2.4.0b Patch Notes

Companion Characters

  • Qyzen Fess is no longer overly excited by combat and will stop growling after the action has ended.

Items and Economy

  • Bounty Reputation Trophies now stack in the Inventory Window.
  • Bounty Reputation Trophies are now able to be sold to vendors.
  • Basic Commendations Vendors have received their shipment of Isotope-5, and it is again available for sale.
  • Twist, the Republic PvP Warzone Vendor for Smugglers, now carries a Conqueror's Professional Blaster Pistol and Offhand Blaster rather than a Sniper Rifle and Vibroknife.


    Warzone Arenas

    • Assassins and Shadows will no longer be able to place their Phase Walk inside the starting spawn areas.
    • Ranked Solo Arena Warzones no longer allow for a 5th team member in some instances.