Game Update 5.1: Defend the Throne

Game Update 5.1: Defend the Throne


New Chapter Difficulty - Master! Earn new Achievements with this new way to experience the Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne Chapters!

New Uprisings! Jump into the action with five new Uprisings across the galaxy!

  • Trench Runner - Republic Loyalists under the command of General Amos Rike have displaced Alliance forces on Denova and seized control of the baradium mines. Efforts to reclaim the mines have been thwarted by Republic artillery bombarding the "no man's land" between the Alliance beach head and the central processing facility. But where an army fails, a small team could succeed in navigating the battlefield trenches and taking out the Republic defenses.
  • Destroyer of Worlds - Jedi Master Adelade is trying to awaken a dangerous abomination that has hibernated beneath the surface of Makeb for millennia. No records exist of this monstrosity, known only as Gethul. But if the creature awakes, it may be strong enough to destabilize Makeb's core and obliterate the planet. Infiltrate the underground tunnel, secure the explosives and deliver the payload to Gethul's lair. Only then can you destroy the monstrosity and save Makeb from Adelade's deranged plan.
  • Divided We Fall - Rogue Coruscant security agents are plotting a false flag operation. They intend to attack the Senate Tower and plant false evidence in the hopes of inciting the Republic to war against the Alliance. Intel has traced the mastermind behind the plan, Commander Kalin, a former Republic veteran to a hidden base inside the The Works on Coruscant's lower level.
  • Landing Party - Deserters from the Zakuulan military were tracked to Rakata Prime. Under the leadership of the former Battalion Commander Tassar, they are building a new and improved Star Fortress. Infiltrate their surface camp and eliminate Commander Tassar before her operations threaten galactic security.
  • Trial and Error - Working from a hidden space station lab, a rogue group of Republic scientists led by Doctor Alirra Semhess has developed an experimental adrenal. The adrenal, code named RS-33, radically augments a subject's strength and agility at the expense of mental faculties.
    Left unchecked, Doctor Semhess and her colleagues could mass-produce RS-33 and create an army of unstoppable abominations to wreak havoc across the galaxy.

Galactic Command Gearing Updates!

  • New item: Unassembled Gear Pieces. These can be turned in with the new legacy-wide Command Token currency for specific pieces of gear. Unassembled Gear pieces are a guaranteed drop from the last boss of each Operation, and specific pieces drop for bosses, so players can go after an item for a specific gear slot.
  • Command Tokens can be earned by opening Command Crates, and players will be retroactively granted Command Tokens based on their current Command Rank.
  • Every other boss in an Operation has a chance to drop any gear slot’s token. Bosses that are later in an Operation have a higher drop rate than those before them.
  • Playing any Warzone will earn you Unassembled Components. Your gains are increased based on Match outcome.
  • Players can turn Unassembled Components into a PvP vendor with a Valor requirement to get an Unassembled Gear piece.
  • Additonally, there is a new vendor that sells Command Experience Boost items for Command Tokens.


  • Companions are no longer unavailable if you start a Knights of the Eternal Throne Chapter while partially through Knights of the Fallen Empire.
  • Dark vs Light Meta Achievements have been granted to players who earned them.
  • Fixed a conversation on Taris that referenced a Bonus Mission that is no longer available.
  • It is no longer possible to summon multiple Cave Stonerays during the Mission “Reclaimed Treasure.”
  • The Mirialan social Ability Focusing Ritual’s channel time is no longer affected by Alacrity.
  • All Achievements that require the Party Jawa are now able to be completed with the Celebration Jawa.
  • Defeating all of the Dark vs. Light World Bosses now grants the expected Achievements.
  • The limit on Galactic Alliance Statues has been increased to 50 (up from 1).
  • Major Pierce now uses the correct health and level on Dromund Kaas.
  • The Alliance Alert “Little Boss” no longer has the incorrect contact listed.
  • T7 customizations now appear in cinematics in Chapters.
  • It is no longer possible to change Shae Vizla's armor.
  • Changing instances no longer causes Companions to lose class buffs.

Cartel Market

  • Cartel Market Item Stash has been increased to 500 slots.
  • The Ikas Firestarter can now be unlocked Legacy-wide.

Classes + Combat

  • Resolved an issue that was causing certain character created prior to 5.0 to receive additional charges of Breaching Shadow / Static Charge in some cases.
  • Companions no longer use shield abilities outside of combat.
  • Adjusted the size of the effect for Vengeful Slam, Oil Slick, Sweeping Slash, Sweeping Gunfire, Plasma Probe, Fusion Missile, Force in Balance, Smash, Orbital Strike, Explosive Dart, Grenade, Cyclone Slash, Kolto Missile, and Kolto Bomb to better match the abilities areas of affect.
  • Curative Agent and Sly Surrender no longer provide more healing than intended.

Flashpoints + Operations

  • Eternity Vault and Karagga’s Palace now drop the same Command Experience item that other Operations provide.
  • Bolster is now properly applied to enemies in the Colicoid War Games Flashpoint.

Items + Economy

  • The Exarch Targeter’s Offhand Blaster MK-2 can now be sold to a vendor.
  • All PvP equipment that existed prior to the 5.0 Valor restrictions have had their valor requirements removed. New items were created with valor ranks and placed on the PvP vendors, and the previous items are no longer available.
  • Cosmetic gear gained through Galactic Command can now be sold on the Galactic Trade Network.

Missions + NPCs

  • Players who used the Holocommunicator to recruit Shae Vizla to their Alliance can now also complete her Alliance Alert.
  • The end credits of Knights of the Fallen Empire can longer overlap with the transition into the opening cinematic of Knights of the Eternal Throne Chapter I.
  • The Galactic Command Planetary Missions now correctly grant a bonus when highlighted. ‘
  • The Regulator Wreckage Bonus Mission has been removed.
  • It is no longer possible to use “Shield Integrity” and “Anti-Personnel Rocket Ammo” items repeatedly during Chapter XVI: The Battle of Odessen.
  • Lord Anril can no longer be duped into jumping to his own death, circumventing his encounter, in the Fractured Uprising.
  • The Mission “[Daily] Arena of Death!” now scales to player level as intended.
  • Updated the Companions available from the Companion Unlock terminal to include Z0-0M and Master Ranos.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Vette and Torian to be unavailable from the Companion Unlock Terminal under certain conditions.


  • Bolster now improves players up to 232 Item Rating (down from 250).
  • Arenas in the regular Warzone queue now reward less CXP than a Warzone.
  • Matches that last less than 2 minutes no longer reward any CXP.


  • Fixed a number of cinematics issues.
  • Fixed a number of typos in Missions, subtitles, and other text sources.