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Please Fix The Romance Cut Scene in which Vector Shows His Human Eyes | 03.25.2019, 03:36 PM
Hey folks,

I am happy to report that we have a fix slated for 5.10.2 which will fix Vector's eyes in his romance scene.

Thanks all.


Guild Heraldry Available on PTS | 03.25.2019, 08:43 AM
Thanks all for the specific feedback! I am passing it directly to the team as they are working on more icons as we speak.

Keep it coming.


Preview Window Available on PTS! | 03.22.2019, 01:56 PM
Hey folks,

One thing that I have seen a bit of confusion around is what does the play button actually do in the preview window. Since it has differing functionality depending on what you are previewing I thought a little clarity was in order.
  • Mounts – It will play that mount’s flourish if it has one, if not it will show the mount in motion. Pressing it again will stop the mount from moving.
  • Character with weapon drawn – Character will begin an animation set to that weapon type. Pressing it again will stop the animation.
  • Character with weapon sheathed – Character will run in place. Pressing it again will stop the character from running.
  • Character with pet previewed – Both the character and pet will begin running. Pressing it again will stop both from running.

Hope that adds clarity to the intended behaviors of the play button. One note is that there is some inconsistency when pressing the play button for different weapons, mounts, etc because the time that the animation plays is determined by the animation itself and some of them have varying duration.

Thanks all!


Preview Window Available on PTS! | 03.22.2019, 01:56 PM
There are a number of issues that have been reported in this thread I wanted to circle back on and let you know their current status. The following list are targeted to be fixed for 5.10.2 launch, possibly captured in the next PTS patch.
  • Cloth physics will display as intended.
  • Correct a variety of issues related to zooming and rotation.
  • Pets being previewed will now show as “equipped” in the preview window.
  • The play button will now have a tooltip.
  • Dual pistol and autocannon animations will no longer loop.
  • Players will get their “dance on” while previewing the Music Therapy Probe.
  • Armor will preview with its currently equipped dye.
  • The reset button will reset moods.
  • Can now un-preview weapons.

I will provide more bug updates as I have them! As a note I am still gathering information around some of the feedback that has been provided and I will try to provide an update early next week.


Guild Heraldry Available on PTS | 03.22.2019, 12:29 PM
Hey folks,

Keep the feedback coming! A quick note, and a question.

Note: I know there are more icons that are in development for release. I don't have specifics on what icons, or the quantity, but there are more coming. I will work on getting more details here.

Question: Some of you have already raised some great suggestions of icons / banners, so please use this thread as an opportunity for those requests. Be specific. What icons are missing you want to see available for Heraldry? What banner designs? Please lean more on things that are in-game then things that are general to Star Wars (although give those too, but they can be trickier).

Thanks all!


Let's Talk About PvP - Podcast ft Snave, Shek'shas, N1ghtrain and Krea | 03.22.2019, 11:53 AM

Thanks for this, I am a sucker for constructive feedback. I should have time this weekend to get through all of it, I'll chime back in next week to prove it.

...or maybe I'll record a few hours of my thoughts for you to watch / listen to...

nah, I'll just make a post

<3 the 🅱️

Guild Heraldry Available on PTS | 03.21.2019, 02:58 PM
Hey folks,

Guild Heraldry is now available on PTS (once we come back online)! Take a look through the system and please let us know your thoughts in this thread. As always, if you have bugs to report please head over to the PTS bug report forum. Thanks everyone.


Preview Window Available on PTS! | 03.20.2019, 09:32 AM
Originally Posted by commanderwar View Post
Hello Mr Musco, I seem to have run into a problem with copy a character to PTS, there is no option for it, I was successful in downloading and I can access the PTS, there's just no option for me to copy a character to it, from what looked the option should be under the "facebook connect" option but it's not. I have look at the instructions on how to, but the option is not present. Am I missing something?
Good catch, that was in error. PTS Character Copy is now live.


Preview Window Available on PTS! | 03.19.2019, 03:55 PM
Hey folks,

Thanks so much for all of the feedback and bug reports from preview window PTS, definitely keep things coming! Two status updates for you...

Bugs - The team has been gathering everything you are reporting and checking it against what we already have noted for the preview window. Look for updates in future PTS patches.

Feedback - We are gathering everything you are raising and are going to be discussing everything. I am hoping to have updates on some of the bigger requests this week (status, possible or not, timing, etc).

Thanks all, like I said, keep it coming.


Darth Marr bug | 03.19.2019, 03:38 PM
Hey folks!

Thank you for calling attention to this issue. We didn't really intend to remove the ability to use Marr and others outside of their respective chapters; this was a side effect of solving a bug that would have blocked progression through the Ossus storyline for some players (under certain conditions, the game gets confused about which temporary companion you should have, and chaos ensues).

As some folks have guessed, taking temporary characters out of their chapters was never really an intended or supported feature. But since it didn't really hurt anything or give anyone an unfair advantage, we decided to leave it in when it was discovered.

Given that some of you have put a lot of time into these characters, it is our goal to find a way to give you access to them again. Unfortunately, I can't give an ETA for when that might happen as we still have to ensure that any solution we pursue doesn't risk blocking players' progress elsewhere in the storyline.

Under the Hood with SWTOR | 03.19.2019, 01:44 PM
Hello everyone!

Today we’re doing a deep dive behind the Preview Window and another system involving dynamic placeable objects. These topics seemed like a good opportunity to pull back the curtain and explain why we’ve dedicated a good portion of a game update to them. Read on to discover where we could improve, what changed, and what it means for the future. Let us know your thoughts!

Please tell us the exact day/time that guild perks rotate | 03.19.2019, 08:28 AM
Originally Posted by SchnellesWiesel View Post
A few minutes ago, the guild perks have changed on Tulak Hord. This was at ...
07:00PM CDT
12:00AM (12 midnight) GMT
01:00AM CET

Two weeks ago, the guild perks have changed on Tulak Hord at ...
07:00PM CST
01:00AM GMT
02:00AM CET
I am going to edit my original post but this is correct. The system triggers off of midnight GMT, not CDT as I originally listed.


Gathering Feedback | 03.19.2019, 08:12 AM
Hey all,

I can see there is a bubbling concern about our lack of continued response in this thread so I wanted to make sure I pop back in. We have absolutely continued to read this thread. Some of the conversation has gotten a little off topic, but we are still taking in your feedback about feedback in general.

Originally Posted by Batwer View Post
Almost a month ....and the yellow ones be silent. Everywhere they comment, only not here.
I wanted to highlight this as although I totally get the frustration if there is a feeling we have fallen silent in this thread... we have become much more active in gathering feedback around the forums on a variety of topics. That was ultimately the goal of this thread was to work with you on better ways to gather feedback (which I hope that you feel we are already doing).

Keep any feedback related feedback coming as we will continue to keep our eyes on this thread.


Let's Talk Win Trading... | 03.18.2019, 01:31 PM
Originally Posted by snave View Post
I understand that naming and shaming individuals isn't a likely course of action for you but would it be possible for you to give us a post detailing some of the numbers involved here? So for example X people got X punishment, Y got Y and so on?

This is exactly the format I had in mind . After running this plan past several members of the team, I believe I can get very close to this. Full disclosure, for privacy reasons there may be some cases where I have to be less specific than I’d like to be. I've already started on the first report for season 11, look for it as a new thread next week.

Originally Posted by TrixxieTriss View Post

So (EA’s) Respawn’s game - Apex Legends just perma bans people cheating. Why can’t Bioware do the same.

What I would like to know is why can’t Bioware (another EA studio) have the same no tolerance policy to cheaters?

Thanks for sharing this! I did see that Apex report, and it’s a great read.

To clarify, we do issue permanent bans on players who cheat. We’ve been catching and banning cheaters since the launch of the game. There’s a range of ways that players cheat, and some methods are easier to detect than others. For the most obvious ways (botting, hacking, use of external software), we have systems that can automatically detect it, and because it often stands out clearly, we are much more comfortable handing out permanent bans in those cases, and we do.

Conspiring with others to fix matches is a method of cheating that is more difficult to prove conclusively, but we are making strides with the tools we have at our disposal and the different ways we’re able to look for it. We know this particular area is one in which we need the most help, and I want to thank those who send us reports and explanations of this happening. These reports, combined with the improvements we continue to make, have allowed us to increase (albeit more slowly) our confidence levels in these cases. As our confidence grows in our methods, as we increase the frequency and thoroughness of our investigations, and as we better communicate exactly the behavior we won’t tolerate, we will be more comfortable taking increased action against win traders throughout this season and beyond.

Until next time...

Please tell us the exact day/time that guild perks rotate | 03.18.2019, 12:59 PM
Originally Posted by UlaVii View Post
Dear producers, please can you give us the precise day and time that guild perks rotate? It would help those of us that plan how our guild uses them since we tend to use a combination of the previous cycle and the next cycle.

They have changed at two different times on Tuesdays and more recently on Monday evenings. I'm not asking for a multi-week schedule, just a "they rotate every two weeks on Mondays at 19:00 GMT" or something along those lines.

Thank you.
The perks rotate every other Tuesday at the strike of Midnight (so when Monday crosses from 11:59 - 12 Tuesday). That midnight timer is set as GMT.


edit: Updated to reflect correct timing.


Guild Heraldry in NOT on PTS yet | 03.18.2019, 08:59 AM
As the subject says, Heraldry is not yet available on PTS. It will be updated/added in a future build. Our target for it is likely next week. Look for more updates on that front soon. In the meantime, please help us test preview window and give us your feedback!


Preview Window Available on PTS! | 03.18.2019, 08:57 AM
Hey folks,

The updated preview window is now available on PTS! Quite literally, we rebuilt it from the ground up so we would love your help in testing it as much as possible. If you find any bugs, please report them in the PTS Bug Reports Forum.

Separately, let's talk about feedback. Since the preview window already existed in game and this is a refactor of it, we want to get your overall thoughts. Here are some questions to keep in mind:
  • When you preview something, is it doing what you expect?
  • If you preview and then unpreview something, is it doing what you expect?
  • What are your thoughts on the new paperdoll?
  • Is there functionality you feel like is missing?
  • What are you enjoying most about the new preview window? What do you want to see us improve further?
Thanks everyone, we will see you on PTS!


PS - Guild Heraldry is not functioning on PTS currently. It will be updated in a future build.

Hutt Ball type maps pops 2 out of 3 maps constantly | 03.15.2019, 08:52 AM
Hey everyone,

There has been some good discussion in thise topic about both how you believe our map selection works right now in matchmaking, and thoughts on where we can improve it. I want to add some clarity to the former, and then we can talk about the latter.

How does map selection work?
This is pretty simple on the surface. When a player (or players) queues for an unranked Warzone the matchmaker does two things (I am ONLY talking about map selection here, not about what the matchmaker does to work towards even teams).
  1. Looking at what matches are currently active and the number of players in the queue, the matchmaker decides whether it will pop an Arena or a Warzone.
  2. The matchmaker then rolls in that game type pool for which map it will pop. All maps have the exact same weighting.

This means that Huttball and 3-pt control both have the highest odds of being selected since they each have 3 maps respectively (Novare could be argued that it is separate from Yavin/Alderaan though). But ultimately each individual map has the exact same chance of rolling here.

How can we improve this experience?
There have been a lot of great ideas in this thread, and definitely keep the ideas coming. This is a topic we have talked about a lot internally (allowing players to select exactly which Warzone they want to play, for example). There are some challenges with that level of granularity (queue times mostly). We have talked about adding exclusions as well, so a player could pick 2-3 Warzones they don’t want and then they fall into the rest of the pool. These changes are fairly large in what it would take to implement and so they would need to happen as a part of other large systemic changes. This in no way means we won’t ever do it, just that it would need to be in a large update and it isn’t currently planned on the schedule.

With that said, there are possibly some smaller fixes the team can do in the interim which they are discussing. We may be able to tweak the individual pop values on each map in the PvP queue which would give more weighting towards game type, then map, for example. I don’t have any specifics right now but the team is in active discussion on this topic and I will pass on more info as I have it.

Question for you all to give us your feedback on...
Matchmaking weighting could effectively work one of two ways.
  • We can give even weighting to individual maps. As in, every single map has the same chance to pop so you see more map diversity. This is how it works today.
  • We can give equal weighting to each game type. As in, you will see less map diversity overall, but you are more likely to see each map type more often. AKA you will see Voidstar as much as you see Huttball.

Let us know your thoughts! Thanks everyone, keep the feedback coming.


'Heralds of Victory' Game Update! | 03.14.2019, 02:05 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Lyriel View Post
We know at least some Guild Heraldry is going to be tied to Guild Level (because that is what they said when they originally announced Guild Leveling and mentioned heraldry). Naturally, this announcement skipped right past that. Doesn't even mention it. Cynic that I am, I imagine the answer is because they know their plan to implement it won't be universally popular.

Here's my question: Will the only interesting or meaningful display options be available solely for guilds at 64+? It seems likely. Why else the hype around the guilds that made it to 64 in the minimum amount of time, and the step to increase the Guild XP ratio?

To be fair, guild levels seem to be intended as another alternative form of advancement. It makes sense they would place an incentive for those guilds to keep working toward. However, as the head of a small guild that has managed to wrestle exactly four guild levels out of Conquest over the same amount of time (and that's with a ton of work on the weeks where it's even theoretically possible given our member numbers and interests), I have to say I'll be disappointed if this is the case. The claim in the article is that guilds have 'flourished' - but that's mostly true only for some (e.g., very large) guilds, to whom the system already clearly caters. Lord knows the Conquest system revamp didn't do my guild any favors.

Please note: I'm not saying there shouldn't be rewards for those larger guilds, or that those rewards shouldn't be great. I am only asking that they not be the exclusive beneficiaries of all the nice ones. All that will do is further cement the feeling that BioWare only cares about the large guilds. They keep saying it's not true... but they are already straining my credulity big time.
I can add some clarity to your concerns. The icons and backgrounds that make up Guild Heraldry will not have a Guild level restriction at launch. They’ll all be available from the get-go to Guilds of any size! Since this was just an announcement article, I am planning to go more in-depth on the finer details like this in the blog about Guild Heraldry coming before launch.

Maintenance: March 14th, 2019 *UPDATE* | 03.14.2019, 07:53 AM
All servers are live once again! Thanks all.

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