Game Update 6.2

Game Update 6.2


  • Story Update - The ship carrying Satele Shan and her students has been found! Join Jedi Knight Kira Carsen and Sith Lord Scourge to uncover the mystery behind this ship and face off against fanatical Servants of the former Sith Emperor to unravel their sinister plot in our new story update - Echoes of Oblivion!
  • New Flashpoint - The Spirit of Vengeance - Renegade Mandalorians have ambushed one of Shae Vizla’s capital ships - The Spirit of Vengeance II - to rip it apart and steal priceless Mandalorian relics. Fight these renegades to free Shae Vizla's ship and save its crew and relics.
  • Login Rewards - Players can now receive rewards each day they log into the game. Subscribers will be eligible for a Bonus reward if they play multiple days in a week.
  • Emote Window - This new window improves accessibility to emotes and makes it much easier to see which you’ve unlocked, which are available for purchase, and which emotes loop endlessly. The Emote Window can be opened with Alt + E or from the menu bar under Social and Emotes.
  • Life Day Celebration - Life Day is back! This year, we’ve added new rewards, Conquest Objectives, and Achievements to the event.
  • Nine-Year Anniversary - Celebrate our Nine-Year Anniversary with us! The “Anniversary Personnel” Vendor is waiting for you on the Fleet. Purchase new and previous anniversary rewards for a limited time. Dromund Kaas and Coruscant strongholds have also received their annual discount, and can be purchased for only nine credits until the release of Game Update 6.2.1!
  • Ranked PvP Rewards - Another batch of “Replica” series rewards are now available. The following Season 5 and Season 7 Replica Rewards can now be purchased from Giradda the Hutt:
    • The Gladiator Set and Gladiatorial Nexu Mount (season 5)
    • The Giradda’s Acklay Mount (season 7)


  • Conquest Reset Time and in-game events end time have been changed to match all other daily and weekly reset timers: 12:00 PM UTC on Tuesdays.
  • Several cinematics of each class's starter planets, along with cinematics of the Black Talon and Esseles Flashpoints, have been improved.
  • Using the /who command in the General chat window will now properly show results in the Who window, as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where the warning window had no “Okay” button when trying to send a mail message to someone, not in your guild or friend list.
  • Guest Companions no longer have slots for equipping or changing their appearances. Only permanently recruited companions can have their appearance or equipment altered.
  • Made the following changes to the functionality of splitting Stacks:
    • The Split Stack window will now display how many units are available
    • The Split Stack count will no longer exceed the maximum stack count of 9,999
    • The input text field will now take focus when opened
    • Players can now use the Enter key to confirm a Split Stack instead of using the Split Stack button
    • Added separators (commas or dots depending on your game language) to the amount of Split Stacks
  • Added currency separators (commas or dots depending on your game language) to the amount of COD and credits in the compose mail window.
  • Corrected an issue where Legacy Ignore would not properly block messages from ignored players when switching characters.
  • Companion’s stats will now be correctly updated if the player is equipped with gear that has presence amplifiers while the companion is already summoned.
  • The plant in the Blaster’s Path Cantina Galley on Rishi is no longer floating above the ground.
  • Encrypted Data Caches will no longer improperly spawn around the Hunting Lodge on Onderon.
  • Characters can now be dragged back to the list in the Family Tree of the Legacy Window.
  • Sound effects can now be heard when the player is transformed into droids, walkers, turrets, and machines.
  • Players will no longer receive the following incorrect warning message when sending mails with attached items “Mailing will prevent if from being traded to other eligible characters. Proceed?”
  • Tracked Missions in the Galactic Guide will now display their respective image as intended.
  • The Camera Rotation Speed slider bar in the Preferences Window will now go up to 100% instead of 103%.
  • HK-51 companion’s Tank role has undergone a pretty big rework to bring him in line with other Tank companions.
    • Made changes on Vanish Strike
      • Reduced the cooldown from 20 seconds to 15 seconds
      • Increased its damage by 100%
      • Added a 50% lifesteal
    • Removed Emergency Protocols to replace it by an AOE taunt ability: Shell Flare
      • Shell Flare is increasing damage reduction by 50% for 15 seconds after being activated.
  • Players can now claim materials from storage if the amount exceeds the maximum stack size. If the claim amount exceeds the maximum stack size it will now automatically move 9,999 instead.
  • The Second Floor arrival point terminal on the landing pad of the Kaas City Apartment Stronghold will no longer be missing.
  • Fixed and updated the animation for “button push” animation for all body types.
  • Sith Warriors will no longer be stuck in the door frame when jumping while exiting their ship.
  • Abilities with charges are no longer missing the Cooldown text if the player has the “show cooldown text option” turned on.
  • Spoils of War Set Bonus items purchased via Vendors will now grant progress towards Spoils of War Achievements.
  • The influence cap being displayed within the character sheet companion tab will now reflect the correct amount.
  • The Companion tab within the Character sheet will now display the correct influence rank of the active Companion.
  • Characters will now have the correct faction icons in the Family Tree in the Legacy Window.
  • The icon scale slider will now go all the way to the right in the Player Buff and Player Debuff Tray section of the Interface Editor window.
  • The send button will no longer become active unless all requirements are met after adding items to mail in the Mail window.
  • Scrollbar will now appear in tutorials if the text runs long.
  • Rearranged the Companion Window for easier readability.

Cartel Market

  • Fixed a number of typos in Cartel Market and Collection item descriptions.
  • The tooltip, error message, and Cartel Market description for Improved Speeder Piloting V will now correctly show that Improved Speeder Piloting IV is required.
  • Level 1 characters can now use the Improved Speeder Piloting I consumable to unlock the Legacy perk, as intended.
  • The following weapons are no longer missing their Storefront artwork in the Weapon Category Section on the Cartel Market:
    • SL-34 Rotary Plasma Cannon
    • Eliminator's Dual Edged Vibrosword
    • Gladiator's striker Techblade
    • Corellian Bunker Buster Grek
    • Corellian Bunker Buster Besh
    • Balmorran Hand Cannon Grek
    • Balmorran Hand Cannon Besh
    • Volatile Conqueror's Saberstaff
    • Energized Conqueror's Saberstaff
    • Primordial Assault Cannon
    • Primordial Assault Cannon Besh
    • Primordial Blaster Besh
    • Primordial Blaster Rifle Besh
    • Primordial Sniper Rifle Besh
    • Mantellian Peacemaker Grek
    • Mantellian Peacemaker Besh
    • Tarisian Head Hunter Grek
    • Tarisian Head Hunter Besh
    • Volatile Conqueror's Lightsaber
    • Energized Conqueror's Lightsaber
    • Primordial Assault Cannon Grek
    • Primordial Blaster Grek
    • Primordial Blaster Rifle Grek
    • Primordial Sniper Rifle Grek
  • Players will now be able to use the mouse wheel to scroll in the Weapons and Mounts categories.

Items + Economy

  • Corrected a typo in the Reverse Bolster Master Mode item sold from the Repair Astromech droid Vendors.
  • The Season 6 Replica blasters will now appear with the correct icons.
  • Players will no longer float on top of the Carbonite Freeze Chamber decoration.
  • Players will no longer be stuck in the doors of the Carbonite Freeze Chamber decoration when entering it as it opens and closes.
  • Players will no longer be able to walk through the Carbonite Prisoner Rack decoration, as intended.
  • The Discharged Infantry’s Chestpiece and Greaves will now have a sound effect while jumping.
  • The male body type 1 character is no longer missing the visual effect and light asset from the left Infamous Bounty Hunter’s Bracer.
  • The Kingpin’s Predator Mount will now correctly unlock the corresponding decoration.
  • The Advanced Scout Walker will no longer display a sliding animation when landing.
  • The hands of the characters will now be correctly on the handles of the Advanced Scout Walker Mount.
  • The character’s feet will no longer pass through the pedals and the character’s hands will no longer be misplaced on the handles of the following Mounts:
    • Blatant Beks Mount
    • Blatant Beks Mount: Gold
  • Players will no longer be stuck when jumping on the “Commemorative Statue of Red the Pack Leader” Stronghold decoration.
  • Players can now see the names of the Taxidermy decorations when moving their cursors over them.
  • The name of the Fireworks: Fountain item will now be correctly displayed in French when in the inventory.
  • The following holo decorations will now match what is shown in the decorations preview window:
    • Lord Feng
    • Commander Aster
    • Darth Yuni Holo
  • Corrected an issue where multiple items from the “Furniture” category were too zoomed in or out when viewed in the Preview Window.
  • Fixed an issue where certain items shared a name with another item causing them to no longer show up in the list of decorations. The following items had their names updated to avoid any naming conflicts.
    • Hanging Vines > Nathema Hanging Vines
    • Hanging Vines > Yavin Hanging Vines
    • Stoneray > Tamed Stoneray
    • Merchant Stall: General Goods > Onderon Merchant Stall: General Goods
    • Rodian Patron (Female) > Rodian Cantina Patron (Female)
    • Weequay Patron > Weequay Cantina Patron
  • The Restorative Drive Legplate is no longer missing its visual effect.

Crew Skills


  • Processed Isotope Stabilizer can now be purchased from the Spoils of War Vendors on the Fleet.
  • Increased the chance to learn new schematics when Reverse Engineering artifact quality items requiring Solid Resource Matrix.
  • Reduced the cost of Onslaught Advanced Training for Crew Skills to 250,000 credits (down from 500,000).
  • Increased the amount of Premium quality materials players receive when harvesting Grade 11 nodes.
  • Players will now be notified when their Companions harvest materials which are sent directly to the crafting inventory.
  • Crafting Materials will now also include a category filter if the search filter is above or equal to four letters.
    • For example, "bio" will just include anything that has "bio" in the name, but "bioa" will include any item that has "bioa" in the name as well as the category bioanalysis.

Classes +Combat

Jedi Consular


  • Corrected the visual and sound effect of the Forcequake ability.


  • The Telekinetic Burst animation will now play properly when the ability is used while under the effect of Clamoring Force.


  • Unequipping Tacticals and Set Bonuses that grant additional ability charges will now correctly reset the ability charge back to its original value.

Sith Inquisitor


  • Unequipping Tacticals and Set Bonuses that grant additional ability charges will now correctly reset the ability charge back to its original value.




  • The Scatter Bombs passive ability will now correctly apply a slow on targets with max resolve.

Imperial Agent



  • The Scatter Bombs passive ability will now correctly apply a slow on targets with max resolve.

Bounty Hunter


Innovative Ordnance

  • Fixed an issue where the Mag Shot ability would appear to miss the target when it actually hits.


  • The jetpack visual effect is now visible during the Carbonize spinning animation.
  • The Autocannon effect from the Veteran’s Ranger set bonus is no longer persisting after the removal of the set.



  • The Autocannon effect from the Veteran’s Ranger set bonus is no longer persisting after the removal of the set.



  • Corrected an issue where looting credits while grouped in flashpoints wasn’t distributing to everyone correctly.
  • Weapon damage values have been corrected for players being affected by Level Sync in Flashpoints.


Crisis on Umbara

  • Players will no longer be pushed through the closed doors by the Umbaran Military Technician’s Impulse ability preventing them from progressing in the Flashpoint.
  • The Umbaran Trooper’s Cryo Grenade debuff ability will now have an icon.

Maelstrom Prison

  • Corrected an issue where Grand Moff Kilran in Maelstrom Prison Flashpoint wouldn’t become vulnerable to players’ attacks unless players were very close to him.

Objective Meridian

  • The “Weakness Exposed” debuff will no longer persist after Jakir & Seldin are dead in the Objective Meridian Flashpoint.

The False Emperor

  • Corrected an issue where Jindo Krey in The False Emperor Flashpoint was stuck if his shield is damaged too quickly, preventing players from completing the encounter.



  • Weapon damage values have been corrected for players being affected by Level Sync in Operations.

The Nature of Progress

  • The “Picky Eater” Achievement from the Nature of Progress Operation is now unlocked when completing all the requirements.
  • Shelleigh in the Nature of Progress Operation will now correctly display the Unhealthy Snack debuff.
  • Shelleigh from the Nature of Progress Operation will no longer apply Toxic Cloud stacks to players after being defeated.



  • Leaving a PvP Challenge early will no longer apply any PvP deserter penalties.
  • The terminal in Rishi Cove Arena has been moved to make it easier for Imperial characters to interact with.
  • Using teleport abilities such as Phase Walk will no longer unexpectedly kill players in PvP Arenas.

Missions + NPCs

  • The Dar’manda Challengers will no longer Flame Sweep nearby neutral NPCs during the “We’re Wanted Men” Heroic Mission on Mek-Sha.
  • Fixed cinematic issues during the conversation with HY-P3 droid in the “We’re Wanted Men” Heroic Mission on Mek-Sha.
  • The conversation with HY-P3 droid for the “We’re Wanted Men” Heroic Mission on Mek-Sha will no longer be repeatable, as intended.
  • The character’s helmet will no longer disappear in the cinematic with the bartender in the “We’re Wanted Men” Heroic Mission on Mek-Sha.
  • Removed the following Cantina Vendors who were not selling any items on Tython, Ord Mantell, Korriban, Hutta, and Dromund Kaas:
    • Yerk
    • Harlas
    • Corporal Hurwell
    • Dorsil
    • Shiden
    • Logistics Officer Sy.
  • Corrected several issues in the cinematic of the Trooper’s Class Mission “Evacuation”:
    • Only one Fuse is now visible when the base explodes.
    • Players now have a weapon drawn.
  • Increase the amount of credits received when completing the Sith Sorcerer’s Bonus Mission “Services Rewarded”.
  • Corrected an issue in French and German where Darth Malgus’ name didn’t appear in the cutscenes of “The Task at Hand” Mission.
  • Guss Tuno no longer walks through a closed door in the cinematic of the “Shining in the Dark” Mission.


All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally

  • Corrected an issue where the camera in the Blatant Beks introduction on Dantooine is showing the grass fields.
  • Players are no longer blocked by invisible walls on Dantooine during the Swoop Rally event.
  • The cinematic of the Blatant Beks introduction on Onderon during the Swoop Rally event will no longer show a scene under the terrain.
  • The Bek Support Droid, Razor Support Droid, and Screamer Support Droid will now correctly be displayed in the Preview Window.
  • The Minimap for the All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally event is now correctly showing information in French.

Feast of Prosperity

  • The “Master of the Feast” Achievement no longer requires the “I Don't Have to Put up with This” Achievement for completion. Players who already completed other requirements for Master of the Feast will receive the associated title when they first log in.
  • The reusable Feast of Prosperity Food Launcher can no longer be sold for credits, as intended.
  • Using the Emote Overeat while targeting a player/NPC will correctly inform them that you’re overeating.
  • Using the Cantina Dasher disguise will now correctly show the Cantina Dasher passive ability in the ability window.

Life Day

  • Snow-Covered Parcels are now a Legacy currency.
  • New Achievements and titles have been added to Life Day event:
    • “The celebration continues” Achievement: during the Life Day event, find 200 Snow-Covered Parcels by using the Life Day Snowball Bomb.
      • Complete this Achievement to earn the Legacy title: “Cheer Delivery Expert”.
    • “Hugs of all” Achievement: during the Life Day event, hug 1500 wookiee carolers and revelers.
      • Complete this Achievement to earn the title Legacy Title "Hug Everlasting"
  • The Life Day Blaster Tuning sound effect will no longer play continuously.
  • Nar Shaddaa Nightlife

    • The following Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Missions can now be shared with group members:
      • “Data Driven Services”
      • "Boss Said Knock You Out"
      • "Buy in, Sell out"
    • The markers for the “Sly Information” step of the “Counterfeit Tokens” Mission on Mek-Sha and Nar Shaddaa now correctly appear on the Map.
    • Adjusted the cinematic cameras to be focused on Yan Pengu in the “Boss Said Knock You Out” Mission.


  • Chapters: Defeat Skytroopers 2 Objective is now a Daily Repeatable Objective (changed from Infinitely Repeatable) and worth 3350 Points (up from 2500).
  • The Conquest Objectives Missions will now only be displayed for characters of the appropriate faction for those planets:
    • Korriban
    • Ord Mantell
    • Tython
    • Hutta
  • The following Objectives can now be completed by Level 20+ characters, as intended:
    • Dantooine: Defeat Enemies 1
    • Dantooine: Defeat Enemies 2
  • Corrected several typos in Conquest Objectives.
  • Conquest Objectives window will now display a “Next Objective” message for Objectives which unlock additional Objectives when completed.
  • Updating the guild conquest UI to reflect the 15% guild invasion bonus.


  • Players on Steam no longer need to open the SWTOR launcher to update their game. The game will automatically stay up to date while it is installed in their Steam library.
    • To avoid a much larger download than expected, players need to ensure that the SWTOR language on Steam is the same as the one selected on their launcher.