Game Update 5.10.2a

Game Update 5.10.2a
  • Corrected an issue where the platforms would not appear during the Soa encounter in Eternity Vault.
  • Players will no longer instantly die in rare circumstances while using movement abilities during the Gharj encounter in Eternity Vault.
  • Players will no longer remain in combat with Shae Vizla after defeating her in Blood Hunt.
  • Activating a Huttball match on the Rishi Sky Deck will no longer cause players to repeatedly die.
  • Players no longer need to get very close to starship hooks in Strongholds for the ship to appear the first time after being placed.
  • The shield bunker required to progress the Mission ‘Starfortress: The Resistance’ will now appear as intended.
  • The generators required for the Imperial Mission ‘Big Guns’ on Balmorra will now respawn as intended.
  • The Cartel Market items added in Game Update 5.10.2 will now appear in the “Recently Added” section of Collections.
  • Cloth physics on armor sets now appear properly in the preview window.