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The Weekly Forum Thread Round-Up: June 14th, 2012

Hello everyone,

It’s time for this week’s Forum Thread Round-Up. Every week, we highlight some of the most interesting discussions in the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ community. Most of these discussions originate from our forums, but we will also be looking at what people are saying about The Old Republic on other sites whenever we can.

Please feel free to nominate any discussions for next week’s Round Up in this thread.

Let’s get started!

What does your crew do to pass time?: When they aren’t helping out in combat or on a crew skill mission, what are your companions up to? Some of your answers included:

  • AshlaBoga: “Khem Val - Thinks about Tulak Hord and eats the force users I leave in the cargo hold. I used to give him live ones that I'd softened up a bit, but Ashara was most displeased.”
  • GymQuirk: “Bowdaar: Alternates playing dejarik with Akavi and watching do-it-yourself cybertech shows on the holonet. Is a big fan of ‘The New Corellian Workshop with Norm Antillies.’”

Staying dark is HARD: The path of the darkside is more than just sitting in a chair, in a dark room, practicing your best maniacal laugh. While many of you find the darkside is a difficult path to follow, it seems some of you have no problem carrying out even the most evil of choices.

  • GlennWippenberg: “I have a level 16 Gunslinger that I'm making pure Dark. Some of the choices on Ord Mantell were a bit stingy but I got over it quick. She's supposed to be a stone cold Steven Segal/Bruce Willis type. The voice acting makes being sinister on a Smuggler really entertaining.”
  • Tekniicolor: “I tried it, but I found a little bit of me died every time I chose a dark side option, just couldn't any more, felt like I was stomping on kittens....”

Favourite titles - Imperial, Republic whatever!: Origin poster, AshlaBoga, asks the community what some of their favorite SWTOR titles are. Some of your answers included:

  • MorgothPl: “Black Bisector - Republic side”
  • Xienive: “Republic- The Outlaw. Empire- Lord. PVP- Duelist. Social- Party Time.”

Favorite planet storyline?: With so many planets in The Old Republic, this had to have been a difficult question! Some of your responses included:

  • Bright_ephemera: “Imperial Taris. It was a delight to have a planetary rival tying things together.”
  • Birna: “Voss for both sides. I also like both sides of Alderaan a lot.”

KOTOR references?: Some members of the community have come together to create a list of easter eggs from Knights of The Old Republic.

  • Frobalt: “On the Republic side, and even the first FP on imperial side, you come across Satele Shan, who is supposedly a descendant of Bastila Shan from KOTOR.”
  • Maxetius: “The quest 'Last Battle of the Endar Spire' plays the Endar Spire battle music [played in the first 5 minutes of KOTOR] upon completion. Which I found kinda cool.”


Thanks for all of the great discussions this week! There are many other interesting conversations happening in the forums that are not on this list so be sure to look around. And don’t forget to nominate some of your favorites for next week’s round up by posting in this thread.