Game Update 6.1.4c

Game Update 6.1.4c
  • Players can no longer leave a PvP queue when there is a pending match being created for them. Previously, if a player left a PvP queue they may have encountered an ‘instant decline’ under certain circumstances, resulting in rating loss and a lockout in Ranked queues.
  • Republic Players can now start "The Task at Hand" Mission on Odessen when entering the phase or pressing the Launch button.
  • Guild summon, Heroic Transport, and logging in at certain areas / locations will no longer instantly kill the player in rare situations.
  • The following Consumable Renown Tokens no longer require a subscription in order to use them:
    • Bonus Chapter Renown Trophy
    • Bonus Flashpoint Renown Trophy
    • Bonus Operation Renown Trophy
    • Bonus Renown Trophy
    • Bonus Uprising Renown Trophy
    • Chapter Renown Trophy
    • Exploration Renown Trophy
    • Flashpoint Renown Trophy
    • Operation Renown Trophy
    • Uprising Renown Trophy
    • World Boss Renown Trophy
  • Unidentified barrels and hilts purchased from the Spoils of War Vendors on the Fleet will now be granted into the inventory even if the character is from a Class who cannot use them.
  • Killing Izax from Gods From the Machine Operation will now grant the correct amount of conquest points.