Throughout your adventures in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, you will come face-to-face with a wide range of interesting characters. Some will stop at nothing to see you destroyed, while others will offer to aid you on your mission. A select few will even elect to join your cause and stand by your side as you take on the toughest challenges in the galaxy. Your Companions will accompany you for a wide range of reasons, be it adventure, glory, or something more personal, and will swear themselves to helping you save – or conquer – the galaxy.

Each Companion also has their own personality, and will provide you with information or commentary throughout your travels. In addition, your Companion's view of you will evolve as you progress in your story; your decisions can determine whether your Companions become your close friend—or bitter enemy.

Your Companions are far more than just an extra blaster or lightsaber, they are a vital part of your team. Companions will be able to assist you in all three combat roles, damage, healer, and tank. Together you’ll be able to take on tougher challenges, which will lead to greater experiences and rewards!

Class Companions

During the original class storyline s, a few characters will be able to come aboard and travel with you through the Galaxy. Each of these Companions will have their own individual storylines that you can choose to explore through conversations. As you explore their background you’ll learn more about where they came from, meet their own friends and family, and even battle together against their own personal enemies.

There are also a few special Companions to unlock through various Missions and rewards, some big name Companions include:


The droid designated HK-51 is cold, calculating and incredibly lethal. Housed in a sleek body resembling an antique Systech Corporation protocol unit, this HK-series assassination droid lay dormant in the hold of an Imperial vessel for many years. While it no longer functions due to the years of inactivity, towards the end of your class story you will be able to travel on a galaxy wide quest to rebuild this deadly unit.


Dissatisfied with the peaceful and quiet ways of her people, Treek is determined to achieve great things with her life. She travels the galaxy as a mercenary soldier, always on the hunt for new horizons and epic challenges to conquer. Despite hailing from a technologically-archaic planet and species, Treek has adapted quickly to civilized space. Being a mercenary, she does require a Mercenary Contract to join your crew. Once purchased from the Cartel Market or from others on the Galactic Trade Network, you can meet up to discuss the details of your partnership in the Cartel Bazaar on both the Republic and Imperial fleet.

Cartel Market Companions and Pets

The Cartel Market will open the door for more Companions to join you at any point in your journey. There are two types of Companions that can join you in battle, as well as pets who can just tag along to keep you company and observer your adventures.

Handler License

Purchasing a Handler License will permit you to own different exotic pets from around the known galaxy. After obtaining a License you can pick up your new pet from the Beast Master on both the Republic and Imperial fleet. Some of the Galaxy’s trendiest pets include Tauntauns, Monkey Lizards, Akk Dogs, and even Rancors!

Operation Requisition

Due to their destructive capabilities, some droids require a special requisition form in order to obtain them. Each individual Operator Requisition can be purchased from the Cartel Market, and then picked up for the technician on the Republic or Imperial Fleet. From Probe Droids to the devastating Annihilator series of battle droids, you’re bound to find the droid that fits your needs!

Alliance Contacts

Taking place after your main class story, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and gather all new Companions from both the Republic and Empire to form a new Alliance. Banding together to tackle a new threat, you’ll be joined by those you meet in the story as well as optional Companions who will have their own Missions to recruit them.

Alliance Specialists

Alliance Specialists won’t be joining you in battle, however they will be assisting in running the new organization that you command. While they’ve all joined you for their own reasons, by completing their requests they can provide you with new gear and information to help grow your network.

Alliance Recruits

With the new threat introduced to the Galaxy, pockets of resistance have formed on many worlds. Assisting these groups will earn the trust of their leaders and many will join you in your new Alliance. After recruiting them, you will then be able to take them with you and battle threats together.

Companion Customization

After you gather your Companions and begin adventuring around the galaxy, you might find that some Companions could use a new look or need new equipment to match their unique personality and style. While they are effective and capable fighters in battle no matter the gear, there are a variety of options to change everything from armor and weapons to their physical appearance.

Many Companions will give you the option of choosing their armor and weapons, assuming they have the required skills to do so. To change their equipment, open of the Character Sheet in-game can click on the companion tab. You can then drag and drop any equipment from your inventory into the appropriate equipment slot.

Companion Vendors are scattered throughout the galaxy and will have tokens that will change the physical appearance of certain Companions. These changes could be different paint jobs for droids or even changing the race and hairstyle of humanoid Companions.