title "Challenge Dish: Spicy Nexu Supreme".
    • Fixed some graphical issues affecting a couple of trees on Alderaan's snowy terrain.
    • Fixed a typo in the from the debuff applied by Whistling Birds.
    • Fixed an issue where characters in holograms would appear transparent if they had a Metallic Dye equipped.
    • The following mounts will now move at their intended speeds when Speeder Piloting 1 or the “Mount Improvements III” Guild Perk is active: 
      • K-NorCo B5C
      • K-NorCo B5B
      • Longspur STAP
      • Vectron Mynock Jetpack
    • Using the favorite all/none checkbox in the Ability Window with a high number of mounts should no longer cause a long hitch or crash.
    • Fixed some missing doors for certain buildings on Voss.
    • Fixed a misaligned door on Tatooine. 
    • Trees have been moved on Hutta to not clip with the intro landing cinematic.
    • The Rishi Cantina is no longer missing walls in the basement.
    • Space Mission Items will no longer incorrectly state they are unlocked in Collections. 
    • Keyart text has been updated to read “Desperate Defiance”. 
    • Players with Free accounts will no longer see Section X in the Solo Tab of the Activity Finder if they are not eligible.
    • The "Spoils of War: For Everyone" Achievement no longer requires the "Luck Always Changes" Tactical Item.
    • Turrets found throughout the game no longer float above ground level. 


    • The Architect's Dualsaber and Pillar Piercer are placed correctly on the player’s hip for all body types.
    • Equipping the Onderon Guardian's Breastplate in combination with the Desert Weapon Master Greaves will no longer cause the player’s character to look distorted.
    • Fixed an issue where the S-100 Boxxer and S-100 Turbo Boxxer mounts could not be properly viewed in the Preview Window.
    • The description of the Eyto Etyo mounts now uses the intended plural of Eyto Eytos.
    • Fixed an issue where the dye Medium Orange and Dark Orange was incorrectly labeled as the Pale Orange and Dark Orange with incorrect icons. 
    • Fixed an issue that caused characters who have the Sinister Warrior Belt and Wasteland Raider Helmet equipped at the same time to appear distorted. 
    • Items below will no longer incorrectly state they are unlocked in Collections
      • Schematic: Deflector Shield
      • Schematic: Concussion Missile Magazine
      • Schematic: Improved Electronic Warfare Pod
      • Deflector Shield
      • Concussion Missile Magazine
      • Improved Electronic Warfare Pod
      • Durasteel Armor
      • Deflection Amplifier
      • Blast Condenser
      • Laser Cannons
      • Improved Power Conversion Module
      • Improved Electromagnetic Pulse

    French and German Client

    • Fixed an issue where subscribe button overlapped text in PVP rewards tab