Patch Notes

Galactic Seasons

  • Copero Stronghold access keys will be removed from the Mission Items tab following unlocking the corresponding rooms.
  • "Anarchy in Paradise" Galactic Season Objective grants Blueprint Fragments as intended.
  • The Galactic Season 6 Objective "Anarchy in Paradise" now rewards Blueprint Fragments as intended.
  • The Northwestern, Northeastern and Southeastern "Eyto Eyto" mounts are now correctly available for purchase from their respective Galactic Season vendors on the Fleet. 
  • The "Freedom from FR3-D0M" objective no longer misspells "Legacy of the Sith" as "Legends of the Sith".

Daily Areas

The following Conquest Objectives have been added for Kessan's Landing:

  • Kessan's Landing: Mission Complete
  • Kessan's Landing: Defeat Enemies 1
  • Kessan's Landing: Defeat Enemies 2
  • Kessan's Landing: Weekly Patrol

The requirement to access the following Daily Areas has been updated to require only one character having unlocked that area previously (and having the relevant Legacy Achievement). Previously it required each character to individually progress their story to unlock them:

  • Iokath
  • Kessan's Landing
  • Makeb
  • Manaan
  • Onderon
  • Oricon
  • Ruhnuk
  • Yavin IV


  • Players who unlocked the "Mek-Sha Safehouse" before 7.4.1 should now have the unlock displayed in their Legacy window.
  • Elevator sound effects will no longer play numerous times when exiting the elevator during Koth's Date Night "A Place to Call Home"
  • The infinitely repeatable “Complete a Heroic Mission” Conquest Objective is now available at all levels (previously only available from 10-49).
  • The “Complete a Heroic Mission” Conquest Objective is now worth 2000 Conquest points (up from 1650).


  • The Copero Umbrella (Blue) decoration can now be placed on Medium and Medium Narrow hooks. 
  • Voice modulation has been added to the Master Builder's Headguard.
  • Removed clipping bottles from the "Arrangement: Cantina Restaurant Pod" decoration.

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