Game Update 7.2.1b

Game Update 7.2.1b

  • Special characters are now correctly copied when transferring a character from the website.
  • Fixed the following issues with the Wasteland Raider's Helmet:
    • The Wasteland Raider's Helmet is no longer missing its visor.
    • Character's head is no longer invisible when equipping the Wasteland Raider's Helmet.
  • The Strategic Assault Speeder is no longer invisible.
  • The description of the Master Datacron and Equipment item now correctly lists the Noble Decurion Equipment instead of the Eternal Commander one.
  • Original map Huttball is now counting toward PvP Season Objectives, as intended.
  • The PvP Season Two Prodigy Achievement now rewards the correct Legacy Title: Veil Piercer.
  • Fixed several floor issues in the Eternity Vault Operation.
  • The environment no longer disappears when moving the camera in the Balmorran Arms Factory on Balmorra.
  • Fixed missing environment in the following location:
    • Walls during Chapter XV - Gemini Deception
    • Trees in Rishi Stronghold
  • Fixed the flickering shadow textures on characters in the Ossus Imperial base.
  • Warzone Adrenals that have been purchased from a vendor will now be destroyed after deconstruction.

Update: Hotfix deployed on 04/27
Due to black screen issue when selecting Colorblind Mode, we deployed a hotfix on 04/27 to revert the initial flickering textures fix:

  • Change how the level of texture detail is chosen to reduce the flickering effect on certain systems.

More information in the following forum post: Issue with colorblind mode post 7.2.1b.