Warzones in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ are instanced areas where Imperial and Republic forces battle each other in objective-based Player-vs-Player combat. Eight players from each side enter the Warzone and then compete to defeat other players and accomplish the mission they’ve been assigned. To emerge victorious, players will have to work together strategically, leveraging their strengths and exploiting their enemies’ weaknesses. At the end of each match, the winning team will be recognized, and individual players on both sides will be rewarded according to their contributions to their respective teams.

The Ancient Hypergate

Team up with other players in an all new 8v8 Player-vs-Player Warzone to take control of powerful energy pylons and earn control of the Hypergate for your faction. Be the first team to open your portal and unleash deadly reinforcements to defeat enemy players!

The Ancient Hypergate lets you test your strength with a brand new PvP game mechanic. In this Warzone, Republic and Empire forces are locked in a brutal conflict to control two energy pylons. You must fight to take control of these powerful pylons and kill any foes in your way to discharge a massive blast of energy through your faction’s gate. The first team to open their portal will unleash deadly reinforcements to wipe out enemy players.

Novare Coast

On the war-torn planet of Denova, opposing forces vie for control of Novare Coast, a strategically vital beachhead that leads to the open oceans of Denova. Whoever controls this coastline will have a decisive advantage in taking control of the planet. To secure the beach, sides battle for control of three mortar turrets which can be used to pound the enemy with artillery fire.

The Novare Coast, a long stretch of coastline on the planet of Denova, is of strategic importance to both the Republic and the Empire. Both sides know that whoever controls the beach has the upper hand in taking control of the planet, and now the two armies battle for control of a powerful mortar battery which overlooks the coastline and can fend off enemy advances.

In the Warzone Novare Coast, two teams battle for control of Denova, a planet rich in resources that is prized by both the Republic and the Empire. To achieve victory, players will fight for control over a series of mortar emplacements that are scattered across the map. As one team takes control of a mortar, it will begin to fire on the enemy base, weakening its shields before striking at the base itself. The team that destroys the enemy’s base first is the victor.

While Novare Coast lets Republic and Imperial players face off against each other, this Warzone allows players from the same faction to face each other in a live-fire simulation of the battle.


The Voidstar is a derelict Imperial Battle Cruiser that disappeared during the Great War. The ship is believed to contain the schematics to a powerful weapon. Now that it's been rediscovered floating in the depths of space, both the Empire and the Republic are racing to take control of the vessel and access the secrets stored in its memory banks.

The match is broken up into multiple rounds. After the completion of each round, the teams switch sides between being the attackers and the defenders. The winner is determined by whichever side reaches the data core the fastest. In the case that the defenders win both rounds, the winner is determined by whichever side came closest to achieving the objective.

Voidstar is an assault-style Warzone in which one side attempts to fight its way to access the ship’s data core, while the other side defends the ship and attempts to prevent the other side from reaching the data core. The battle takes places across multiple sections of the ship, through blast doors and across elevated bridge spans where taking a fall is almost always lethal. The attackers battle their way through each section, drawing ever closer to the ship’s data core, while the defenders seek to halt the attackers’ progress at various control points.


A dangerous new sport has captured the hearts and minds of the people on the Smuggler’s Moon of Nar Shaddaa. Sponsored by the famed Giradda the Hutt, “Huttball” pits some of the galaxy’s most powerful heroes against each other in an intense contest, with fame and fortune at stake.

In Huttball, two teams meet inside the deadly confines of ‘The Pit,’ an arena unlike any other in the galaxy! The teams battle for control of a ball which appears in the center of the arena. Whichever team has the ball must run with it, pass it, or use whatever means necessary to get it across the opposing team’s goal line, while simultaneously battling the enemy team and avoiding the many fire, acid and anti-gravity traps that litter the playing field. At the end of the match, the team with the most points wins.

While Republic and Imperial players can face each other in The Pit, Huttball also allows teams of players from the same faction to face off in a player-versus-player contest.


As two powerful armadas battle in the skies above Alderaan, a ground war rages between Republic and Imperial forces for control of three separate laser cannons that have taken aim at the fleets above the planet. Whichever side controls the turrets controls the battle...

In the “Alderaan” Warzone, Republic and Imperial players clash on the scarred battlegrounds of the iconic world. High above the battlefield, two troop transports, one for each side, continuously supply their faction with reinforcements. In order to claim victory, one side must knock the other’s transport out of the sky. In order to do this, players must battle for control of three laser turrets that are spread out across the battlefield. Once one team takes control of a turret, it will open fire on the enemy transport!

As more turrets fall under the control of one faction, the firepower unleashed on the enemy transport intensifies. Once the enemy transport’s structural integrity is depleted, the ship will explode and the battle is over.

Control of the turrets can change hands several times during the course of the fight. Teams have to practice a careful balance of offense and defense to maintain a steady volley of fire on the enemy transport.