2.10.1 Patch Notes

2.10.1 Patch Notes


Bounty Contract Week Returns! Hunt wanted criminals in this returning event. The event begins October 14th at 05:00 PDT/12:00 GMT and ends October 21st at 05:00 PDT/12:00 GMT.


  • It is no longer possible to use Flagship Transportation to summon other players to the +10 Datacron.
  • An in-game message sent to Jedi Knights no longer references a character who could be dead.
  • There is now an Achievement and a Title associated with Conquering CZ-198.
  • The Achievement “Master of the Ancients” now properly tracks Legacy of the Rakata completions.
  • All Rancor mounts now make a sound when activated.

Cartel Market

  • New items are now able to be previewed in Collections.
  • Several Decorations have had their Bind rules adjusted.

Flashpoints + Operations

  • It is now possible to interact with the shuttle at the end of the Legacy of the Rakata Flashpoint.
  • Reduced the health of CZ-8X Eradicator Droid and reduced the damage dealt by the CZ-2X Infiltrator Droids in the Story and Hard Mode versions of Czerka Corporate Labs.
  • Reduced the health of the Large Power Cores and The Vigilant in the Story and Hard Mode versions of Czerka Core Meltdown.

Missions + NPCs

  • It is now possible to complete the Imperial Missions “Mauling the Militia (Bonus),” “The Docking Ring (Bonus),” and “The Shaft Inhabitants (Bonus)” on Makeb.
  • The Mission “Forged Alliances: Part III” now has a more appropriate description.