One of the most iconic aspects of Star Wars™ is the family dynamic between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. In Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, you will be able to create your very own Skywalker-like family dynasty through the Legacy System, unlocking new skills, items, and other character options that were previously unavailable.

Achievement System

The Legacy Achievements System is a means of recognizing important accomplishments and milestones for your entire Legacy. Achievements are like badges awarded for completing content, defeating enemies, exploring new regions, and a whole lot more. The Achievements you gather are displayed in a new section of your Legacy panel, where they can be viewed by other players to see how much you have accomplished with your Legacy.

Every Achievement has tasks that are required to unlock it, which are displayed in the Achievement description. For example, the Master Craftsman Achievement requires you to have hit 450 points with each crew skill. As you complete tasks in the list, they will be checked off and will display as completed. When all tasks on the list are complete, the Achievement is considered completed, and a banner will display on screen letting you know that you have finished it. If you belong to a guild, all guild mates will receive notification of your accomplishment in the chat window, with an option to click on the linked Achievement and find out more about what you accomplished.

You may view another player’s Achievements at any time by right clicking their portrait in-game and selecting Additional Commands -> Inspect Achievements. You will be able to fully browse their progress in any category, as well as see their overall Achievement score and any recent accomplishments they’ve achieved.

Reputation and Titles

Titles play an important part in the Star Wars™ galaxy, as evidenced by well known titles like “Master Jedi” and especially “Darth”. When you achieve specific Reputation Ranks and certain Achievements in your Legacy, you will earn a Legacy Title. Legacy Titles are a kind of title that is displayed beneath your character's name, in place of your Legacy surname (e.g. "The Skywalker Legacy"). For example, by achieving Friend rank with The Voss, you will unlock the Legacy Title, “Honored Voss-Friend.”

Reputation measures how your character is perceived by these organizations, it also reflects the prestige you've earned through your heroic contributions to each cause. Reputation is earned by collecting an item called a Reputation Trophy. Reputation Trophies are consumable items that grant different amounts of Reputation Points when consumed. Every Reputation Trophy is tied to a specific organization. For example, to increase your standing with The Voss, you can collect Gormak Power Cells, which are rewards for completing Heroic Missions on Voss.

Unlockable Legacy Titles are displayed in the Galactic Reputation tab of your Legacy window. You can then choose and activate a Legacy Title in the title section of your Character Sheet.

Legacy Levels and Global Unlocks

Legacy levels are determined by Legacy Experience. Anytime a character in the Legacy earns experience points, they also earn Legacy Experience. Characters who have reached the level cap no longer earn regular experience points, but they will continue to earn Legacy Experience. As your Legacy Level advances, you will open new global unlocks that can be purchased for all the characters in your Legacy.

Character Perks

Character Perks are unlocks and powerups that you can earn after reaching certain legacy levels, granting them exponential increases to abilities that allow them to progress through the game more quickly and efficiently. By attaining high enough Legacy Levels and spending credits, players will be able to purchase unlockable items for their ship. Wish you could pick up your mail on your ship? There’s a mailbox you can purchase if you are the right Legacy Level and spend a few credits. Neutral Galactic Trade Network Terminal? Better be ready to shell out some credits for that one! Wish that you could love your ship’s protocol droid even more than you already do? There’s an astromech you can acquire for your ship that sells unique sensor modules for your beloved C2-N2 or 2V-R8. These give him crafting specializations, just the same as your other companions. In case that’s not enough, the astromech also repairs items and buys your junk!

Class and Companion Unlocks

When characters in your Legacy reach important story milestones, they can pass down special emotes and abilities to other characters in your Legacy. On completing Chapter 2 with a character, your characters gain the use of an emote unique to that class. For example, if you finish Chapter 2 with your Inquisitor, you unlock an emote which causes your character to throw lightning between his hands. Again, all characters in your Legacy can use this emote. Likewise, at completion of Chapter 2, your characters unlock the ability to apply that class’ unique buff along with their own. For example, if you complete Chapter 2 with an Agent, and then create a Bounty Hunter, when you use the ability Hunter’s Boon it also applies the effects of the Agent’s Coordination buff.

Heroic Abilities

Upon completing chapter three of the class story with any character in your Legacy, a new heroic ability is unlocked for all other members of your Legacy. Heroic abilities create an exciting new dynamic for Legacy characters—allowing each class’s most iconic abilities to be shared. Non-Force users will get to use Force™ abilities from other Legacy members, and Force users will get access to some of the more technical abilities.

Heroic abilities can only be used when the Player has activated their ‘Heroic Moment’ ability, which is on an extended cooldown and can only be activated when have a companion character at your side.

Species Unlocks

Can Sith Purebloods ever find a path to the light side? Is a Miralukan’s Force sight good enough to fire a sniper rifle with any accuracy? Do Mirialans make for good Sith Inquisitors as well as Jedi Consulars? With Legacy species unlocks, you can tell those stories with your own characters. Playing a character of any species to level 50 unlocks that character’s species as an option at character creation for all classes. All combinations of class and species are now possible given the right unlocks. Opening these new combinations gives much more freedom at character creation. By having to earn these unlocks, instead of just allowing all combinations by default, we ensure that combinations like Jedi Pureblood are still uncommon, and require someone to have invested time in a Sith Pureblood Legacy to attain them. If you find yourself short on time though and just have to see a Chiss Jedi, it’s possible to purchase the Legacy Wide Unlock from the Cartel Market!


Datacrons are scattered throughout the Galaxy, and are an optional way of permanently boosting your performance. While usually found in hard to reach areas, you’ll be able to identify them by their extraordinary bright glow even from a distance. The trick with Datacrons though, is that while they may be easy to find they can be difficult to reach, and you’ll need to do some extra exploration and use some problem-solving skills to determine how.

If you do manage to reach the Datacron, activating it will grant a permanent boost to your stats and will be shared with all of your characters on the same Legacy! Not only will you get a boost to your stats, but each Datacron will also grant you a Datacron Decoration to display as trophies in any Stronghold.

Family Tree

With the Legacy System, you can connect each of your characters together in a family tree, which becomes available when one of your characters completes the first chapter of his or her class story. Within your family tree, you can define the relationships between each of your characters on a server, assigning them as spouses, siblings, children or valued allies. Not only will this tie your characters together with the same last name, but it will also allow each character to begin contributing to your Legacy level.