1.2.4 Patch Notes


Classes and Combat


    • The Guard ability can now be reapplied if the player dies with it activated. Previously, players sometimes received an error indicating that their target was already guarded.

    Sith Inquisitor

      • Lightsaber Charge's audio effects no longer loop indefinitely.

Companion Characters


    • Xalek now receives the correct amount of Shield Absorption from equipped gear.

Crew Skills

    Crafting Skills

    • French and German tooltips now indicate the percentage chance for reverse engineering.

Flashpoints and Operations


    • Players who advance from level 49 to 50 while near an Operation phase gate now see the gate color change to indicate their eligibility to enter.


      Directive 7
      • Players can no longer obtain the missions for Story and Hard Mode for this Flashpoint at the same time.
      Lost Island
      • LR-5 Sentinel Droid now reliably activates his Plasma Coils during the encounter.
      The Battle of Ilum
      • Players can no longer obtain the missions for Story and Hard Mode for this Flashpoint at the same time.
      The Black Talon
      • An audio effect from the fusion cutter in this Flashpoint no longer loops indefinitely.
      The False Emperor
      • Players can no longer obtain the missions for Story and Hard Mode for this Flashpoint at the same time.


      Explosive Conflict
      • General Vorgath's speech now features the correct voice modulation.



    • Rebreather head slot items now appear on Sith Pureblood characters.
    • Equipping a hooded robe in combination with certain head slot items no longer causes baldness.
    • Players can no longer add color crystals to some items that did not appear to have color crystal slots, causing the crystals to become irretrievable.

Missions and NPCs


      World Missions
        • Breakthrough: All members of the group now receive credit for completion of this mission.
        • World Story missions on Ilum can no longer be abandoned.
        • No Escape: Republic Astromech Droids are no longer attacked by nearby friendly forces.
        • Players can no longer complete The Dark Hollow without first completing Primary Target. Completing these missions out of order could prevent players from completing Primary Target.
      Class Missions
        Jedi Knight
        • Fate of the Jedi: The cinematic with the Jedi Council no longer takes much longer than intended to begin playing.
        Jedi Consular
        • Automated Defense: Euphony Guard Droids now count towards this mission objective.
        • Vivicar Awaits: This mission can no longer become blocked if a player logs out during the “Defeat the Ambush” step.
        Sith Inquisitor
        • Into the Pit: The final conversation with Major Bessiker can no longer be repeated.
        Imperial Agent
        • Shadow of the Dark Lord: Darth Zhorrid now follows through with her threat to torture a character in one of the dialogue paths in this mission.
        • The Battle of Corellia: The Striker One Uplink can now be used from the mission tracker.



    • Mini-pets can no longer be summoned inside Warzones.
    • A fix for some causes of players becoming stuck dead in Warzones has been implemented, though the issue may still rarely occur.


      • Characters that exit the protected spawn area before the match begins are now killed.


    Guild Bank

    • Crafted items stored in the Guild Bank now display their tooltips correctly.


    • Closing the Add Friend dialogue no longer makes the Add Friend button on the friends list unusable.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Actions in the UI layout editor and chat window now prevent a player from being labeled as AFK.