Game Update 3.0.1 Patch Notes

Game Update 3.0.1 Patch Notes


Life Day is upon us once again! Celebrate the occasion from December 16th 2014 until January 6th, 2015 at 4AM PST (12 Noon GMT).


  • Updated the population limits for Rishi, Yavin 4, and the SOLO-Mode Flashpoints in order to address performance issues.
  • The Master of Ceremonies vendor is now available on both Fleets, and sells the following items:
    • Life Day Snowball Bomb Ability
    • Blue-Purple Life Day Holo-tree Decoration
    • Gold Life Day Holo-tree Decoration
    • Sleigh I Vehicle
    • Cyan Sphere Vehicle
    • Life Day Tree Fireworks
  • Anniversary Personnel has been assigned to either Fleet to distribute free Third Anniversary Stronghold Decorations! They will be available until Game Update 3.0.2, and have the following Decorations:
    • 3rd Anniversary Fireworks Launcher
    • 3rd Anniversary Galactic Memorial
    • Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration – Coruscant
    • Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration – Dromund Kaas
    • Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration – Korriban
    • Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration – Nar Shadaa
    • Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration – Rishi
    • Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration – Tatooine
    • Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration – Tython
    • Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration – Yavin 4
  • Added missing text in numerous places in the French and German clients.
  • The Coalition Staging Area on Yavin 4 is now a sanctuary.
  • The following Rishi Achievements no longer reset on logout:
    • The Last Straugh
    • Where’s Wudd
    • A Breck House
    • Three Not So Little Grophets
    • Smell of the Sea
    • X Marks the Spot
  • The number of Rishi Idol Decorations obtainable per Legacy has been increased to 10.
  • Data Packets obtained from the Grophets on Rishi are no longer classified as Junk.
  • Corrected an issue that would cause trainable Abilities to not appear on Class Trainers.
  • Satele Shan’s Lightsaber is now the correct color on the Shadow of Revan loading screen.

Cartel Market

  • Belts contained in the Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack and the Initiate’s Shadow Pack now have Dye Module slots as originally intended.
  • The Freebooter's Trade Union Reputation description now correctly states that items from the Shadow Packs increase reputation.
  • The Silent Ghost and Nefarious Bandit armor sets and lockboxes can now be searched on the GTN.

Classes + Combat

Jedi Knight

  • Dispatch’s cooldown has been increased to 10 seconds.
  • Saber Throw's damage has been increased.


  • Twin Saber Throw's damage has been slightly increased.


  • Searing Saber now increases Burn Critical Chance by 5% as originally intended.


  • The Koan buff now mentions “Focus” instead of “Rage.”


  • Gather Strength now lasts for 15 seconds.
  • Awe now only affects 8 targets as intended.
  • Sundering Strike’s damage has been increased.
  • The Preparation Utility now properly removes the cooldown of Combat Focus when exiting combat.


  • Updated the Plasma Brand tooltip to indicate that it applies Elemental Damage over time following initial Elemental Damage.
  • Fixed the Plasma Brand Burn Damage modifier applied by the Keening affect.

Jedi Consular

  • Restoration now properly removes physical effects when the Seer Sage possess the Mend Wounds skill.

Sith Inquisitor

  • Expunge now properly removes physical effects when the Corruption Sorcerer possess the Sith Purity skill.


  • The tooltip for Speed Shot now correctly states that it consumes energy over the duration of the channel.
  • The Crippling Diversion Utility now causes Diversion to slow the target as intended.


  • Charged Burst no longer triggers an Effect Proc on Trickshot when it is activated, as Trickshot already changes visual states when it becomes usable.


  • Tactical Surge no longer states that it replaces Ion Pulse in its tooltip.


  • Concussion Charge’s tooltip now correctly indicates that it can affect up to 8 targets instead of 6.
  • Combat Support Cell’s buff tooltip now correctly indicates that it increases both healing and damage.
  • Hail of Bolts' tooltip now correctly indicates that it hits up to 8 enemies instead of 6.
  • Supercharged Cell’s tooltip now correctly says Incendiary Round instead of Incendiary Missile.

Flashpoints + Operations

  • Level 56-60 Hard Mode Flashpoints have had their rewards in the Group Finder restored.
  • Coratanni now more reliably transitions to Phase 2 of her The Ravagers Operation encounter.
  • The Underlurker’s ability “Collapse” now channels fully during his Temple of Sacrifice encounter.
  • Ruugar and Blaster’s loot tables have been corrected on 16-Player Story Mode The Ravagers, and they now drop two pieces of Massassi gear instead of one.
  • Blaster’s 16-Player Hard Mode The Ravagers loot table has been corrected, and now drops two Revanite Wrist pieces instead of one.
  • Blood Hunt Mission levels are now correctly set to level 57.
  • The Hard Mode Depths of Manaan Achievement no longer resets on log out.
  • Galactic Starfighter

    • The following abilities that lost functionality with the release of Game Update 3.0 now work correctly:
      • EMP Missile (Tier 5 – Left Side)
      • Distortion Field (Tier 3 – Right Side)
      • Tensor Field (Tier 4 – Right Side)
      • Tensor Field (Tier 5 – Right Side)
      • Interdiction Drone (Tier 5 – Right Side)
      • Repair Probes (Tier 5 – Left Side)
      • Targeting Telemetry (Tier 4 – Right Side)
      • Targeting Telemetry (Tier 5 – Left Side)
      • Booster Recharge (Tier 5 – Left Side)


    • Debuffs that can be cleansed are now sorted to the front of the Operation Frame’s Debuff Tray.

    Items + Economy

    • Dark Reaver Earpieces and Implants are now refundable for their purchase costs.
    • Dark Reaver Challenger’s Offhand Saber now has a DPS Enhancement instead of a Tank Enhancement.
    • Dark Reaver Stalker’s Saberstaff and Exhumed Stalker’s Saberstaff now have Advanced Battle Enhancements instead of Advanced Adept Enhancements.
    • The Dark Reaver Vindicator's critical bonus tooltip now mentions it can only occur once a minute.
    • Yavin Pummeler Bracers now appear correctly in game.
    • The Planter: Rishi Palm Tree (Medium) Decoration now grants the corresponding Decoration and not a Yavin Jungle Fern.
    • The Rishi and Massassi Healer gear has been renamed to “Med-Tech MK-2,” and the Rishi Maze DPS items have been renamed “Demolisher MK-2.”
    • Enemies in the Temple of Sacrifice now have a chance to drop the Yavin Temple Chandelier decoration instead of the Holo Sign: Hovering Rishi Dancer decoration.
    • The CZ-198 Reputation vendor now sells 162 rating gear for Basic Commendations instead of Elite Commendations.
    • The Force-Lord’s Gear Pack from the Mission “Confederacy” on Yavin 4 now grants items to Shadows and Assassins.
    • Sith Sorcerers now have a choice of a DPS or Healer Gear Pack when completing the Forged Alliances: Part 1 Mission.
    • The following items now have icons:
      • Rishi Maze Foestopper's MK-2 Offhand Saber
      • Rishi Maze Targeter's MK-2 Offhand Blaster
      • Rishi Maze Med-Tech's MK-2 Offhand Blaster
      • Rishi Maze Med-Tech's MK-2 Offhand Blaster
    • Corrected clipping issues with numerous 3.0 head slot items.
    • The Republic appearances for the following item sets have been corrected:
      • Rishi Maze Force-healer's MK-2 Robe
      • Rishi Maze Force-healer's MK-2 Boots
      • Rishi Maze Force-healer's MK-2 Handwraps
      • Rishi Maze Force-healer's MK-2 Headgear
      • Rishi Maze Force-healer's MK-2 Legwraps
      • Rishi Maze Force-healer's MK-2 Sash
      • Rishi Maze Force-healer's MK-2 Cuffs
    • The Statue of Eternal Grace Decoration now appears in the Decoration UI.
    • Pets, Mounts, and Vehicles now appear in the Decoration UI once again.
    • The lockboxes listed below no longer Bind on Legacy. Lockboxes currently stored in a Legacy Cargo Holds will remain Bound to Legacy until removed, and then they will bind to the character that removes them.
      • Dreadseed Storage Case
      • Star Forager Storage Case
      • HK51's Combat Outfit
      • Secure Crate
      • Furious Red-Yellow Color Crystal Lockbox
      • Furious Gear Lockbox
      • Furious Combatant Armor Lockbox
      • Furious Infiltrator Armor Lockbox
      • Furious Battler Armor Lockbox
      • Furious Weapon Lockbox
      • Furious Mystic Armor Lockbox
      • Imperial Battle Ace Pilot Suit
      • Imperial Covert Pilot Suit
      • Republic Experimental Pilot Suit

    Missions + NPCs

    • Addressed an issue with “[WEEKLY] Walking on Hallowed Grounds” that caused the Lance Squadron Command Unit to not give credit to the Operations group that defeated it.
    • The Lance Squadron Command Unit World Boss on Yavin 4 now has the “Terrifying” buff, which prevents companions from effectively participating in the encounter.
    • The Republic version of [WEEKLY] Galactic Conflicts now updates properly.
    • Strong NPCs now deal less damage with basic attacks.


    • Ship-based Warzone Training Dummies once again scale to the Player’s level.
    • TRUSTe