Game Update 7.5a

Game Update 7.5a


  • The inventory icon for Hypercrate: Ultimate Cartel Pack has been corrected.
  • The progress bar is no longer missing on the page that is currently in progress for Galactic & PvP Seasons.
  • The Spring Abundance Festival Mission terminal on the Fleet has had its appearance updated to look like a standard Mission terminal and it has moved slightly to avoid collision with other event Mission terminals. It can still be found in the stairwell intersections of the Fleets.


  • The final cutscene of KotFE chapter XI: Disavowed can now be completed as intended.
  • Sana-Rae is no longer missing from the Alliance Base during KotFE Chapter IX: The Alliance, allowing the Mission to progress as intended.
  • Corrected an issue where in rare instances killing enemies in a specific order would block mission progression.
  • Lana and Koth’s Date Nights can now be completed as intended.
  • The Sith Inquisitor Mission “Vengeance” can now be progressed past the Access Wilkes’s Base step.
  • Interacting with the cache for the Mission “Spoils to the Victor” will now correctly progress the Mission.


  • The Recommended tab in the Cartel Market can now list more than one page of items.
  • Fixed the vendor window not appearing if the player has disabled Movable Windows.
  • This will reintroduce an issue where the "What's In the Patch" window will display on the left side of the screen instead of centered.


  • Added an icon for the Ventures category in Legacy Achievements Overview Window.
  • Achievements are no longer missing their icons and descriptions when the "What's in the Patch" window is used to access the Legacy window.
  • Character portraits and conversion group rolls icons now appear in group conversations as intended. 


  • Ri’kan’s mouth now moves when he speaks during the “Sundering” cinematic.