Game Update 6.1.2a

Game Update 6.1.2a
  • The lockout for Veteran and Master Mode of the Nature of Progress Operation now has a weekly reset time as intended.
  • Players will no longer have their Crew Skill ratings of 601 or higher be reset to 600 upon login or activation of a Crew Skill Mission. Anyone who first experienced this issue prior to 0100 UTC on June, 25th will now find their rank restored to its pre-reset value. Anyone who first experienced this issue since then will be addressed in our next patch.
  • The "Grandmaster: The Nature of Progress" achievement from The Nature of Progress Operation is now showing the proper progression.
  • The Galactic Guide will no longer prevent players from interacting with NPCs and objects in-game, even when minimized.
  • The Galactic Guide will no longer vanish when unchecking the Enable Movable Secondary Window from the Interface Editor and opening the Options Menu.
  • Players are no longer disconnected when quickly opening and closing the Galactic Guide.
  • Partial progress on the following Mek-Sha Heroic Missions Achievements has been reset, and they will now progress as intended.
    • Mek-Sha: Aspiring to Heroics
    • Mek-Sha: Hero of the Day
    • Mek-Sha: True Heroism
    • Pit Boss
    • Kingpin
    • The Don