Patch Notes 4.0a

Patch Notes 4.0a


  • Players who have completed Chapters I-IX now have the complete Galaxy Map available to them.
  • Players who do not have Knights of the Fallen Empire can no longer access Knights of the Fallen Empire areas and Chapters.
  • The highly sought C2-N2 has been restored to players.
  • Players who were on a Class Mission with a Companion as a guest now have the correct version of that companion.
  • Companion equipment that was not returned to players with the release of Game Update 4.0 has been properly returned. Additionally, all players have been given the new starting gear for Companions that they unlocked prior to Game Update 4.0.

Cartel Market

  • Start At 60 Tokens are now available on the Cartel Market*! These Tokens can be purchased on the Cartel Market and used or sold on the Galactic Trade Network. Subscribers who begin Characters at Level 60 are given 3 Crew Skills, Preferred Players are given 2 Crew Skills, and Free To Play players are given 1. Please note that these Tokens do not grant access to Knights of the Fallen Empire or any previous expansion.

    *Tokens will be available after the standard Cartel Market refresh and not with the release of the patch.