1.6.3 Patch Notes


Cartel Market

    New Items

    • The Czerka CR-17 Incendia, is now available. The protection provided from being knocked off this vehicle is greater than Speeder Piloting III. Cost: 1,800 Cartel Coins.
    • Three new armor sets, the Sand People Pillager Set, The Sanctified Caretaker Set, and the Malevolent Interrogator Set can now be purchased. These sets of adaptive armor can be worn by any Class at level 1. Cost: 1,440 Cartel Coins each.
    • The Preferred Access Bundle is now available! This bundle offers the player a selection of popular unlocks and customization options. Cost: 972 Cartel Coins (Discounted by 40% for a limited time!)

    New Discounts

    • Access Authorization: Section X (Character) is discounted by 10%. Cost: 540 Cartel Coins.
    • Access Authorization: Section X (Account) is discounted by 10%. Cost: 1,215 Cartel Coins.
    • Unlock: Cargo Hold Access (Character) is discounted by 20%. Cost: 380 Cartel Coins.
    • Unlock: Cargo Hold Access (Account) is discounted by 20%. Cost: 840 Cartel Coins.
    • Unlock: Additional Cargo Bay (Character) is discounted by 20%. Cost: 380 Cartel Coins.
    • Unlock: Additional Cargo Bay (Account) is discounted by 20%. Cost: 840 Cartel Coins.
    • The Newcomer Bundle is discounted by 50%. Cost: 405 Cartel Coins.
    • Medical Probes are discounted by 50%. Cost: 250 Cartel Coins.

    Expiring Discounts

    • The Gamorrean Axe is no longer 30% off. Cost: 350 Cartel Coins.
    • Fleet Pass (Single Use) is no longer 33% off. Cost: 90 Cartel Coins.

    Items Removed From the Cartel Market

    • Czerka LD-1 Celebrator
    • Life Day Robes
    • Life Day Holo-Tree
    • Life Day Orb
    • Life Day Tinsel Bomb
    • Life Day Bundle
    • Imperial Fireworks x10
    • Republic Fireworks x10
    • Fountain Fireworks x10
    • Finale Fireworks x10
    • Fireworks Bundle x12

    Bug Fixes

    • Players who have purchased vehicles via the Cartel Market will now find that their protection against being knocked off has been scaled up to Speeder Piloting III regardless of current Speeder Piloting level.
    • All color crystals from the Cartel Market and Cartel Packs can now be placed on the Galactic Trade Network.
    • The Fancy Reveler's Outfit pieces now correctly display an icon.
    • Players will no longer be able to use unlocks such "Unlock: Additional Quickbar" if they already have the maximum allotment of that unlock.

Companion Characters

  • Companion Lightsabers will no longer glow after the companion has been dismissed.

Flashpoints and Operations


      Colicoid War Game

      • Friendly Colicoids in Colicoid War Game are now immune to gap-closing abilities such as Intercede.

      Taral V

      • Players are now required to defeat General Edikar in order to complete the [FLASHPOINT] Taral V mission.


      Eternity Vault

      • Players can no longer pull Gharj to the entrance of the room.
        • Karagga's Palace

          • Players are no longer able to reach the top of the pillars during the Foreman Crusher encounter.



          Ancient Hypergate
          • Alacrity will no longer speed up the capture of Energy Orbs.
          • New tiebreaker mechanic: If both teams have an identical score after reaching 600 the match enters a sudden death mode where the first team to capture a pylon wins the game.
          • Gaining defensive objective points will no longer incorrectly display an invalid effect icon.
          • Engaging in combat near a defensive objective will now correctly reset the vote kick timer.
          • Players can no longer leave the spawn area prior to the match starting.

      Space Combat

      • Heroic Space Combat missions will now be available on the correct day.
      • Space Combat Daily Missions will now be available 12 hours later. They will now reset each day at 6AM CST (4AM PST/7AM EST/12PM GMT/1PM CET/11PM AEDT) instead of 6PM CST the day before.
      • Players will no longer receive an "Ineligible" system message when accepting Daily Space Combat Missions.


      • Corrected an issue where logging out would cause the UI to not be displayed at character select.
      • The Quickbar lock/unlock graphic has been reverted back to its original icon.


      • Added missing text to the Cartel Market for the French and German versions.