Throughout your adventures in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, you will come face-to-face with a wide range of interesting characters. Some will stop at nothing to see you destroyed, while others will offer to aid you on your mission. A select few will even elect to join your cause and stand by your side as you take on the toughest challenges in the galaxy. Your Companions will accompany you for a wide range of reasons, be it adventure, glory, or something more personal, and will swear themselves to helping you save – or conquer – the galaxy.

Your Companions are far more than just an extra blaster or lightsaber. Each Companion also has their own personality, and will provide you with information or commentary throughout your travels. In additional, your Companion's view of you will evolve as you progress in your story; your decisions can determine whether your Companions become your close friend—or bitter enemy.

You can learn about each of the Companion Characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic below. Be aware that these profiles may contain minor story spoilers, so continue at your own risk!