Game Update 2.4.1 Patch Notes


  • Priority Transport Terminals on the Republic Fleet have been adjusted and no longer fail to transport players in some instances.
  • The "Area Loot" Preference now functions as intended when looting mission items while in a group.
  • Made adjustments to improve the user experience for Email Validation:
    • Players can now play to level 20 before email address validation is required for the account.
    • Players are now able to validate an email address from within the game client.

    Bounty Contract Week

    • New Vehicle! The Praxon Aether has been added to the Bounty Brokers Association Galactic Reputation vendor and can be purchased in exchange for 50 completed Bounty Contracts. (Requires Champion rank with BBA)
    • New Minipet! The Frosted Raptor can be obtained from the Bounty Brokers Association Galactic Reputation vendor in exchange for 25 completed Bounty Contracts. (Requires Champion rank with BBA)
    • Bounty Kingpin Contract Authorizations are no longer consumed if the associated Kingpin Contract has been unlocked; players can refund the Authorization item back to the Bounty Contract Broker and use the completed contracts on a different Authorization.
    • Bounty Kingpin missions are now properly designated as [WEEKLY] instead of [GROUP], though a group is still recommended when attempting the missions.

Cartel Market

    New Items

    • New Bounty Pack: The Tracker's Bounty Pack!
      • The Tracker's Bounty Pack items can now be previewed in Collections.
      • The Tracker's Bounty Pack will be available on October 21st! Cost: 320 Cartel Coins
      • Hypercrates containing 24 Tracker's Bounty Packs will be available on October 21st. (Discounted by 10% for a limited time!) Cost: 6,912 Cartel Coins

    Upcoming Embargos

    • The following Contraband Packs will no longer be available on the Cartel Market as of the dates listed:
      • Regulator's and Enforcer's Contraband Packs: October 21st, 2013
      • Vice Commandant's Contraband Pack: November 15th, 2013
      • Archon's Contraband Pack: December 17th, 2013
      • Supreme Mogul's Contraband Pack: January 14th, 2014

    Bug Fixes

    • The description for "Rename: Character Name" has been updated to clarify the item's use and behavior.
    • The Cartel Rarity is no longer incorrect for several Shipment 1 weapons.
    • The channel duration of the Life Day Orb is now 15 seconds, bringing it in line with other Rest & Recharge items.


  • Added "Found in Pursuer's Bounty Pack" to the description for the Bounty Collector Title.
  • Several items have had their descriptions updated in Collections to correctly reflect their rarity:
    • Advanced Blue Core Eviscerating Crystal: Super Rare
    • Advanced Blue Core Indestructible Crystal: Rare
    • Poison Lobel: Rare
    • Savanna Nekarr Cat: Rare
    • Greenback Exoboar: Super Rare
    • Flamecrest Exoboar: Super Rare
    • Hoarfrost Exoboar: Super Rare
    • Model Harrower Battle Cruiser: Super Rare
    • Emote: Whatup: Rare

Companion Characters

  • Companion Characters are no longer defeated when using Quick Travel to go to the Republic or Imperial Landing Zone from certain areas of CZ-198.
  • Treek will now unlock at the end of the initial conversation in all cases, rather than when the mission reward is accepted.

Flashpoints and Operations

    Group Finder

    • Group leaders are now be able to queue for an additional replacement if a second member is lost while the group is already in the queue to backfill a slot.
    • Groups containing 8 members will now be put into the same Operation instance when traveling.
    • Traveling to an Operation now functions properly while in a group where any members have lockouts for the bosses:
      • Players are no longer taken to their previous location rather than being taken into the Operation in some instances.
      • Players no longer incorrectly see an error indicating their progress is farther along than the instance progress in some instances.
    • Mission rewards, travel, and queuing now function properly for players who use Group Finder actions while in a group with a disconnected member.


      Maelstrom Prison
      • Using the spacebar to skip the opening cinematic no longer causes players to become stuck in place and unable to move or use any UI elements.
      Czerka Corporate Labs
      • The Kolto Tank now shows the proper texture during the encounter with Rasmus Blys.


      Dread Fortress
        Corruptor Zero
        • In Hard Mode, Corruptor Zero's "Concussion Mine" ability now fires at the proper intervals, and there is less of an increase in damage dealt by additional stacks of the ability.
        Gate Commander Draxus
        • The "Corrosive Grenade" debuff applied by Gate Commander Draxus can now be removed by any ability that removes negative effects.
        • Gate Commander Draxus' "Emergency Shield" is now be visible in Hard Mode.
        • Guardians of the Fortress will now deal the correct damage and have the correct amount of health in 8-Person Story Mode.
        • Maintaining crowd control abilities on enemies while Gate Commander Draxus has Escaped no longer causes him to become invulnerable for a short time upon returning.
        Dread Master Brontes
        • Dread Master Brontes no longer fails to properly transition into her Overcharge Beam phase in some instances.
        • Players are no longer able to taunt Dread Master Brontes during the transition to her Overcharge Beam phase.
        • The damage dealt and amount of health for The Fingers of Brontes are now correct in 8-Player Hard Mode and 16-Player Story Mode.
        • Added a description to the "Enraged" buff.
        • Names and descriptions throughout the encounter are now present in French or German.
      Dread Palace
        Dread Master Raptus
        • Players are no longer able to get to an area and avoid Dread Master Raptus' Spinning Attack phase.
        • Cursed Captive now deals the correct amount of damage when only a single player is present for the Tank Challenge in 8-Player and 16-Player Hard Mode.
        Dread Master Calphayus
        • The encounter with Dread Master Calphayus will now progress properly after a failed attempt.
        Final Encounter
        • During the final encounter, all bosses will remain on the platform for the duration of the battle and they will always return to their thrones as intended.
        • Dreadmaster Calphayus' crystals now respawn after a group fails the final encounter.

    Items and Economy

    • All Relics of Reactive Warding now absorb the correct amount of damage on use.
    • Players can now use Alt + Right Click to equip gear to a summoned Companion Character.
    • Added a level 10 requirement to use a Mercenary Contract, preventing accidental consumption by ineligible characters.
    • Firebrand PvP gear now displays proper textures.
    • Items obtained from Jumpstart and Preferred Friends bundles are now bind on pickup.
    • The Recovered Hero Armor set pieces now have the proper item type in their description instead of all being labeled as Chestpiece. 
    • Mira's Headband now displays properly when worn by female characters with Body Type 1.


    • Players are now able to complete the "Gearhead" and "Praxon Collector" Achievements upon obtaining the new Proaxon Aether from the Bounty Brokers Association Galactic Reputation Vendor.
    • The Achievement "Loremaster of Quesh" is now able to be completed upon gaining "The Three Families" Lore Codex entry.
    • The Achievement "Loremaster of Taris" is now able to be completed by Imperial players upon gaining the "Rakghoul Disease" Lore Codex entry.
    • The Achievement "Loremaster of Tatooine" is now able to be completed upon gaining the "History of Tatooine" Lore Codex entry.

    Missions and NPCs


        • Mission objects no longer become unusable in rare cases after players enter the phase of a group member who is on a different mission step.
        Class Missions
          Jedi Consular
          • Marked: The conversation with Orin Va on Voss no longer ends prematurely when Treek, HK-51 or C2-N2 are summoned.
          Sith Warrior
          • Request an Audience: Players in Magada Ru's cave on Voss are no longer caught in a cunning trap if they log out while in the cave.
          • Set The Table: Players who log out while inside of the Republic Safe House phase are no longer trapped and can continue on this mission.
          Imperial Agent
          • Chaos on a Broken World: The conversation with Lieutenant Needa on Taris no longer ends prematurely when selecting certain dialogue options with Treek, HK-51 or 2V-R8 summoned.
          • A Little R&R: Troopers are now held to their commitments to Sgt. Jaxo on their honor as an officer, and this mission is no longer listed as Optional.
          Bounty Hunter
          • Some People Need Killing: Darth Tormen no longer displays incorrectly after interacting with him on The Tyrant. Note: This mission has been reset.
        Daily Area Missions
          • Destroying ZX-10 Droids now provides group members credit only if they are in the area of the kill.
          • Clipping Wings (Republic)/The Darkening Stars (Imperial)/[DAILY] Preemptive Strike: Players no longer fall through shuttles when they respawn.
          • Dread Roots (Republic/Imperial): Group members now receive the proper number of Dread Roots when another member digs up the final root.  Note: This mission has been reset.
        World Missions
          • The Observer:  Players will no long hover in front of the Observer battle ship when jumping off the front.
          • The Monstrous Mesa of Solida Hesk (Imperial): Players are no longer able use unintended entrances into the mission phase.


      • PvP Guards throughout the galaxy have received additional training and are now level 55.
      • Repaired a glitch in NR-02's programming to help him remember which ship he's on when contacting players in the Black Talon Flashpoint.
      • Added music to accompany the encounter with the Bothrium Beast on Oricon.
      • Imperial players who dare to encounter Dread Commander Selgh Kap'gohe on Oricon are no longer able to prevent themselves from taking damage while defeating him.
      • Cartel Combat Specialists on Makeb no longer disguise themselves as friendly rather than enemies in some cases.



        • Players are no longer able to initiate a vote to kick teammates before the Warzone match has begun.
        • Medals are no longer granted for healing players before the match begins.
        • Corellia Square
          • Removed an improper cover point that could prevent Smugglers and Imperial Agents from being damaged by melee Classes.
          • Players are no longer able to climb the fountain and give themselves an advantage in combat.
          Orbital Station
          • Players are no longer able to climb on top of one of the overhead pipes to give themselves an advantage in combat.



      • The Interface Editor has been updated to add the following options for the Focus Target Window:
        • Show information text
        • Flip the display horizontally
        • Adjust buff and debuff icon sizes
      • Increased the default size of the Focus Target Window. The window remains scalable via the Interface Editor.
      • The Galaxy Map description for CZ-198 now correctly lists it as a moon.
      • The chat window now displays a message when players use the "Flourish" emote, and it is now available from the Emote pull down menu.


      • The scrollbar for lengthy Codex entries will now be sized correctly such that all information is able to be read.
      • Information corruption to the Galactic Codex system caused by Hutt Cartel slicers has been corrected, and certain Empire-only or Republic-only Codex entries regarding the planet of Makeb are no longer displayed as available to everyone.
      • Guests (or invaders) of the Three Families Palace may now earn the Lore Codex entry for "The Three Families" which tells of their history and role on Quesh's mining operations.
      • Citizens of the Empire have discovered new information on Taris that will allow players to earn the "Rakghoul Disease" Lore Codex entry.
      • After a generous donation, the Tourism Cartel of Tatooine is able to provide visitors to Mos Ila Spaceport and Anchorhead Spaceport with information that will allow players to earn the "History of Tatooine" Lore Codex entry.

    Miscellaneous Bug Fixes


      • Ships now function correctly for players who board by any means other than directly entering their Class hangar (i.e. Priority Transport Terminal or Legacy Perk) after traveling on a groupmate's ship.
      • Completed genetic modification treatment on all Varactyl Mounts such that their footsteps now sound like creatures rather than humanoids.
      • Added additional security features to the Imperial Dorn Base on Hoth to prevent Republic infiltration.
      • Made several corrections to art across CZ-198, including the Flashpoints.
      • Players validating their email address on the Character Select screen can now use the "Enter" key to submit.
      • Updated various taxi paths on Voss to reduce display issues while players are riding a taxi.


      • Made updates to the Supply Yard Railways and Launch Staging Logistics areas to ensure that all enemies can reach players who are attacking them.
      • Players are no longer able to be killed by lava that they do not touch while in the Starship Wastes area.