Do you want to team up with other dedicated players to conquer the toughest challenges in the game? Totally immerse yourself in the Star Wars™ galaxy with other role-players? Coordinate tactics with trusted teammates in PvP? Regardless of your play-style in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, being part of a guild can help you achieve your goals as well as meet new people and socialize with friends.

In The Old Republic, you’ll explore the galaxy alongside other players, often working together to overcome incredible challenges. Joining a guild will help you find a network of players whose interests complement your own. It will help you stay in touch with friends you know from outside the game and some you may meet during your adventures. Although joining a guild is not essential to in-game progression, joining a guild can enhance your overall gameplay experience in many ways, including:

Joining, Starting and Managing a Guild

Joining an existing Guild or starting your own is not required to progress as you adventure through the galaxy, but can offer many experiences you won’t get alone.


- Guild members generally join together to tackle group quests, Flashpoints, and raids. It helps to know your teammates in those big battles that require complex tactics.


- Guild chat gives you and your friends a private channel for communication, creating a lively in-game atmosphere as you play.


- Being in a guild gives you access to a community of friends in game who can quickly answer your questions and help you make decisions as your character develops.


- By working together, guildmates can become powerful teams in player versus player combat as well as gather groups to take on Flashpoints and Operations.

Bonus XP

- Guildmembers get a boost to the amount of experience points earned as you level up new characters.

If you would like to start your own Guild, you’ll first need to meet with one of the Guild Registrars. These Guild Registrars can be found on either Coruscant or Dromund Kaas depending on if you have joined the Republic or Empire. You’ll need at least 4 others to join you and 5,000 credits to register your new guild.

As the Guild Leader, you’ll be able to adjust the settings of the Guild and Guild Bank. There are different ranks that can be set for other Guild Members, and you can set the rules for each rank. Setting up the rules for different ranks is important as it will determine who can recruit new players and how much access players have to the Guild Bank.


Conquests are based on weekly objectives wrapped in a variety of themes that give you new incentive to visit familiar places. Some of these objectives will require a well-rounded group to complete whereas others can be done by yourself. Once you complete an objective, you will earn points towards your Conquest goal both on an individual basis, which helps you earn personal rewards, but also towards your Guild score and help your Guild climb the leaderboard. The Guild in the top spot at the end of the week will conquer the planet they have invaded and will be rewarded with special perks while on that planet as well as a special title to show off their accomplishment. If your Guild does manage to conquer a planet, anyone who visits while under your control will know exactly who came out on top!

Flagships and Strongholds

Guilds can also gather together in a place all their own. Set up your Headquarters in a Guild owned Stronghold or choose to purchase a massive Flagship, which provides your Guild a true meeting place to gather. To obtain a flagship, the leader of your Guild needs to purchase a guild bank, and then your guild needs to gather enough credits in said guild bank. Once you have that, you can purchase the flagship from the Guild Stronghold Directory in the Strongholds & Crew Skills section of the fleet. Guild Flagships come with access unlocked to the Bridge, the Escape Pod array and to the lifts between decks. Additional rooms and expansions for your Flagship can be purchased by your Guild Leader.


Any decorations that can be used in a personal stronghold can also be donated to your Guild to decorate your Guild Flagship. Once you’ve obtained a decoration, go to your Guild Bank, choose which vault to place it in, and place the decoration from your inventory into the Bank Vault. Alternatively, you can choose to donate a decoration from the Strongholds window. Open the Strongholds Management Window and click on “Personal” under the Decorations section. The Decorations Window will then open, you can then click a decoration to pull up the item, which will have the option to “Purchase For Guild”.

Anyone can donate a decoration, however the Guild Leader may still determine who is able to take decorations from the Guild Bank and place them in the Stronghold.