The Dantooine Spring Abundance Festival Event has come to SWTOR!

The launch of Game Update 7.5 marks the debut and beginning of the Dantooine Spring Abundance Festival Event! This is an annual event that completes SWTOR’s seasonal event calendar. 

What can players do in the event? 

Even heroes need a break every now and then. What better way to pass the time than relaxing on a cozy farmstead on Dantooine? When the event is active, players can pick up the mission on the Fleet and make their way to Blba Groves, a secondary landing point on the planet Dantooine.   

Players will find themselves the owner of a brand new farmstead, but something is not quite right as an unknown threat lingers on the land. After completing two story missions, players can access the repeatable event missions. 

Festive Footwork - Daily 

Players can dance to their heart’s content at the holo-pole in the heart of the farmstead. 

Patissier for a Day (Daily) and Festival Pastry Sampling (Weekly) 

Choose one of four pastries to bake and be sure to share them with friends!  

Zap a Fish - Daily

This is the perfect mission to help you relax your weary feet, enjoy a beverage, and listen to some Cantina music. Use a probe droid to scour the farm pond and zap some fish. Rumor has it that there is an incredibly rare fish swimming around out there, and if captured, will unlock an Achievement. And don’t worry, they’re released after they’re captured, so no fish were harmed in the making of this mission! 

Creature Rehabilitation - Weekly

Several creatures in the galaxy need your help! These missions will lead players to Rishi, Hoth, and Alderaan, guiding them to injured or abandoned animals that need to be taken back to the Dantooine farm and rehabilitated. 

Seed Sourcing and Cultivation - Weekly 

After getting rare seeds from either Nar Shaddaa, the Fleet, or Mek-Sha shipped to the Dantooine Farmstead, players can take control of a helpful probe droid to plant, water, and harvest exotic plants. Each week, players will encounter a new mission to hunt down seeds.  

Egg Hunt - (Weekly)

Eggs have been hidden on Alderaan, Rishi, Makeb, Onderon, and Yavin IV. Every week the event is active, two out of the four planets mentioned will be available for players to partake in a galactic egg hunt! 

Does new event mean new rewards?

Yes, it does! With the completion of missions listed above, players will begin to accumulate a new currency called Farmland Medals. These can be turned into the Abundance Festival Token Vendor for various rewards! Below is the complete list of rewards that can be earned. 


  • Title: Crop Destroyer
  • Title: Humble Farmhand 
  • Legacy Title: One Who Reaps
  • Legacy Titles: One Who Sows


  • Arrangement: Abundance Supplies 1 Decoration
  • Arrangement: Abundance Supplies 2 Decoration
  • Arrangement: Abundance Supplies 3 Decoration
  • Arrangement: Abundance Supplies 4 Decoration

(Arrangement: Abundance Supplies Decorations) 

  • Arrangement: Bestine Threeberry Pie Decoration
  • Arrangement: Deepwater Dac Pie Decoration
  • Arrangement: Pitted Ka-Olive Pie Decoration
  • Arrangement: Sweet Spore Tart Decoration
  • Spring Festival Barbeque Pit Decoration

(Barbeque Pit and pie decorations)

  • Spring Harvest Plant 1 Decoration
  • Spring Harvest Plant 2 Decoration
  • Spring Harvest Plant 3 Decoration
  • Cursed Farmland Pillar Decoration
  • Dantooine Potted Fruit Tree Decoration 
  • Farm Harvest Shed Decoration

(Top: Farm Harvest Shed Decoration - Exterior and Interior)

(Bottom: Dantooine Potted Fruit Tree and Spring Harvest Plant Decorations)


  • Farmland Grazer Outfit 
  • Nightshift Tech Outfit

(Farmland Grazer features two different headpieces to display goggles on or off)


  • Fitted Westar 19 Blaster Rifle
  • Fitted Westar 19 Blaster
  • Fitted Westar 19 Sniper Rifle

Mounts and Pets

  • Subterranean Mudhorn Creature Mount
  • Farmland Speeder Mount

  • Marshland Mudpup Mini Pet
  • Savana Mudpup Mini Pet
  • Subterranean Mudpup Mini Pet

(Marshland, Savanna, and Subterranean Mudpup mini pets)

The Dantooine Spring Abundance Festival Event will begin with the launch of Game Update 7.5 and will remain active for 28 days. When the event closes, Blba Groves will remain accessible to players, but the missions will not be active again until next year. 

We hope you enjoy this new event!