Game Update 7.1.1b

Game Update 7.1.1b
  • Lady Dominique no longer uses Force Blast during her Incite/Insulate transition to wipe the whole group in R-4 Anomaly Operation.
  • Ajunta Pall’s Mask is now on the character’s face when equipped on Male Body Type 2.
  • Advanced Magenta-White War Hero’s Crystal no longer requires the Artifact Authorization as intended.
  • Players with an active outfit no longer see the “Show Gear as Outfit” checkbox incorrectly checked after the first login.
  • The description of the following Cartel Market items now correctly state a maximum of 32 slots instead of 16 slots:
    • Unlock: Outfit Designer Slot (Character)
    • Unlock: Outfit Designer Slot (Account)
  • Galactic Seasons 3: "Luck of the Draw"
    • Reduced the number of cheaters players need to catch to complete the Season Objective ‘Integrity of the G.A.M.E’ to 10 cheaters (down from 20 cheaters).
    • Reduced the respawn time of Gamblers for the Season Objective ‘Integrity of the G.A.M.E.’
    • Updated the Mission indicator of the Shady Terminal on the “Cheating Algorithm” Mission on Coruscant to improve clarity on this step.