1.1.3 Patch Notes


Classes and Combat


    • Surge rating has been re-balanced. It now reaches diminishing returns the same way as other damage ratings, and its per point damage contribution has been reduced by approximately 10%.

    Bounty Hunter

        • Stabilizers: Correctly adds pushback resistance to Unload.


        • Steadied Aim: Correctly adds pushback resistance to Full Auto.

Companion Characters


    • Some taxis that failed to re-summon companions upon reaching their destination now properly re-summon them.
    • Companions no longer indicate they wish to speak with you when you are not yet eligible for their next conversation.
    • If a player is invited to a nearly full group and declines, that player is no longer prevented from summoning a companion.

Crew Skills

    Crafting Skills

    • Non-stackable crafting materials are now refunded if the crafting assignment is canceled.
    • The number of non-stackable crafting materials a player has is now correctly reflected in the crafting UI.
    • Biochem
      • Exotech schematics will now function properly.
      • Crafting Exotech consumables now results in three items with a chance of one additional item on a crafting critical.

Flashpoints and Operations


    • Conversation rewards like Social and Alignment Points and Companion Affection are gained more consistently during Hard Mode Flashpoints.


      Boarding Party
      • In Hard Mode, players are no longer blocked from re-entering the Flashpoint in some circumstances when the group is defeated during the encounter with Jorland.
      Kaon Under Siege
      • Expulsor Droid now drops the correct loot.


      Karagga's Palace
      • The chest in 8-man Nightmare Mode now spawns properly after defeating Karagga.



    • Items can no longer be used while they are locked for trading, selling on the GTN, or when attaching the item to a mail message.
    • Pure Shockfrozen Water is now consumed on use and has a stack limit of one (instead of two).
    • Unique items can no longer be traded to a player that has the maximum number of that item in their inventory.
    • A confirmation dialog is now displayed when purchasing items with commendations or tokens and when purchasing expensive items.
    • The Portable Holo Dancer can no longer be targeted by abilities and effects.


  • A confirmation dialog is now displayed when choosing a Legacy name. The UI has been updated to better communicate Legacy name decisions.

Missions and NPCs


    • Small amounts of Social Points are no longer lost in some circumstances (occurs rarely at the beginning of a Flashpoint or in some mission conversations).
    • Bonus Series missions on Tatooine (Republic and Imperial) can now be abandoned.


      • Eve of Destruction: This mission progresses properly even if the player does not immediately travel to Corellia.
      • Need to Impress: Resolved a dialogue issue with Ambassador Jannik that blocked progress in this mission.
      • Rapid Response: This mission can now be failed if the player leaves the mission phase while attempting to destroy the Bomb-Carrying Droids.
      • Taris Bonus Series: The cinematic for the objective "Return to Storm" now completes properly even if the player has not finished Reconstruction Efforts.


    • An issue that allowed players to maneuver certain NPCs into a position where they could be attacked but could not retaliate has been corrected.



    • Players will now properly receive mission credit for warzone wins when the first player to enter a Warzone leaves before the match ends.


      • Updated the bomb door collision to remove a spot players could stand against and not be targetable.

    World PvP

      • Players are now notified when they kill a player but do not receive credit due to rate limits.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Players are no longer occasionally disconnected from the game when interacting with a mailbox.
  • Players no longer lose mouse click functionality in some circumstances after pressing multiple mouse buttons.