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Dev Tracker Summary: June 12, 2012 through June 18, 2012

Hello and welcome to this week’s Developer Tracker blog. We have collected the most important recent developer responses from our Dev Tracker and compiled them into this convenient digest.

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Character Transfers. To check to see if your server is eligible for character transfer, please visit or our List of Available Servers for Transfer. The list was last updated Monday, June 18th.

  • Maximum 8 Characters. Senior Community Coordinator Allison Berryman explained that the character limit of 8 characters per server applies to destination servers, even if a more of your characters are eligible for transfer.
  • Transfer to Same Server Types. Online Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez confirmed that the current phase of the transfer process will respect server types, but future phases may allow more options and may require a transfer fee.
  • New Origin Servers. Joveth explained on Thursday (the 14th) that the transfer process had entered the fine-tuning stage, meaning that after the initial release of many servers, the flow of new origin servers would slow down as the team monitored the populations, especially over the weekend. More on monitoring populations from Allison here and here. More on monitoring and adjustments from Joveth here and here.
  • European RP-PvP. Joveth asked the European RP-PvP community for input on handling server transfers for these server types, unique in having so few servers. He returned to let the players know that we are considering options here and here.

Suggestion Box. Allison hopped in to reassure the community that we do indeed read threads in the Suggestion Box. We’re always reading player feedback!

MK-6 Augment Slots. Systems Designer David Hunt confirmed that augment slots now go up to MK-6.

Forums BioWare Icons. Allison replied to a member who noticed the new BioWare icons to help identify developer posts.

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