Assembling the perfect look for your character is a major part of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Throughout the Galaxy you’ll find new outfits and gear to update your look as well as items to decorate your Strongholds and Ship. You’ll always have the option to update your look and share items among characters so that even if your play style changes you can always have the perfect look!

Playing as a Jedi who has delved into the Dark Side? Or maybe you made up your own backstory for your Bounty Hunter and decided that they were once a Republic Trooper? Many items can be shared between characters, so while rewards are generally given to specific classes, it’s possible to switch things up to make your own look and add to each character’s story!

Character Creation

The character you create represents your role in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, will you serve the Empire, fight for the survival of the Republic, or live your life somewhere in between? While creating a character, left-click and move the mouse to rotate the camera and scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the character's image.


The Galactic Republic, with the aid of the Jedi Order, has stood as a bastion of peace and tranquility for more than twenty thousand years. Although the Republic has been weakened by the long and costly war with the Sith Empire, its resolve remains strong. With the scars from the last war finally starting to heal, a new generation prepares to take up the mantle to defend the Republic.

The Sith Empire, returning from exile after a thousand years, has reclaimed the ancient Sith homeworld of Korriban and conquered hundreds of star systems across the galaxy. The Empire now stands stronger than ever, prepared for the truce with the Republic to dissolve, so that true vengeance can finally be achieved and the entire galaxy can be subjected to Imperial dominion.


To create your hero in Star Wars: The Old Republic, you will start with one of the eight iconic class archetypes. Each of these character classes features its own fully-realized interactive story and a style of play that is unique to that class.

When you’re playing alone, the role you select will determine the entire experience. If you choose to play as a Jedi Knight, you’ll be playing through a Jedi Knight storyline, you will fight your enemies with a Lightsaber and by using the Force.

Each Class is represented with a visual icon at the bottom of your game window. This is the single most important choice that you will ever make in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, as your Class not only determines your combat style and how to play, but it also determines which of the unique stories you will experience! You can read more about each Class by clicking on the link here.

Advanced Classes

To further distinguish your play style, you’ll be asked to choose an Advanced Class when creating your character. This only affects your abilities and combat roles, the overall class story will remain unchanged.

When you join up with other players, your choice of class will also define the role you play in the group dynamic. To overcome some of the group challenges in The Old Republic, your team will need to coordinate tactics, and each class has its own strengths and weaknesses to consider.

You can get a look at each of the Advanced Classes in the game, as well as what their Combat Roles by heading to the Classes page here.

Species and Gender

The vastness of the galaxy is matched only by the sheer number of species inhabiting it. After selecting your class, you must then choose your species. Not all species are available to every class. Select the character's gender, and then adjust his or her appearance. Depending on your species and gender, there may be more or less features that you can adjust.

Customizing Your Appearance

Once you have chosen your Class and your Species, you will have the opportunity to customize your physical appearance. The appearance editor allows you to customize almost every aspect of your character’s appearance, from their facial structure to their complexion, along with what hair style and color you want.

Certain Species in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ have other options that you can customize, such as the tattoos on a Mirialan or Rattataki. Of course, if you don’t want to go through the process of customizing your appearance, you can always click the "Random" button and see what the game comes up with for you.

Appearance Designer Kiosk

As you progress in your journey you will be able to unlock new looks in various places, such as unlocks and Cartel Market purchases. You can then access them at Appearance Designer Kiosk, which offers you more flexibility in customizing your character’s physical features, hairstyle, hair color, species, and other options within Character Creation. Even after your initial character design, you’ll be able to customize your look again and enjoy the benefit of being able to change your look to suit your play-style or mood! Access the Appearance Designer Kiosk on the Republic and Empire Fleet as well as on the Capital Worlds.

Character Sheet

In order to use weapons, armor, and other gear that you pick up throughout your journey, you’ll need to add them to your Character Sheet. To open the Character Sheet, press C (by default) or click the character tab in the menu at the top of your screen. The Character Sheet displays a wealth of information about your character, ship, and companion. Select one of the tabs and hover over the various sections, items, and statistics for further information, including effects that equipped items have. The two stat layouts located at the bottom of the character and companion tab can be switched between Ranged, Tech, Defense, Melee, Force, and PvP, depending on the character's or companion's class.

The Character tab displays your current level, stats, Social and Valor rank, equipped items, and Light/Dark alignment, as well as your choice of Ranged, Tech, Defense, and PvP stats. Next, the Ship tab appears after acquiring your starship. This tab details your starship’s stats, equipment, and any other upgrades purchased. Finally, the Companion tab displays your companion’s current level, stats, and equipped items.

Titles and Flair

Titles are an important part of Star Wars, well known titles like “Master Jedi” and especially “Darth”. Titles can be earned in a variety of way such as Missions, Achievements, PvP, Conquest, and more. Character Titles are only able to be used by the Character that earned them, whereas Legacy Titles can be shared between Characters.

The Titles section will give you the option to display both a Title and Flair. Both display next to your name for other players to see. You can earn them by completing certain objectives in game as well as purchase others on the Cartel Market.


The Outfit Designer is a unique tool that allows you to create outfits made up of your favorite equipment, and switch between them at any time. Setting up an outfit is very fast and easy – switch over to an outfit you wish to create or modify and start equipping items as you would normally. Each item that you add to the outfit adds to the cost of the outfit, but you don’t have to pay this until you click ‘Commit’. Once you are satisfied with your new look, click ‘Commit Changes’ and the ‘Apply’ button at the top to activate your new look!


Nearly all of the weapons and armor you collect will have can be modified to some extent with Item Modifications. These modifications can change the stats or appearance of items to make even similar items unique.

Armor and Weapon Mods

The effectiveness of your armor and weapons can be modified with various modifications. Modifications can only fit in compatible slots, and come in 5 basic types depending on what type of item you are modifying. Modifications can be crafted through crew skills, or purchased from the GTN or Vendors. For a price, you can also pulled out modifications from gear you’ve already collected.


- Changes the Barrel of ranged weapons, and is the primary way to increase a ranged weapon’s damage. Barrels can be crafted through the Armstech crew skill.


- Changes the Hilt of melee weapons, and is the primary way to increase a melee weapon’s damage. Hilts can be crafted through the Artifice crew skill.


- Changing the armoring of custom armor is the primary way to increase the armor rating and change the armor set bonus, if there is one included. Armoring can be crafted through the Armormech and Synthweaving crew skills.


- Can be used in any item with a mod slot, no matter if it is a weapon or armor piece. Can be crafted through the Cybertech crew skill.


- Used in any equipment with the enhancement slot, and increases the amount of Endurance you have. Can be crafted with the Artifice crew skill.

Weapon Tuning

- A special slot that can customize the look of certain weapons, adding unique effects to your weapon.

Dye Module

- Found in most armor pieces, this slot allows you to change the color of armor.

Color Crystal

- Found in weapons, allows you to change the color of the blade or energy that a weapon produces.

Purchase Customizations

There is no shortage of ways to customize your character and Companions, and they can be purchased a variety of ways. Vendors scattered throughout the Galaxy will sell different items, including unlocks to drastically change your Companions appearance. Other items can be purchased on the Cartel Market or from The Galactic Trade Network.

Cartel Market

The Cartel Market offers many unique and interesting items to the Galaxy’s adventurers. To access the Cartel Market click on the Cartel Coin icon at the top or your screen in game. Items in the Cartel Market are purchased with Cartel Coins that are obtained as rewards and more can be purchased directly here.

Many items are unique to the Cartel Market, but can also be found being sold by other players on the Galactic Trade Network.

Galactic Trade Network

The Galactic Trade Network (or GTN) is a place for players to purchase and sell items for in game credits. A player who is willing to sell an item will put it up on the GTN Terminal for a certain amount of credits. If you are looking to buy the same item you can search for it by accessing the GTN Terminal and purchase it directly from the player. Therefore, the player selling the item can make a profit and if gives the player purchasing more ways to find the items they need.

The GTN Terminals can be accessed at any time on both the Republic and Imperial Fleets. You can also set up GTN Terminals in both your personal or Guild Strongholds.


Track all of your Cartel Market items that are part of a collection, including items you haven’t yet obtained, with the Collections Interface! Items are logged into your Collections after being bound to you, allowing you to track which items you have collected, which ones you still need, and allow you to retrieve duplicate copies of items later.

Once an item is unlocked in your Collections, an unlimited amount of copies can be retrieved by the character that originally unlocked it. You can individually purchase the ability to share each you’ve collected across every Character on your account. The amount of Cartel Coins required will vary per item, usually determined by how rare the item is.