Game Update 4.0.1

Game Update 4.0.1


  • Knights of the Fallen Empire is now live! The latest evolution of storytelling in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ is now available for free to all Subscribers!


  • Logging out while using a taxi no longer removes Level Sync.
  • Due to a massive improvements in homeworld defenses, it is no longer possible to reach an opposing faction’s planet.
  • The Experience Boost attached to the Early Access In-Game Mail is now Bind on Pickup as intended.

Cartel Market

  • Artifact items purchased from the Cartel Market no longer require Artifact Authorization.

Classes + Combat

Jedi Consular
Jedi Shadow

  • Motion Control now properly reduces the movement speed of targets affected by Force Slow by an additional 20%.


  • Medical Probe has been returned! You will need to visit a Trainer in order to relearn the ability.

Items + Economy

  • The following items have had their stats corrected:
    • Outlander Med-Tech's Belt MK-6
    • Outlander Mender's Belt MK-6
    • Outlander Force-Healer's Belt MK-6
    • Outlander Force-Healer's Robe MK-6
    • Outlander Mender's Jacket MK-6
    • Outlander Med-Tech's Body Armor MK-6
    • Outlander Force-Healer's Headgear MK-6
    • Outlander Med-Tech's Helmet MK-6
    • Outlander Mender's Headgear MK-6
    • Outlander Force-Healer's Boots MK-6
    • Outlander Med-Tech's Boots MK-6
    • Outlander Mender's Boots MK-6
    • Outlander Mender's Gloves MK-6
    • Outlander Med-Tech's Gauntlets MK-6
    • Outlander Force-Healer's Gloves MK-6
    • Outlander Mender's Leggings MK-6
    • Outlander Med-Tech's Legplates MK-6
    • Outlander Force-Healer's Lower Robe MK-6
    • Outlander Force-Healer's Cuffs MK-6
    • Outlander Mender's Bracers MK-6
    • Outlander Med-Tech's Vambraces MK-6
  • The following items have had their modification window images corrected:
    • Outlander Med-Tech's Belt MK-6
    • Outlander Mender's Belt MK-6
    • Outlander Force-Healer's Belt MK-6
    • Outlander Force-Healer's Robe MK-6
    • Outlander Mender's Jacket MK-6
    • Outlander Med-Tech's Body Armor MK-6
    • Outlander Force-Healer's Headgear MK-6
    • Outlander Med-Tech's Helmet MK-6
  • The following Artifice items no longer require Armstech component and instead require Artifice components:
    • Defiant Onslaught Saberstaff MK-16
    • Defiant Onslaught Lightsaber MK-16
    • Defiant Onslaught Focus MK-16
    • Defiant Onslaught Generator MK-16
    • Defiant Mender Lightsaber MK-16
    • Defiant Mender Focus MK-16
    • Defiant Mender Generator MK-16
    • Defiant Asylum Saberstaff MK-16
    • Defiant Asylum Lightsaber MK-16
    • Defiant Asylum Force Shield MK-16
    • Defiant Asylum Tech Shield MK-16
    • Defiant Onslaught Saberstaff MK-26
    • Defiant Onslaught Lightsaber MK-26
    • Defiant Onslaught Focus MK-26
    • Defiant Onslaught Generator MK-26
    • Defiant Mender Lightsaber MK-26
    • Defiant Mender Focus MK-26
    • Defiant Mender Generator MK-26
    • Defiant Asylum Saberstaff MK-26
    • Defiant Asylum Lightsaber MK-26
    • Defiant Asylum Force Shield MK-26
    • Defiant Asylum Tech Shield MK-26
    • Exarch Onslaught Saberstaff MK-26
    • Exarch Onslaught Lightsaber MK-26
    • Exarch Onslaught Focus MK-26
    • Exarch Onslaught Generator MK-26
    • Exarch Mender Lightsaber MK-26
    • Exarch Mender Focus MK-26
    • Exarch Mender Generator MK-26
    • Exarch Asylum Saberstaff MK-26
    • Exarch Asylum Lightsaber MK-26
    • Exarch Asylum Force Shield MK-26
    • Exarch Asylum Tech Shield MK-26
  • The following items now have a level 17 level requirement, and have their correct stats:
    • Aftermarket Bulwark's Chestguard MK-3
    • Aftermarket Bulwark's Boots MK-3
    • Aftermarket Bulwark's Gauntlets MK-3
    • Aftermarket Bulwark's Headgear MK-3
    • Aftermarket Bulwark's Greaves MK-3
    • Aftermarket Bulwark's Belt MK-3
    • Aftermarket Bulwark's Armguards MK-3
    • Aftermarket Bulwark's Lightsaber MK-3
    • Aftermarket Bulwark's Shield MK-3
    • Aftermarket Bulwark's Device MK-3
    • Aftermarket Bulwark's Package MK-3
  • The following crafted items have had their schematic costs updated to use components, and the crafting time for them has been reduced.
    • Grade 2 Ship Armor
    • Grade 4 Ship Armor
    • ArMek Ship Armor
    • Sienar Systems Beam Charger
    • Grade 2 Beam Generator
    • Grade 4 Beam Generator
    • Improved Electronic Warfare Pod
    • Grade 2 Missile Magazine
    • Grade 4 Missile Magazine
    • Kuat Drive Yards Missile Magazine
    • Concussion Missile Magazine
    • Grade 2 Energy Shield
    • Grade 4 Energy Shield
    • Quellegh Industrial Energy Shield
    • Deflector Shield
    • Grade 2 Shield Regenerator
    • Grade 4 Shield Regenerator
    • Hoersch-Kessel Shield Regenerator
  • Level 10-50 Prototype Absorb Augments now have a chance to unlock the Artifact version when Reversed Engineered.
  • All Mission-granted leveling lockboxes that were bind on equip are now bind on pickup.
  • All Mission-granted leveling items that were legacy bound are now bind on pickup.
  • All Treek equipment can now be worn by all Companions.
  • Vanguards and Powertechs now have the option of receiving a Tank lockbox when completing the Mission “Item Modification.”
  • The Dune Stalker Rocket Pack now properly activates when using Rocket-Type abilities.
  • Item names for MK-4 Exarch weapons now properly appear in localized clients.

Missions + NPCs

  • Inquisitors and Warriors who were mission Class Missions have had the Missions restored.
  • All [Heroic 2+] Missions now appear properly in French and German
  • Nico Okarr and the Akk Dog are now available throughout Knights of the Fallen Empire if they are unlocked prior to starting Chapter I: The Hunt.
  • All Companions now properly transfer old Reputation values into Influence. This fix applies retroactively to players who have already encountered older Companions in Knights of the Fallen Empire.
  • Players who completed “Death before Dishonor” and chose to recruit the Companion have had the Companion added to their Alliance.
  • Troopers no longer end up with two Yuuns.
  • Makeb and Voss Heroic Missions now award the appropriate Reputation Tokens.
  • Voss Heroic Missions have been updated to award the correct amount of Experience and Credits for the player’s level.
  • Corso Riggs now uses a single Blaster Pistol, and his starting gear includes a Blaster Pistol instead of a Blaster Rifle.
  • Andronikos Revel now uses dual Blaster Pistols.
  • Players who unlock Nico Okarr with the Encrypted Holocommunicator are no longer able to use Travel to Contact to access Odessen prior to the completion of Chapter IX.
  • Players who select [Back] after turning in a smuggled goods crate to Hylo Visz are now able to directly exit the conversation without having to pick an additional dialogue option.
  • Droid items no longer drop from random World Bosses.
  • Players who board their ship during the “Board Your Personal Starship” step of the Mission “To Find a Findsman” now have the full set of planets on their Galaxy Map.
  • Players can no longer escape out of the first cinematic in Chapter VI without getting a prompt to leave the area.