Game Update 3.3.2 Patch Notes

Game Update 3.3.2 Patch Notes


New performance optimizations! Made multiple improvements targeting graphics, framerate, and load times. See below for details!

Bounty Contract Week Returns! Speak with a Bounty Brokers Association representative on either Fleet to get lucrative contracts to hunt dangerous criminals hiding across the galaxy! The event begins September 22nd at 04:00 PDT/12:00 GMT and ends September 29th at 04:00 PDT/12:00 GMT.


  • Made multiple performance optimizations across the game. The effects of these improvements will depend on settings, computer specifications, and your location in-game:
    • Improved anti-aliasing to give better performance on Medium settings and better overall image quality on Very High settings.
    • Environment rendering has been given a subtle contrast boost.
    • Character rendering has been adjusted so that characters are more obvious and stand out a bit more against the background.
    • Improved rendering performance of shadows.
    • Improved rendering performance of grass and other foliage.
    • Improved area load times, as well as made general performance and memory improvements.
    • Made framerate improvements, especially when in a large group of characters.
  • The Gree Hypergate Rest and Recharge item can no longer be used during Warzones.
  • The Selkath Console Decoration has been reverted to its proper appearance.
  • The Sensor Console: X1-74 Decoration now has collision as intended.
  • Fixed textures that were not fully rendering in the Korriban Incursion Flashpoint.
  • The in-game Knowledgebase articles have been removed from the Help interface. You can find all of the articles and other information at

Missions + NPCs

  • The Imperial Commando and Soldier now attack after speaking with Master Gauralt during the Mission “A Presence on Ziost.”


  • It is no longer possible to avoid losing Rating by closing the client after receiving a Ranked Warzone invite.
  • The Warzone UI now properly states that it is Season Six.