1.3.6 Patch Notes



  • After a player uses the "Reset Local Phases" option, they now must wait 30 minutes to use it again, increased from the prior wait time of 2 minutes.

Companion Characters


    • Many of Xalek's personal conversations can now be had in Cantinas as intended.

Flashpoints and Operations


    • Using combat revive abilities now consistently returns the revived player to combat if an encounter is still active.
    • Non-boss enemies no longer occasionally respawn after an Operation group has been defeated and re-enters the Operation.

Group Finder

  • Pre-made groups of four players that queue for Group Finder now correctly receive daily mission credit.
  • The "Travel Now" dialog no longer fires more frequently than intended.
  • Players now receive an error when attempting to manually add a new group member while queued in Group Finder.

Items (Items and Economy)

  • Several Imperial head slot items that were not displayed correctly on female with body type 3 have been corrected.
  • Several head slot items now have text that correctly displays in Aurebesh.
  • Many hoods that previously stretched or clipped have been corrected.
  • Players can no longer modify an item while they are looting the contents of a reverse engineered item.

Missions and NPCs


      • Trash to Treasure: Multiple OT-15 Prototypes no longer spawn at once.
      • Quesh Showdown: Master Berin Fraal can no longer be knocked into the acid pits.

    Class Missions

      Jedi Knight
      • Anarachy: Colonel Hareth no longer respawns after being defeated.
      • Doomsday: The map for this mission's area no longer reverts to being unexplored as the player leaves the area.
      Jedi Consular
      • Pilgrims: Master Yuon Par no longer disappears after speaking with the player's character.
      Imperial Agent
      • Darth Zhorrid Arrives: The conversation with Darth Zhorrid no longer triggers again automatically if the player uses Esc to cancel the dialogue.
      • The Master Stratagem: The conversation with Keeper no longer triggers again automatically if the player uses Esc to cancel the dialogue.
      • Climbing the Ladder: Jonas now correctly responds to player choices.
      Bounty Hunter
      • Garoya be Haran: the conversation with Torian Cadera can no longer be repeated.
      • Target Rich Environment: Redivivus now correctly draws his shotgun.



    • Corrected an issue that prevented players from receiving the correct rewards when a Warzone match was completed very quickly.
    • Warzone Information is once again displayed in the Warzone interface.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Female Sith Purebloods' fourth jewelry option now displays correctly in-game.
  • Female Sith Purebloods' fourth hairstyle no longer clips with the character model.
  • Combat Training Targets MK-2, 3, and 4 now appear correctly on Dromund Kaas and Coruscant.