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Augments and kits vendor hidden requirement? | 10.15.2018, 10:25 AM
Hey folks,

The team is aware of the issues with those vendors and are looking to address them with the next PTS patch. That should happen this week.


How To Get Geared Up and into Gods from the Machine on PTS! | 10.12.2018, 04:05 PM
PTS has some utility terminals and vendors that allow you to very quickly create a character, get it to level 70, get geared, and get into the GotM operation. Here's the general flow:

TLDR Quick Start Guide:
  1. Create a New Character
  2. Use an "Odessen Teleporter" terminal to transport your character to Odessen.
    • There are Odessen Teleporters on all of the starter planets, located just a few seconds' run out of your starting instances. They're just sort of plopped down into the middle of the path, so hopefully they're not too hard to spot
  3. Click on the "Level Booster" terminal. This will set your character to level 70, and give you 500,000 credits.
    • If you need more cash, just keep clicking for 500,000 credits a pop!
  4. Use the various PTS vendors located at the Odessen Landing to gear up your character as you see fit. The following vendors are available:
    • Tier 1 Artifact Gear (230)
    • Tier 2 Artifact Gear (234)
    • Tier 3 Artifact Gear (240)
    • Tier 4 Artifact Gear (248)
    • Tier 4 Artifact Components (248 Mods / Enhancements / Crystals / Barrels / Hilts)
    • Augments (228/236/240) and Kits (Mk10)
    • Stims, Adrenals, Medpacks
    • Grenades
  5. Walk up to the phase gate at the end of the Lightbridge to Nowhere at the Odessen Landing to enter the Gods from the Machine operation.

See you on PTS!

List of Gods from the Machine balance changes for 5.10 | 10.12.2018, 03:43 PM


Tyth’s encounter is a tug-of-war for the raid’s time and attention between Tyth and his waves of drones. We’re going to lighten the load a bit there, focusing more heavily on the drone side of the equation. Additionally, we’re reducing the effectiveness of the Grace Heal (Aivela’s Restoration) to decrease the cost of letting heals through (both accidentally, and intentionally for rage management).

The direct reduction in Tyth’s health is going to slightly accelerate the encounter, but more specifically cut just a few seconds off the final burn phase (which will turn some near wipes into kills).

Lastly, double grace waves are now illegal in Veteran mode. They were a particularly sharp pain point, and the fact that they appeared unpredictably demanded a tactical reactivity that is inappropriate for Veteran mode.

  • Tyth HP reduced ~5%
  • Drone HP ~7.5%
  • Transition Threshold in Phase 2 decreased from 65% to 60% HP

  • Tyth HP reduced ~5%
  • Drone HP reduced ~10%
  • Transition Threshold in Phase 2 decreased from 65% to 60% HP
  • Tyth’s drone summon cooldown increased 4s (32->36) in Phase 2+
  • Aivela’s Restoration heal amount reduced by 1/3 (3% -> 2%)
  • Veteran Mode can no longer summon drone waves with two Graces.

Aivela & Esne:

A&E is a wonderfully unique encounter with a lot of layered mechanics. Unfortunately, a lot of layered mechanics create a lot of points for failure and derailing. Even in Story Mode, this encounter can be a little meaner than we’d like.

While no one thing in Veteran mode is necessarily problematic for Veteran players, the full set of everything together puts a lot of coordination stress on groups and can punish breakdowns in an inappropriately severe manner (we’re looking at you 128,000 DPS death beams).

The changes to this encounter are focused on decreasing the severity of avoidable damage, while also providing some longer windows to prepare for / react to mechanics cues. This will hopefully create additional room for the occasional mistakes that Veteran mode should allow.

Lastly, we’ve walked back certain places where the damage in 16-Person modes was needlessly higher than 8-Person.

All Difficulties:
  • The “sweeping beams” will take 6 seconds longer to start up initially at the beginning of Phase 3. This will give groups a little extra time to recover from Phase 2.
  • Glares:
    • Decreased polarized damage bonus to +50% (was +100%) – This means that their polarized Pulse Fires will deal 25% less damage than before (2.0x -> 1.5x).
    • Charge Fire cooldown increased by 4s (16->20)
    • Purification cooldown increased 6s (30->36)
    • Charge Fire / Purification damage in 16-Person modes decreased to that of 8-Person modes.
  • Aivela & Esne:
    • Polarized Energy Burst damage in 16-Person modes decreased to that of 8-Person modes.
    • Polarized Energy Burst damage decreased 10%
    • Polarized Energy Burst’s primary target now gets a 50% run speed buff for the duration of the channel to match the target player’s real-world adrenaline rush, increasing immersion while conveniently making it easier for the target to get away from others.

  • Glares:
    • Charge Fire / Purification damage reduced by 25% (~28000 -> ~21000)

  • Countermeasure Prioritize cooldown increased by 10s (30->40)
  • Remote Access / Spike mechanics adjusted to be more recoverable:
    • Spike duration reduced by 15s (30->15)
    • Spike consumes the matching Remote Access debuff when applied.
    • Spike now also places Remote Access on cooldown
  • Radiance damage reduced by 25%.
  • System Shock damage reduced by 10%
  • Glare:
    • Charge Fire channel duration increased by 1.0s (5.0s -> 6.0s) – this means 1s of additional warning before it fires.
    • Charge Fire / Purification damage reduced by 40% (~64500 -> ~38500).


Nahut’s stealth and burst damage potential create a background threat that runs throughout the encounter, and create an environment where everything can be going great until a single mistake blows everything up. This problem extends into Story Mode as well; the damage values don’t sufficiently tolerate the lack of organization that is to be expected of PUGs

We’re going to relax the complexity of keeping Nahut visible, by requiring fewer players in the candle loop. We’re also going to decrease the AoE damage of the encounter, to try and ease some of the situations where intersecting mechanics can blow people up for minor positioning errors. We’re trying to hold the single target damage constant, because given what Nahut is, the current levels are appropriate.

We’re also going to decrease the rail turrets’ HP by a fair amount to decrease the time investment required to feed rail turrets into the singularity in Phase 3 (another common point of breakdown in Veteran mode). We’re making this change over removing the CC requirement on the process, because we think the CC requirement is a more interesting mechanic, and every class has at least one ability that can get the job done. If testing reveals that we’re wrong, let us know and we can readjust.

  • Suppression Burst (Candle Reveal) cooldown decreased by 20s (60->40)
  • Decreased Energized Slice’s AoE damage by 30% (Primary target damage unchanged)
  • Nahut no longer becomes immune to taunts for 6s when a player steps on a mine.
  • Decreased the pull-in power of Gravitic Shockwave during the coupling phase.

  • Suppression Burst (Candle Reveal) cooldown decreased by 20s (60->40)
  • Decreased Energized Slice’s AoE damage by 15% (Primary target damage unchanged)
  • Decreased Mass Distortion Field’s damage by 20%
  • Rending Cloud damage growth per stack reduced by about 1/3
  • Decreased the damage of Extermination Droids’ Energy Burst by 20%.
  • Rail Turret HP reduced by 20%.


There’s just a whole lot going on all the time in this visual love letter to the 80’s, and it wound up being generally overwhelming.

The encounter’s current balance is underestimating just how disruptive its various mechanics are for players, and we’ve made the following adjustments to better account for what we’ve been seeing. We’re going to make just these changes for this first PTS cycle, and see what still needs to be done.

All Difficulties:
  • SCYVA now has a 3 second cast warning before her first use of Extinction Protocol called Initializing Extinction Protocol
  • The deflected blast from the Omega Protocol Droid now damages the Shield Generators more reliably (it is still possible to miss in Veteran and Master mode)
  • Reduced the health of Ignition Catalysts by ~20%
  • Reduced the health of CFA-Railguns by 30%
  • Deflected beams now destroy generators with a single hit
    • NOTE: There is a 4 second delay before generators enter the destroyed state after they’re hit.
  • Doubled the damage taken by the Omega Protocol Droid when it deflects a blast (to go along with the Shield Generators taking half as many hits to destroy).
  • Reduced snare on Amplify Gravity to 15% (down from 25%).
  • *Upheval can now be Interrupted*

  • Upheval’s timings have been adjusted slightly for reasons.


Now that we have a Master Mode, Izax’s Veteran Mode should no longer have Master Mode numbers, and needs to be considerably walked back. Story Mode is also likewise due for a walk back, if for no other reason than to reduce the duration of the encounter to something a bit more practical for pick up groups.

The encounter should take about 3-4 minutes less time than it did before. In Veteran Mode, most of this time has come out of Phase 3. In Story Mode, there's a bit of time shaved off of many phases.

All Difficulties:
  • Increased the physical size of Tether drones by about 50% to make them a bit easier to see (and click!).
  • Refactored Phase 5 Mines slightly. They now have a detonation delay, with a “closing ring” VFX effect that visually indicates the delay time (3.0s in Story Mode, 0.5s in Veteran).
  • Izax’s Phase Transition thresholds adjusted:
    • Phase 2->3: 85% (was 80%)
    • Phase 3->4: 65% (was 60%)

  • Izax Melee impact damage reduced 20%
  • Induction Cascade damage reduced by 20%
  • Izax is can now be pushed out of Phase 2 after a single Amplified Beam if the beam is stacked or the raid contributes a bit of damage afterwards. Otherwise, 2 Amplified Beams will do it.
  • Reduced Adaptive Shrapnel’s vulnerability debuff to 5%/stack (down from 15%)
  • Combat Mines:
    • Detonate damage radius reduced from 7m to 5m.
    • Mines now have a detonation delay as noted above.
    • Health reduced considerably. It should now be viable in story mode to deal with mines through direct damage (and have enough time to run out of the blast, due to the new delay + decreasaed radius).

  • Player performance targets changed to Veteran (from Master). This implies a whole bunch of additional numbers changes.
  • Izax’s HP reduced by ~20%.
  • Tether HP reduced by ~25%
  • Izax can now be pushed out of Phase 2 after a single 4-Stack Amplified Beam if the raid contributes damage afterwards, otherwise two 3-stack beams will do it.
  • Phase 3 pacing restructured. Izax’s Omnicannon charges faster (5%/channel up from 4%), and his absorb shield is stronger (by about 33%), but players are not expected to punch the shield nearly as many times as before, drastically accelerating this phase. The damage dealt to Izax by Discharge Overload has been increased to account for the loss of player DPS uptime.
  • Izax’s total DPS out in Phase 5 has been decreased by ~10%.
  • Combat Mines now have a detonation delay as noted above.
  • Energy Sphere damage profile has been adjusted (net decreased):
    • Damage type changed to Elemental (from Energy, so it now bypasses armor)
    • Damage versus players decreased ~50%.
    • Damage versus Scyva decreased ~58%.

PTS is Live! | 10.12.2018, 03:42 PM
Hey folks,

PTS is now live! Let's talk about what you can test on PTS.

Available for testing right now:
  • Master Mode Gods From the Machine
  • Veteran Mode Gods From the Machine
  • Story Mode Gods From the Machine

Available in the coming weeks:
  • PvP Challenge
  • Ossus Daily Area
  • Guild Leveling and Perks
  • Guild Management Updates
  • Conquest Changes

Will not be available on PTS:
  • Jedi Under Siege Storyline
Thanks everyone.


PTS Timing | 10.12.2018, 03:05 PM
Originally Posted by Sarova View Post
What will be in the first PTS? I forget. I'm only really interested in trying out the daily area, but I think you said in the stream that will come later?
Master Mode Gods from the Machine along with nerfs for Veteran and Story Mode.


Feedback: Master Mode Gods From The Machine | 10.12.2018, 02:53 PM
Hey folks,

Use this thread to post your feedback on Master Mode Gods from the Machine. Be sure that your feedback includes specifics such as which boss your feedback is for, your groups gear level, etc.


Feedback: Story Mode Gods From The Machine | 10.12.2018, 02:47 PM
Hey folks,

With the introduction of Master Mode, we are also making changes to make Story Mode Gods from the Machine more accessible. Please use this thread to give your feedback after attempting Story Mode Gods.

Be sure that your feedback includes specifics such as which boss your feedback is for, your groups gear level, etc.


Feedback: Veteran Mode Gods From The Machine | 10.12.2018, 02:47 PM
Hey folks,

With the introduction of Master Mode, we are also making changes to make Veteran Mode Gods from the Machine more accessible. Please use this thread to give your feedback after attempting Veteran Mode Gods.

Be sure that your feedback includes specifics such as which boss your feedback is for, your groups gear level, etc.


PTS Timing | 10.12.2018, 10:36 AM
Hey folks,

PTS is available to start patching, right now. If you want to play on PTS this weekend I would start downloading it as it is a big one.

Our plan is that PTS won't go fully live until towards end of day, Austin time today. Keep your eyes on this thread and I will let you know. Also keep your eye on the PTS forum for more details on how to test GftM.


Reminder: 5.10 Livestream Today | 10.11.2018, 02:50 PM
Hey folks,

The stream will be starting in a little over an hour from the time of this post .


Reminder: 5.10 Livestream Today | 10.11.2018, 07:54 AM
Hey folks,

Remember to join us today on our "Cantina Livestream" where we will be going over all things 5.10. You can learn more details here:

The stream will be happening on at 3PM Pacific. We'll see you there.


Maintenance: October 2nd, 2018 | 10.02.2018, 07:51 AM
All servers are once again available! Thanks everyone.


Maintenance: October 2nd, 2018 | 10.01.2018, 12:27 PM

Maintenance: October 2nd, 2018 | 09.28.2018, 03:22 PM
Hey everyone!

We will be taking the servers offline on Tuesday, October 2nd in order to apply Game Update 5.9.3. The website will also be unavailable during this time.

DATE: 2 October 2018
TIME: 5:00AM - 9:00AM PDT (1200 - 1600 GMT)
VERSION: 5.9.3

Patch Notes will be available on Monday, here.

Thank you for your patience as we maintain Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!


So about that player comunication you said about in the latest roadmap | 09.26.2018, 01:22 PM
Hey folks,

Good question! Discussion about 5.10 will begin in earnest with our Cantina Livestream on October 11th. That entire stream will be dedicated to talking about 5.10 content, systems, changes, PTS plans, etc. I expect it will be an hour long or more, we have quite a lot to cover.

It may be a little quiet between now and then but we aren't too far from more info.


Maintenance: **MOVED** | 09.25.2018, 03:12 PM
Hey folks,

We are going to be moving the maintenance for 5.9.3 to next Tuesday, October 2nd. More details:



Game Update 5.9.3 Delayed | 09.25.2018, 03:10 PM
Hey folks,

The team has made the decision to delay the launch of Game Update 5.9.3 to next Tuesday, October 2nd. We have a handful of known issues that we are tracking for the Update which we want to address before it goes live. Unfortunately, we were unable to get them fixed in time for our planned release date tomorrow.

Some of the issues we are seeing include:
  • An issue with our Conquest scheduling which will stop it from proceeding as intended.
  • The interface for holocalls not displaying properly.
  • The preview window not activating properly for a variety of item types.

In each one of these instances there is a workaround which would not actually block gameplay. Still, if we can avoid those issues being live we would like to. We are going to take the extra time to address these issues to give you the best 5.9.3 we can. I will provide further updates as we move towards next week. Double XP will also move back one week to 10/9 - 10/16. Thank you all for your understanding and we apologize for the late notice.


Maintenance: **MOVED** | 09.24.2018, 04:16 PM
Moved to next week, refer to:


5.9.3 Timing | 09.18.2018, 11:56 AM
Beyond announcements being made on social, we typically try to place them on the forums as well. If you don't follow us on social remember that announcements and info can also be found in the news section and on the game updates page:



5.9.3 Timing | 09.18.2018, 09:50 AM
Hey folks,

I just wanted to ensure that all of you saw our announcement yesterday on Twitter. Game Update 5.9.3 will be going live next Wednesday, Sep 26. One additional timing of note is double XP. The event will not be starting right away on launch day. Instead it will start one week later and run for a week. The dates are:
  • 9/26: Game Update 5.9.3
  • 10/2 - 10/9: Double XP
Thanks everyone.

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