Game Update 7.2a

Game Update 7.2a
  • Increased the weekly cap of the following currencies to 2500 (up from 1500):
    • Conquest Commendations
    • Daily Resource Matrix
  • Players no longer receive the error message telling them their Mission log is too full when attempting to complete the Ruins of Nul Flashpoint - Solo-Story Mode.
  • The Thyrsian Mender’s weapons can now be purchased from the PvP upgrade vendors, as expected.
  • The Thyrsian Targeter’s weapons are now only unlocking the corresponding upgrades in the PvP upgrade vendor’s inventory.
  • There is now a visual effect on the following weapons:
    • Family of the First Seed Lightsaber
    • Family of the First Seed Dualsaber
  • The following crates no longer reward Implants:
    • Elite Decurion Upgrade Cache
    • Supreme Decurion Upgrade Cache
    • Rakata Upgrade Cache
    • Tionese Upgrade Cache
    • Columni Upgrade Cache
    • Thyrsian Upgrade Cache

Fixed with a previous maintenance:

  • PvP Season progression is no longer resetting after being logged out for at least 1 hour.