Game Update 2.2.2 Patch Notes



  • New Content! Nightmare Mode is now available for the Scum and Villainy Operation.
  • New Vehicles!Two new vehicles are now available:
    • The Titan 6 Containment Vehicle
    • The Tirsa Champion Landspeeder
  • New Title! To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Knights of the Old Republic™, the "Revan's Heir" Title will be available on the Cartel Market for 24 hours only beginning on July 15th at 12AM PDT/7AM UTC.

Cartel Market


    • The tooltips for all Encrypted Datacubes have been updated to clearly indicate that the items grant a mission which can only be completed once per character.

    New Items

    • New Title! To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Knights of the Old Republic, the "Revan's Heir" Title will be purchasable on the Cartel Market for 24 hours only beginning on July 15th at 12AM PDT/7AM UTC. Cost: 10 Cartel Coins.
    • The final Contraband Pack for Shipment Two, the Supreme Mogul's Contraband Pack, is now available on the Cartel Market. Cost: 320 Cartel Coins.
    • Players can now purchase Hypercrates containing 24 Supreme Mogul's Contraband Packs and a bonus Fortuitous Dye Module Kit. (Discounted by 10% for a limited time!) Cost: 6,912 Cartel Coins

    Bug Fixes

    • Cathar Fur Color 1 has been restored to its correct colorization.

Companion Characters


    • The following Companion Characters will now have their skin/fur appear consistent when not wearing armor:
      • Akaavi Spar
      • Aric Jorgan
      • Ashara Zavros
      • Gault
      • Guss Tuno
      • Kaliyo
      • Lord Scourge
      • Sergeant Rusk
      • Skadge
      • Tanno Vik
      • Vette
      • Xalek
      • Yuun
      • Zenith

    Aric Jorgan

    • Aric Jorgan has been cured and will no longer appear sickly white.

    Dr. Lokin

    • Dr. Lokin can no longer enter Transformation Stance while he is in stealth.


    • Xalek is no longer missing his head and hands on the Character Window and during cut scenes.

Crew Skills


    • Mass Manipulators can now be purchased from Crew Skill Vendors for 20 Exotic Element Equalizers and 350 Elite Commendations.
    • If an active Companion Character is on a Crew Skill mission, dismounting a vehicle or summoning the companion no longer cancels the mission.

Flashpoints and Operations


      Scum and Villainy
      • New Content! Nightmare Mode is now available, rewarding all new pieces of Kell Dragon gear.
      • Olok the Shadow now uses stealth less frequently in all difficulty modes.
      • During the encounter with The Sandstorm Juggernaut, players are no longer able to reach an area that causes them to fall through the map.

Items and Economy


    • New Vehicles! Two new vehicles are now available:
      • The Titan 6 Containment Vehicle is now dropped in Nightmare Mode Scum and Villainy
      • The Tirsa Champion Landspeeder can be obtained via the Imperial First Mobile Fleet / Republic Hyperspace Armada Reputation Vendors for players who have earned Legend rank.
    • Galactic Solutions Industries (GSI) and Makeb Reputation Trophies can now be sold to vendors.
    • Aratech and Sphere vehicles now tilt correctly when turning.
    • The Arkanian Combat Tech's Body Armor now displays jets firing from its backpack.
    • The Mythra Battle Headgear now uses voice modulation.
    • Kira's Focus Skirt has been renamed to Kira's Focus Pants to properly reflect the gear type.



    • Legacy Titles that were erroneously removed upon character transfer have been restored.


    • The "Junior Research Project" Achievement is now retained upon log out.
    • Completing "Solving the Ancient Pylons" and "Defeating the Infernal Council" in Eternity Vault 8-Player Hard Mode no longer grants the Achievements for 16-Player Story Mode.
    • Space Combat Mastery Achievements can now be obtained for the following missions:
      • Fondor Escort
      • Javaal Fleet Action
      • Saleucami Fleet Action
      • Sullust Interception
      • Drexel Sweep

Missions and NPCs


      • [WEEKLY] Terror From Beyond: This mission now directs Republic players to the correct hangar on the Gav Daragon.
      • Level 50 Hard Mode Flashpoints no longer incorrectly count towards [WEEKLY] Galactic Conflicts.
      Macrobinoculars and Seeker Droid Missions
      • Defending the Arcanum (Imperial): The Escaped Terentatek in The Arcanum no longer appears to be on fire when he stops being burned by surrounding Droids.
      • The Alchemy of Evil (Imperial)/Uprooting the Last Seed (Republic): Items granting the "Dreadseed" and "Star Forager" Titles can now be dug up at ambient dig sites for players who have completed this mission.
      • The Alchemy of Evil (Imperial) / Uprooting the Last Seed (Republic): The reward for this mission has been updated and now provides a choice between a Dreadseed or Star Forager storage case.
      World Missions
        • Stealing Thunder (Imperial): The Automated Defense Control Consoles are no longer useable after defeating the Prototype Isotope-5 Droid.
        Nar Shaddaa
        • Captive (Republic): The elevator to exit Camp 27 Lockdown is now fully accessible.
      Class Missions
        Imperial Agent
        • The Cult of Ki Sazen: The step "Scan the First Triangulation Point" now displays the proper mapnote on the Taris World Map.


      • Cartel Dead-Eye Mercenaries on Makeb now display an icon when casting their "Call Reinforcement" ability.
      • Young and Elder Bormu on Balmorra are far less friendly for Republic players, who will now be able to attack them.
      • Several NPCs found on Makeb have learned to sit correctly and are no longer floating above their chairs.
      • Colonel Jadick on The Ziost Shadow has acquired a neck, and his head no longer appears to be distorted.



    • Warzones now backfill more consistently, allowing for fewer uneven matches (such as 7 vs 8).
    • The UI no longer incorrectly informs qualifying players that they are under level 10 and prevent them from queuing for a Warzone.



    • Vehicle icons on quickbars are now greyed out if players are in an area that does not allow vehicles.
    • Quick bars no longer reset after players are assisted by a Customer Service Representative.
    • If a player selects "x" to cancel after choosing "Set Comment" on the Friends Tab, the button for "Set Comment" no longer becomes unusable.
    • Deleting the credit field in the Trade Window will now correctly sets the offered credits to 0.


    • Adding a player to an Operations Group now adds them to all appropriate chat channels.
    • Custom chat channels are no longer removed when logging out and logging back in.


    • The unobtainable Ilum Persons of Note Codex entry for Master Jaric Kaeden has been removed for Republic players.
    • Republic players are now able to find a Lore Object granting the Codex entry "Caught Between Two Foes."
    • Imperial players are now able to find a Lore Object granting the Codex entry "Corellian Engineering Corporation."
    • Defeating a Killik on Alderaan now appropriately grants a Species Codex entry.
    • The Datacron Codex entry "Galactic History 88: The Unlikely Champion" is now properly listed under Makeb rather than Alderaan.
    • The unobtainable Locations Alderaan Codex entry "The Elysium" has been removed for Republic players.
    • The BT-7 Thunderclap Codex entry now correctly displays an image of the Trooper ship.


    • Items now preview and display all details properly within the Collections Window.
    • The Cathar Warstaff now has the correct icon in the Collections Window.


    • The tooltips for Guild Experience and Reputation Bonuses now indicate that they are capped at 10%.
    • Removed the Respec option from the Manage Tab of the Guild Bank Window, as it no longer serves a purpose.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Human, Zabrak, Chiss, Rattataki, and Mirialan male characters with specific creation combinations no longer appear with floating heads, missing eyes, or other exceptionally distorted features.
  • Sounds now properly follow players when riding a mounted vehicle.
  • Multiple environmental art changes have been made across the galaxy.
  • Removed various broken cover points in Toborro's Estate on Makeb.