1.4.2 Patch Notes


Classes and Combat

    Bounty Hunter

      • Sweeping Blasters now correctly causes the player to face the ability's target.


      • Sweeping Gunfire now correctly causes the player to face the ability's target. 

Companion Characters


    • Some companion abilities now show more descriptive failure error messages.

Flashpoints and Operations


    • The UI for lockout tabs (for groups and lockout timers) now displays correctly. 


      Explosive Conflict
      • Some terrain has been adjusted to prevent players from skipping some encounters in this Operation. 
      • The Defected Imperial Commander no longer occasionally becomes untargetable. 


  • Consumables that have an activation time are no longer consumed on a subsequent activation even when that activation is canceled. 

Missions and NPCs

    Class Missions

      Sith Warrior
      • General Faraire: This mission no longer fails to update upon entering its phase. 
        • Trooper
          • The Ambush: Corrected an issue that could prevent players from completing this mission. 



        • Implemented changes to correct issues that prevented Warzones from backfilling when a pre-made group member let the Warzone invitation time out.



        • The map and other UI elements no longer occasionally flicker on machines with SLi or Crossfire setups. 


        • SLi performance is no longer degraded when opening the Galaxy Map. 
        • GTN kiosks now on player ships are now properly represented on the map. 

      Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

      • Players who log out on another player's ship without ever having boarded their own are now correctly evicted to the docking bay.
      • Vehicles can once again be used in the Black Sun, Old Galactic Market, The Works, and the Jedi Temple districts on Coruscant. 
      • Resolved an issue that caused the game client to sometimes treat mouse clicks outside of the window as valid clicks when using virtual on-screen keyboards. 
      • Performance is no longer degraded in the Walker interior on Ord Mantell when moving the camera around the character. 
      • Certain visual effects no longer disappear as they pass over particular types of geometry. 
      • Some misplaced art assets, seams or holes in the terrain, and locations where players could become stuck have been corrected.