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5.10.1 PTS Refresh #2 (18th of January, 2019) | 01.18.2019, 02:07 PM

Technically I think this is refresh 3, but I never posted notes for refresh 2, so we're running with it and just sort of combining the notes. I won't tell if you don't.

Also no chorus of screams from upping the encounter to 252 so.... I guess we'll run with it >.>

More seriously, things seem to be cleaning up nicely. This refresh is more subtle QOL/Readability tweaks, and some feedback items brought up by all of you. I think we might actually squeeze in one more refresh early next week, so that we can get some performance information about our last few FX tweaks... so keep the feedback coming

Hive of the Mountain Queen:

  • The Hive of the Mountain Queen area now has a placeholder loading screen of an operative trying to stealthily sneak past the Royal Guards
  • Royal Guards now see through stealth.
  • Grenadiers now see through stealth and have Alertness.
  • Viscounts now have Interrupt Immunity
  • Fixed a bug where the Viscount's Pheromonic Blast ability was not properly interacting with pre-cracked eggs.
  • Egg VFX (everywhere in the hive) have been adjusted to make them more readable at a glance, and at range.
    • Cracked eggs' crack light shafts now extend further away from the egg, creating a much more pronounced halo of light
    • Empowered (Growth Hormone'd) eggs now increase in size, pulse, and their fiery uh... anger aura (?) is now red.
  • Hive of the Mountain Queen achievements are now categorized under Operations>Epic Enemies to match other lair bosses. The "Hive of the Mountain Queen" category there now correctly shows its name and has a background image.
  • Trophy portraits have been added and hooked up to the boss kill achievements. Traditional, tasteful, and chic; these framed pieces effortlessly accent any decor scheme, while giving your guests a glimpse into your exciting and adventurous night life.
  • Eggs in the hive no longer show nameplates to improve performance and encounter readability (a lot of green text all over everything isn't tremendously helpful). Unfortunately, as a consequence this means you won't be able to track their health bar when they're hit with a caustic dot. I think the pros outweigh the cons here, but if people feel strongly it can be reverted.

Mutated Geonosian Queen:

All Modes:
  • Caustic Drones and Elite Royal Guards will now die when the Mutated Geonosian Queen is defeated. Don't say we never do anything nice for you all. One of these days I'm going to make an encounter that resets if you fail to kill the remaining adds after the boss dies.
  • To aid in at-a-glance readability of the encounter state, Bantling Lacerators have had their toughness reduced to Strong (silver star). Their damage/health values have been counter-scaled so mechanically nothing's changed (well, more precisely, they'll be within 1%, subject to the vagaries of rounding error).
  • Adjusted the Queen's ability logic to ameliorate an issue that causes the Queen to occasionally abort her casts of Pheromonic Blast for no reason. It might still happen (there's technically still a race condition), but it should be much rarer. Note that it's still the case (and intended) that the Queen's cast will still be interrupted if the target dies or vanishes, as it is a targeted ability. If this in itself winds up being too abusable, we can pull the ability back one more step to be untargeted, but that's less fun.
  • Tweaked the logic of Growth Hormone (and Local Growth) to try and mitigate an issue where it could pick eggs for empowerment that were in the process of hatching and/or being destroyed. The changes should decrease the time window where this can happen, though I can't guarantee that it's completely gone.

  • Decreased the damage multiplier of Mass Pheromonic Blast from 0.5 to 0.4. (So it now does 40% of the base damage of Pheromonic Blast, down from 50%). This should make the burst from Mass Pheromonic Blast a bit more survivable.

Hive of the Mountain Queen on PTS! How to Get Geared Up and in, and What to Expect. | 01.16.2019, 05:25 PM
Musco!! NO SPOILERS! (╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻

Hive of the Mountain Queen on PTS! How to Get Geared Up and in, and What to Expect. | 01.16.2019, 05:11 PM
The refresh (next PTS patch) Matt referenced a few times in his post is likely to happen before the end of this week. Barring any unforeseen issues.


Hive of the Mountain Queen on PTS! How to Get Geared Up and in, and What to Expect. | 01.16.2019, 04:57 PM
I have to say, thanks a lot for taking the time to write all of this up throughout the testing window. Not only is this great feedback, but the organization really helps sort through it.

We've been keeping an eye on the feebdack points even if we're just now getting around to responding. Apologies if I don't hit every point here, as you've written quite a bit .

But hm. Where to start...

Visibility of Egg States:
I agree with you about the visibility of the egg states, and we've tweaked the FX to try and make these things easier to spot. The cracking glow on eggs and "crack shine" halo around cracked eggs is now much more pronounced. Eggs hit with Growth Hormones will now grow by ~30% and begin pulsating. The glow should now be a little more pronounced, with some black-red fire aura bits on top. Eggs that are both red AND cracked can be a bit of a ball of light, but the physical pulsing motion added to red eggs should make it possible to tell that an egg is "both" as opposed to just cracked.

Differentiating Lacerators vs Berserkers:
To be fair, the Berserkers are both physically larger, and also glow red... but speaking more practically, I can understand the point that they're not easy enough to differentiate during the encounter. Dropping the toughness to strong for the UI icon is a pretty good layer of differentiation, so you all should see that in this next refresh.

Pheromonic Multi-Blast
Let's call it PMB for short. This attack being unsurvivable in Veteran Mode is a bit tricky. I knew the total damage out on that attack was going to be kind of heavy, but the fact that you're still finding it unsurvivable in 258s is concerning. I *am* admittedly assuming that there's some multi-healing (i.e. AoEs and/or HoTs spread outover the raid) going on to keep up with the total volume of the damage, but maybe that's a bit too aggressive of an assumption.

In Veteran Mode, PMB does 50% of the base damage of regular Pheromonic Blast (it's 40% in Story Mode). Someone hit by all three impacts would be spiked for ~90k as you noted, which on paper shouldn't be a problem in and of itself (especially factoring defensive cooldowns), but with everything else going on... hrm.

While the higher multiplier was intended to capture a bit of the increased coordination of Veteran groups over Story, perhaps the higher base damage is enough. Maybe Veteran should be 40% as well. That'd put the individual impacts at around 24k, and thus the triple at 72k.

Pacing and Time to Kill:
I don't really mind the way the encounter is currently paced. I think it's fine to have the encounter be on the shorter end of things, and (as you've noted) we're especially due for such an encounter in the wake of GftM's longer than average encounters. It's perhaps a little weird that Story Mode can run longer than Veteran Mode, but I don't think that it's automatically a *problem*, so long as it still feels good in its own right.

The story mode groups that I've watched make it seem like Story Mode's in a pretty good place. You can get in, run around screaming, shoot some bugs, have a good time.

One note with respect to bolster testing: You said that you pulled your gear off to test in SM. If that meant that you literally pulled all your gear off and were running around naked, you were probably attempting the boss underpowered. To clarify: there's a quirk with the Bolster system in that it will understat any slot that's completely unequipped. Make sure you have *something* placed into each slot.

All that being said, given infinite time it might have been interesting to see what Veteran would look like if the boss had another 60-90s of HP. It's a bit irresponsible to try and make that large of a change at this point. Like so many things, it will have to exist in the design of our imaginations *wistful stare*.

Trash Stealth Skipping:
You're correct that this is problematic, and for the reasons you've mentioned. There's *some* mitigation for this coming in the next refresh (Guards and Grenadiers now stealth detect, there's a new group of mobs camping the first bomb site), but I kind of want to tweak around with it a bit more. We'll see how this refresh goes.

If I can at all avoid it, I don't want to have placing the bombs mechanically require that the trash is killed, as it doesn't make a ton of narrative sense. That being said, it's always there as a last resort option.

Growth Hormone FX Oddness:
This is known, and has been addressed by the FX team. The next refresh should pick that up.

Queen aborting her own Pheromonic Blast casts:
There was indeed an issue with the interactions of the Queen's ability logic that was creating situations where she would pull off of her own PB casts without reason. This problem should now be, like... 99% mitigated. I think it may still technically be possible that it happens very rarely. The side effect of this change is that in situations where the Queen was previously pulling off of the casts, she may instead wind up picking a lower priority target for the attack.

Off center Phase Gate Icon:
I think this was fixed in the last refresh, but if it wasn't it should be fixed in this one.

Getting the Monumental Data Crystal should require a VM clear. If you're not seeing that, that's a bug.

Maintenance: January 15th, 2019 | 01.15.2019, 11:49 AM
Originally Posted by Sarova View Post
I said it earlier; Lord P'tach is in a strop Or he has no idea what is actually being fixed today so is hiding in a bunker until maintenance is over
Patch notes are up! I was waiting until maintenance was concluded .


Maintenance: January 15th, 2019 | 01.15.2019, 11:42 AM
All servers are once again available. Thanks everyone.


Maintenance: January 15th, 2019 | 01.14.2019, 11:18 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by bladech View Post
Ok, thanks. Is there any information when ranked season 10 will end? In previous messages it was said that starting with season 10 pvp seasons will last 3-6 months. Can we expect season 10 end in February.
Correct! Season 10 will end in February. We are working on the blog with with tier breakdowns, rewards, etc. Expect it to be published in the next few weeks.


Maintenance: January 15th, 2019 | 01.14.2019, 11:17 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by WhiteOsprey View Post
No mention of the Weekly Event: Star Fighter bug? We only get 3 crystals on a toon per week (4 if you pay the ridiculous cost on second UC purchase). Seems kind of important, any update or at least acknowledgement?
Quote: Originally Posted by ilkerz View Post
any progress on cant sharing weekly while in ops group bug?
GSF Missions not tracking properly (including the MW Crystal Mission) along with a host of Missions not sharing as intended will be addressed in 5.10.1 in February.


5.10.1 PTS Refresh #1 (11th of January, 2019) | 01.11.2019, 04:12 PM

We're back! Hope everyone had an enjoyable time over the holidays.

This refresh has a couple of tweaks for the Ossus lair. Next refresh will probably nail most everything down, and may be the last, so please poke the encounter a bit and see where it sits for you all.

  • Slightly adjusted the art at the phase entrance to the Hive of the Mountain Queen lair (the area behind the phase gate is now a hallway corner, as opposed to the creepy plane of nothingness that was eating the phase gate VFX).

Mutated Geonosian Hive:

  • Falling into the chasm within the hive will now properly trigger a fade to black fall death (and helpfully deposit your body at the entrance, as is tradition).
  • Some Geonosians have been embiggened and embeefened!
    • Geonosian Viscounts and Grenadiers are now Elite (gold star), up from Strong (silver star).
    • Caustic Drones outside the Queen's chamber are now Strong (silver star), up from Standard (no star).
  • Elite Guards (the big sword bugs not in the queen's room) are now immune to knockbacks. Royal Guards (the big sword bugs in the Queen's room) are still vulnerable to knockbacks.
  • Futzed around a bit with the Geonosian Grenadier's ability timings.

Mutated Geonosian Queen:

The encounter itself seems to be in a decent spot, if maybe a tad on the short side of things. I'm sticking to my original plan of seeing how this encounter players at 252 instead of 248 with the first refresh. We'll take a closer look at things (and the difficulty feedback you all have provided) for the next refresh.

There's still going to be some VFX weirdness with things like the Growth Hormone projectile trails, etc., as our FX people are just now circling back to do their polish pass. As a note, I agree with the general sentiment that the egg states need to be more visually noticeable, and we'll explore some ways to make them pop a bit more, without overwhelming the screen with everything that's going on (which is a major concern for this encounter).

All Modes:
  • The Mutated Geonosian Queen will now properly block resurrection/zone in while engaged.
  • Added an activation animation + FX for Save the Queen! that scales based on the radius stack.
  • Reduced Save the Queen's channel time by 0.4s, and added that to the post-channel GCD so that the new visuals have time to play comfortably (2.0s+1.0s -> 1.6s+1.4s). The ability still occupies the Queen for a total of 3.0s, so this won't mechanically change the encounter.
  • Phase Walk is dispelled upon jumping into the Queen's room.

  • The Mutated Geonosian Queen encounter has been rescaled from 248 to 252 for funzies (yay PTS)! Let's see how this plays.
  • The Queen's enrage cast (Royal Indignation) now actually enrages the queen in Veteran mode (instead of doing nothing).
  • [VETERAN 16]Fixed an issue where the Queen's Mass Pheromonic Blast was dealing double the intended damage, which was kind of funny, in a way...

Maintenance: January 15th, 2019 | 01.11.2019, 09:28 AM
Hey everyone!

We will be taking the servers offline on Tuesday, January 15th in order to apply Game Update 5.10b. The website will also be unavailable during this time. You will notice this is an extended maintenance because in addition to 5.10b we are also finishing up some back-end upgrades.

DATE: 15 January 2019
TIME: 4:00AM - 10:00AM PST (1200 - 1800 GMT)
VERSION: 5.10b

Patch Notes will be available on Tuesday, here. In the meantime here is an initial list of fixes:
  • Granny has been found! Various decorations will now show their correct appearance instead of the text “Missing Granny”.
  • Galactic headhunters have been successful in restoring a number of male head options which were not showing up as intended.
  • Players who acquire Paxton Rall will no longer see Darth Hexid become unsummonable. Note: Players who are already in this state will be resolved in 5.10.1.
  • Corrected an issue where in rare circumstances players would score every time they picked up the Huttball.
We know there are still some key issues that have not yet been resolved following 5.10. Just a couple of examples are set bonuses not stacking properly and Companions in odd states following 5.10. These issues are scheduled to be resolved in 5.10.1 in February.

Thank you for your patience as we maintain Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!


Missing CC, Sub, Code Redemption Since Maintenance | 01.08.2019, 03:18 PM
Hey folks,

If you purchased CC this morning and did not receive them, you will need to call customer support. Keep in mind that most CC purchases did process properly there was just a sub-section that didn't complete, so double check your ledger before calling.

Thanks all, I will let you know when the sync is complete on sub and code redemptions (which you do not need to contact CS for).


Missing CC, Sub, Code Redemption Since Maintenance | 01.08.2019, 01:47 PM
Hey folks,

Some of you may have noticed that if you purchased CC, a sub, or redeemed a code since maintenance this morning that you may not have received what you were supposed to. The team has corrected the issue from happening going forward. However, if you are still missing your goods from this morning, hold tight, you do not need to submit a ticket to customer support yet.

The sync is beginning right now and will take up to 2 hours from now to complete. This will work to get you your missing goods. I am double checking with the team that it covers everything, or if any of you will need to submit tickets. I will report back soon.


Maintenance: January 8th, 2019 | 01.08.2019, 09:21 AM
All servers are once again available, thanks everyone!


The login service is currently unavailable | 01.07.2019, 11:52 PM
Login and server list issues are all now resolved! Get in there and play, thank you all for your patience tonight.

On trend with this thread, I will leave you with my favorite pun joke...

I went to a wedding recently for my two antenna friends, the ceremony sucked but the reception was awesome.

Thank you and goodnight .


The login service is currently unavailable | 01.07.2019, 11:46 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Jacobise View Post
Execute Thread Page 66
Shut the thread down, Jacobise has claimed victory!

We will see, but we may be in the final stages of a fix depending on how it goes. Hopefully have some updates shortly.


The login service is currently unavailable | 01.07.2019, 11:33 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Bolosama View Post
but what if Eric took one look at the clock and decided **** it im going home, wrote you all a sweet message about how severe the issue is and called it a day well never know.

so im with that guy, lets all go n make a thread to bash em in case

teamwork on 3
Technically, I am at home... Fancy technology to work remote and all that.

Fear not, I am here with you to provide as much info as possible until we get things back online .


The login service is currently unavailable | 01.07.2019, 11:01 PM
Hey folks,

The team is still digging away on the issue. It has turned out to be a fairly severe issue which is why it is taking as long as it is. We appreciate your continued patience, hopefully I will have more details or an ETA to pass on soon, but there isn't one currently.

Thanks all.


The login service is currently unavailable | 01.07.2019, 09:56 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by kittiesrule View Post
Actually Eric, I had a different issue. I never got in the game to see the server list. I got stopped at the launcher. It said that the login service was unavailable.
That was actually a separate issue that we resolved earlier. It may still crop up as the team is working on resolving the server issue, but you shouldn't be seeing that error anymore.


The login service is currently unavailable | 01.07.2019, 09:53 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Gonthoriann View Post
So does maintenance still happen in roughly 9ish mins?
Maintenance starts in approximately 9 hours and 7 minutes from now.


The login service is currently unavailable | 01.07.2019, 09:52 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by kittiesrule View Post
So... excuse me for not being very intelligent when it comes to techy stuff... what exactly is the problem? Like I know I can't log on, and yet there are people playing. I'm guessing it isn't something a server restart would correct?
You are correct! Right now there is an issue which is causing the server select screen to not populate the server list. Anyone new logging in is seeing no servers to select, so they can't get into the game. For anyone who is already in the game, as long as they don't log out, they are covered and can keep playing.

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