1.6.2 Patch Notes


Cartel Market

    New Items

    • Players can now unlock additional character slots! Cost: 600 Cartel Coins.
    • The Newcomer Bundle is now available! It contains a wide range of items to help new players expedite their travels. Cost: 405 Cartel Coins (discounted by 50% for a limited time!).
    • Two new armor sets, the Interstellar Privateer Armor Set and Clandestine Officer Armor Set, can now be purchased. Each armor set costs 1,440 Cartel Coins.
    • A new Cartel Pack, the Skip Tracer Cartel Pack, is now on the Market. Cost: 360 Cartel Coins.

    New Discounts

    • The Gamorrean Axe is discounted by 30%. Cost: 245 Cartel Coins.
    • Fleet Passes (single use) are discounted by 33%. Cost: 60 Cartel Coins.
    • The Life Day Bundle is discounted by 35%. Cost: 2,400 Cartel Coins.
    • The Newcomer Bundle is discounted by 50%. Cost: 405 Cartel Coins.

    Bug Fixes

    • Unlock items no longer stack in the inventory.
    • The Investigator’s Robe now displays the correct color when equipped.
    • Revan's Mask no longer clips through hoods on some body types.
    • The textures for the Forward Recon chestpiece now display properly.
    • The appearance of the Phantom, Spymaster's, and Preceptor's armor now matches the appearance seen in the Cartel Market.
    • The Stylish Dancer's Top no longer binds on pickup.
    • The Statele Shan Holo-Statue and Darth Malgus Holo-Statue no longer allow the use of Heroic Moment abilities.
    • The Cyan-blue War Hero's Color Crystal now binds on equip.
    • Using Imperial and Republic Firework items now causes the player to kneel down.
    • Tinsel Bombs can now be used on both friendly and hostile targets.
    • Players no longer move when using Fountain Fireworks.
    • Tooltips for equipment that requires the Event Equipment Requisition Authorization now update when the player unlocks the requirement.
    • The Carbonite Chamber and Life Day Orb now properly regenerate Ammo for Troopers.
    • The Remote Control Starship now regenerates a player's health and energy pool when channeled.


  • Character slot restrictions are now being enforced:
    • By default, Free-to-Play players are restricted to 2 characters per server.
    • By default, Preferred Status players are restricted to 6 characters per server.
    • By default, Subscribers are limited to 12 Characters per servers.
    • All players have a Global Active Character Limit of 350 Characters.
  • Additional Character Slots may now be purchased from the Cartel Market. Each Character Slot will increase the number of Characters a player may have across all servers by 1 (players can go beyond their default character slot restrictions). Each purchase will increase the number characters that a player may mark as Active across all servers.
    • Subscribers who have more than the current character limits will be allowed to keep and play all characters.
    • Preferred Status players who have more than the current character limits will be allowed to keep all characters, but will only be able to activate 6 characters per server unless additional character slots are purchased.
    • No new characters may be created on a server if the account exceeds the server character limit until the number of characters on the server falls below the default limit plus any additionally purchased slots.
  • Public Test Server characters no longer count towards character limits.

Classes and Combat


        • Flechette Round's damage over time effect no longer interrupts players attempting to capture an objective.

    Imperial Agent

        • Acid Blade's damage over time effect no longer interrupts players attempting to capture an objective.

Companion Characters


    • HK-51's dagger, "Dicer," is now available in his combat outfit container.
    • Warning: Rivals Detected: Players are no longer prevented from restarting this mission if they abandoned it. Players that were unable to re-obtain this mission can speak to Bren in Section X to continue.

Flashpoints and Operations


      Kaon Under Siege
      • Optimizations have been implemented to improve performance inside this Flashpoint.
      • The Infected Screamer's Brutalize attack now respects player immunities to knockback.
      Maelstrom Prison
      • The Fifth Fleet Footmen and Fifth Fleet Gunners now spawn correctly during the Grand Moff Kilran encounter.
      • X-37 Oppressor's Power Punch now respects player immunities to knockback.


      Eternity Vault
      • Enrage timers have been increased by 1 minute for bosses (excluding the Ancient Pylons encounter) in this Operation in 16-player Story and Hard Modes.
      Explosive Conflict
      • Warlord Kephess' enrage timer has been increased to 5 minutes, 30 seconds in 16-player Nightmare Mode.
      • The Defected Imperial Commander now spawns correctly in the Colonel Vorgath encounter.
      • The Trandoshan Cannoneers and Trandoshan Mercenaries now spawn correctly during boss encounters.
      Karagga's Palace
      • Enrage timers have been increased by 1 minute for bosses in this Operation in 16-player Story and Hard Modes.
      Terror from Beyond
      • The Gargantuan Lobel mini-boss now spawns correctly.
      • In the Terror from Beyond encounter, the Unstable Larva, Hypergate Beacons (in the first phase of Hard Mode), and Hypergate Irregularities now spawn correctly.


  • The Dread Guard's Corrupted Mask now uses appropriate voice sound effects during cinematics.
  • The Devastator's Double-Bladed Lightsaber now correctly displays two blades.


  • Legacy of Combat abilities can no longer be used inside Warzones.
  • Using Priority Transport: Capital World now properly advances mission steps that require players to travel to Coruscant or Dromund Kaas.

Missions and NPCs


      • Section X Weekly missions no longer autocomplete if the player has previously completed the component missions.
      • The Section X daily mission area has had some encounters removed and others relocated to provide easier travel between mission objectives.
      • March of the Dread Guard: Players now use the remote device recovered from nearby enemy NPCs to free all prisoners. Only 5 prisoners now need to be freed (down from 12), and leader NPCs count towards this goal.
      • Imminent Threat: Only 8 escaped prisoners are now required for this mission's objective (down from 16).

    Class Missions

      Jedi Consular
      • Find the Ancient Weapon: Players can now complete this optional mission after recovering the item from the chest.
      • Justice: An issue that could cause players to become stuck in the floor on The Justice has been corrected.


    • After Dreadtooth is defeated, Dreadful Resurgence no longer persists. Dreadful Essence must be used to increase Dreadtooth's difficulty.
    • Dreadtooth's difficulty when he is affected by 3 or more applications of Dreadful Resurgence has been decreased.
    • Dreadtooth no longer drops crafting materials when affected by less than 3 applications of Dreadful Resurgence.
    • The anti-griefing "Dread" debuff applied by Dreadtooth now uses a shorter range.
    • The Shriek attack used by Dreadtooth no longer causes too many visual effects to be played each tick.



      Ancient Hypergate
      • Players defending a pylon their team controls now gain defensive credit over time.
      • Transmissions inside this Warzone now use appropriate voice effects.
      • Players no longer gain attacker objective credit for finishing a capture attempt on an energy orb that has already been captured by another player.

Space Combat

  • The costs for Grade 7 ship upgrades available from the Fleet vendor, Daily vendor, and Starship Upgrades credit vendor have been reduced.
  • The credit reward from [Heroic] Space Combat missions has been reduced from 12,500 to 1,616.



    • The "Unify to Chest" armor color option now works correctly for players and companions.
    • Vendors now have a "Sell Junk" button that can be used to automatically sell inventory items that would be sold when sending a companion to sell junk.
    • Four new item sorting options and a button to swap between ascending/descending (where applicable) have been added to the inventory and Cargo Hold windows.

    Galactic Trade Network

    • Preferred Players can now post 5 sales at a time on the GTN. Previously, Preferred Players were incorrectly limited to 2 sales.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Several items that were missing correct translations in French and German have been updated.
  • A rare issue that could cause a Premium or Preferred Player to function as a Free-to-Play Player temporarily has been addressed.
  • Using /stuck now kills the player without penalty when used on a Personal Starship.