Game Update 6.3.2

Game Update 6.3.2


  • Missions available on the Ship Console are now presented in the correct Story order.
  • All Group loot has been converted to Personal loot. This means Master, Round Robin, and Free for All loot options are no longer available. More information here.
  • “Event Currencies” category in the Currency window is now correctly translated in German.
  • The following currencies now correctly appear in the “Event Currencies” category:
    • Dantooine Surveyor's Notes
    • Completed Bounty Contract
    • Gray Helix Components
    • Rakghoul DNA Canister
  • Fixed a typo in a Hoth conversation with Qyzen Fess.
  • The following World Bosses are now dropping Tech Fragments and World Boss equipment crates, as intended:
    • Grandfather
    • SD-0
    • The First
    • Battledroid R4-GL
    • Subject Alpha
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from looting Tech Fragments when near the currency cap.
  • There is no longer an “undefined” button displayed in the in-game help portal of the Character Selection window preventing players from creating in-game tickets.
  • The reading lamp in the Organa Castle on Alderaan is no longer floating above the bedside table.
  • The floating box in the maximum security prison of the Empire on Nar Shaddaa is now correctly anchored to the ground.
  • Altuur Zok Adon's abilities Targeting Matrix, Kolto Targeting Field, and Targeted Taunt now correctly increase the damage taken by the target.
  • Players who destroyed the Strange Holocommunicator from their inventory can now properly obtain it back from their Collections.
  • Increased the numbers of available hooks in both Republic and Imperial Guild Flagships
  • Fixed cinematic issues during companion conversations in the following Strongholds:
    • Manaan Retreat
    • Alderaan Noble Estate
    • Carrick Station Penthouse
    • Vaiken Spacedock Penthouse
  • Players can now directly load into the Vaiken Spacedock Penthouse without pressing the spacebar or waiting for a black screen to finish.
  • Corrected the following rug issues in the Vaiken Spacedock Penthouse:
    • Rugs no longer clip underneath the octagon floor tile in the Vaiken Spacedock Penthouse.
    • Rugs no longer float above the floor in the Vaiken Spacedock Penthouse.
  • The Penthouse Doorways of the following Strongholds no longer disappear if the player moves too far away from them:
    • Vaiken Spacedock Penthouse
    • Carrick Station Penthouse

Cartel Market

  • The following lightsabers are now correctly listed in the Collections under the Lightsaber category:
    • Prophet’s Starforged Lightsaber
    • Betrayer’s Starforged Lightsaber
  • The Antique Socorro Assault Cannon Aurek can now be unlocked via Collections for the whole account, as intended.

Items + Economy

  • The Life Day Ceiling Light (Globes) decoration is no longer stuck after being placed in Strongholds.
  • Updated the visual of the Last Handmaiden’s Armor Set to reflect the Last Handmaiden’s status as a warrior.
  • The Intelligence Officer Belt now has a Dye Module Slot.
  • There are no longer visual issues when equipping the Tulak Hord lightsaber with certain crystals.
  • The Force Bound Headgear is no longer missing voice modulation.
  • Corrected a typo in the tooltip of Tau Idair’s Holo decoration.
  • Paxton Rall's decoration's imaginary assault cannon was taken away, and as a result he now sulks around the Stronghold.
  • Players are no longer stuck when jumping on the M-35 Shadow Mount decoration.
  • Adjusted the following Ossus Crystal Container decorations to better match their colors:
    • Violet Crystal Container
    • Viridian Crystal Container
    • Crimson Crystal Container
    • Storm Crystal Container
  • The following Jedi Padawan Shrine decorations from the Ossus Reputation vendor are no longer missing their heads and lightsabers:
    • Holofire Jedi Padawan Shrine
    • Ossan Jedi Memorial
    • Small Jedi Padawan Fountain Shrine
    • Small Jedi Padawan Shrine
    • Torch Jedi Padawan Shrine
  • Optimized the lights in the Large and Small Ceiling Sections in the Penthouse Wallset Decoration Bundles.
  • It is no longer possible to walk through the Luxurious Rug (Red) decoration.
  • There is no longer a gap above the waistline when equipping the Forgemaster’s Chestpiece - Female Body Type 1.
  • There is no longer a gap in the neck area when equipped with the Tactical Ranger’s Armor Set - Male Body Type 1 and 4.
    • The Force Pilgrim’s Mask is no longer hiding the hood of the Force Pilgrim’s Robe - all body types.
    • There is no longer a gap between the hood and body when wearing the Force Pilgrim’s Mask - Male Body Type 1.
  • Corrected a texture issue above the right elbow when the Tython Highlander Chestpiece is equipped on the following body types:
    • Female Body Type 1
    • Female Body Type 2
    • Male Body Type 3
  • The Tython Highlander Gauntlets are now correctly positioned on the hands of Female Body Type 2 and 3, and Male Body Type 1.
  • The Tython Highlander Leggings are no longer clipping with themselves while mounted - Female Body Type 2 and 4.
  • Players can now unlock the Kakkran Daggerstar Mount for their account through Collections once Collected, as intended.
  • Both of the wings of the Vectron Hunter Mount are now activated when first using the Mount.
  • The following Mounts are now firing the correct flourish when summoned:
    • The Fork-Lift Walker
    • The Vectron Phantom
    • The Gambler’s Skiff
    • The Iokath Wyvern
    • The Vectron Mynock Jetpack
    • The Covert Stalker Mount
  • The Autocannon buff is no longer applied twice when equipped with the Veteran Ranger’s Armor Set.

Classes + Combat


General Tacticals

  • The Traumatizer Tactical now correctly appears in “The Spoils of War: Jedi Shadow/Sith Assassin” Achievement.



Gunslinger Tacticals

  • Kneecappin' Ability now correctly accounts for the effects of the “Tech Debt” Tactical when applied with Flourish Shot Ability.

Imperial Agent


Sniper Tacticals

  • Debilitation Shots Ability now correctly accounts for the effects of the “Tech Debt” Tactical when applied with Shatter Shot Ability.



  • The following Flashpoints are now correctly counting towards the completion of the “Activity Finder: Socialite I” Conquest Objective:
    • Lost Island
    • Kaon Under Siege
    • Secrets of the Enclave
    • The Spirit of Vengeance
  • The description of the Flashpoints - Master Mode in the Activities window is now correctly displayed in the correct font size.


Depths of Manaan

  • It is no longer possible to get stuck behind a closed door when dying during the Ortuno fight in the Depths of Manaan Flashpoint.
  • An unnamed door has now a name in the Depths of Manaan Flashpoint.

Objective Meridian

  • Fixed several cinematic issues in the Objective Meridian Flashpoint on Corellia.

Secrets of the Enclave

  • The achievements for defeating Captain Meinar or Lord Ziliss in the Secrets of the Enclave Flashpoint now grant credit when their entire encounter is completed.

The Black Talon

  • The camera of the “Talk to NR-02 on the Bridge” step of the Black Talon Flashpoint is now correctly showing the player and all group members.

The Spirit of Vengeance

  • In the Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint - Solo-Story Mode, Heta Kol's reinforcements are less dangerous. The types of enemies that join the battle have been changed, and she now calls for backup from only one Sharpshooter at a time.
  • The Clan Cadera Codex is now correctly unlocked when completing the Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint - Solo-Story Mode.
  • The “Take Vengeance” Achievements of the Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint are now granting the correct amount of Prestige Points: 10, 20, and 25 instead of 5, 25, and 5.



The Nature of Progress

  • Level sync is now always correctly applied in the Explosive Conflict Operation.

The Nature of Progress

  • It is no longer possible to duplicate the Main Facility Battery in the Nature of Progress Operation.
  • Corrected an issue where certain visual effects were not applied to the armor sets dropping from The Nature of Progress Operation.
  • The Dxun Arrow timer is now correctly working in the Nature of Progress Operation - Master Mode.
    • A new Achievement “True Dxun Arrow” and a new title “True Apex Predator” have been added for completing the correctly functioning version. The previous achievement, title, and mount reward are still granted as before.

Galactic Starfighter


  • The icons for the Republic and Imperial Ship Mastery Achievements now correctly correspond to the faction icon to the respective name.

Missions + NPCs

  • Players who declined the Mission in “Conflicting Priorities” as a Saboteur no longer incorrectly receive an update cinematic in “Relentless Ambitions” Mission.
  • Theron Shan and Lana Beniko are now correctly showing with their customized outfits in “Relentless Ambitions” Mission.
  • Theron Shan no longer appears in the cinematic of the “Relentless Ambitions” Mission regardless of being dead or exiled from the Alliance.
  • The subtitles of the “Relentless Ambitions” Mission are now correctly displayed.
  • Zenith’s outfit now has icons in the “Relentless Ambitions” Mission.
  • Corrected an issue that made it difficult to progress in the “[Heroic 2+] Static on Hoth” Mission if the player engaged the Advozse Enforcer from a distance while on the step “Find the Prisoners.”
  • Jekiah Ordo now correctly appears with hair.
  • There is now sound effect in the Ancient Forge scene of the “Weapon of the Jedi” Mission.
  • The German description of the “Shroud of Memory” Mission in the Mission logs is now correctly displayed in German instead of English.
  • The second step of the “Evacuation” Mission on Belsavis is now correctly displayed in the tracker in German.
  • The Elihsu’s holocall now correctly appears in the cinematic of “The Corpse Counters” Mission on Taris.
  • The camera is no longer above the datapad or too far from the character in the “Search for sign of Wikes’s men" step of “Into the Dune Sea” Mission.
  • Fixed the lighting issue at the “Speak to Regg” step of the “Andronikos Revel” Mission.
  • Fixed the cinematic of the conversation with Nem’ro the Hutt in “Big Chief” Mission.
  • The Commando in the cinematic of the “Battle of Corellia” Mission finally made a choice between a Blaster Rifle and a Blaster Pistol.
  • All the characters in the group are now moving in the Bartender’s cinematic in the “We’re Wanted Men” Heroic Mission on Mek-Sha.
  • Nico Okarr is no longer seated at the player’s seat in Paxton Rall’s Alliance Alert cinematic.
  • Corrected an issue preventing the "Red Hull Retribution" Mission from completing if Carida Corsair pirates are chosen.
  • The Walker piloted by the player in the “Showdown on Iokath” Mission (both factions) has been improved. Its abilities cool down faster, are more powerful, and the walker has more health, which makes defeating the Iokath Sentinels much more likely.
  • Several adjustments have been made to vehicle piloting gameplay in Chapters I, III, and VII in Knights of the Eternal Throne to make the vehicles more powerful, faster, and more durable overall.
  • In the Sith Inquisitor Mission "Into the Assassin Temple," traps no longer trigger multiple times and cause too many enemies to join the fight.
  • The “[Heroic 2+] A traitor’s Punishment” is no longer granting the same DPS lockbox twice for Sith Sorcerer/Jedi Sage between levels 51-54.



Mandalorian Battle Ring

  • Players can no longer hide behind an invisible wall in the Mandalorian Battle Ring Arena.
  • It is no longer possible to put the phase walk/hololocate abilities in unintended areas in the Mandalorian Battle Ring Arena.

Orbital Station

  • It is no longer possible to use hololocate/phasewalk to return to the spawning area of the Orbital Station Arena.

Vandin Huttball

  • The Vandin Huttball Warzone is now correctly counting towards the completion of the Huttball PvP Achievements.


  • The “Voidstar: Elite Critical Damage Dealer Achievement” is now correctly referencing Voidstar instead of Huttball in German.


Feast of Prosperity

  • The following plates of the following Feast of Prosperity decorations are no longer floating:
    • Meal for Three
    • Glowshroom Stew
    • Exotic Medley Delight
    • Galactic Sampler
    • Braised Vel Slug
    • Roast Scyk Belly

Nar Shaddaa Nightlife

  • To avoid confusion from players, the steps of the “Buy In, Sell Out” Mission from the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event are now mentioning what needs to be done to complete the steps.

Pirate Incursion

  • The description and the tracker of the “Nova Blade Nemesis” Achievement of the Pirate Incursion event are now correctly mentioning 150 instead of 250.


  • An objective is no longer untracked in the Conquest Window if the Window is closed and reopened after tracking this Objective.

Galactic Seasons


  • Rerolling a Weekly GSF or PvP Priority Objective on a low-level character is now correctly changing the Priority Objective.
  • All the required Flashpoints for the ‘Weekly PO: Unknown/Wild Space Flashpoints’ are now correctly displayed in the description in German.


Week 2: Distant Outer Rim

  • The ‘Daily PO: Section X Daily Missions’ will now accept the following Missions for progress as intended:
    • [AREA 2+] Lost Reconnaissance - For the Empire
    • [AREA 2+] Key to Decryption - For the Republic

Week 4: Seat of the Empire

  • The ‘Daily PO: Yavin 4 Daily Missions’ now has a heading in German.
  • Fixed a typo in the German description of the ‘Daily PO: Defeat Seat of the Empire Opponents.’

The following bug has been previously fixed with an hotfix:

  • Rass Ordo’s gear is no longer placed in the inventory for characters after the first login of 6.3.1.