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Dev Tracker Summary: March 5th, 2012 – March 13th, 2012

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Dev Tracker blog. Each week, we’re going to be collecting the most important developer responses that show up in our Dev Tracker and collating them into this digest.

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Last week we were deep in Guild Summit news, so we took a break, but we’re back and ready to go.

Sr. Online Community Manager Stephen Reid clarified the situation with eight-man queuing in Warzones for Game Update 1.2, commented about Mac OS support, reiterated dev plans for Ilum, elaborated on the Heroic Ability Legacy unlock.

Sr. Community Coordinator Allison Berryman started off last week by opening up the Guild Summit forums and quelling even the most irrational conspiracy theories.

Assistant Community Production Coordinator Courtney Woods posted about the following:

Everyone’s favorite Principal Lead Combat Designer, Georg Zoeller, was a beast on the forums last week with tons of posts. Here are the highlights:

  • He confirmed that we did not nerf sorcerers in 1.1.5
  • Confirmed that the upcoming Group Finder feature that was discussed in the Guild Summit is going to be single-server only.
  • In a post- Guild Summit clarification fest, Georg cleared up the dev stance on macros, clarified which Legacy perks would be unlockable with credits in Game Update 1.2, talked about how Legacy XP works for alts, explained why we don’t have a 64-bit client, commented on an IGN article that mentioned incoming class changes, discussed speeders in Game Update 1.2 twice, confirmed that end game Lightsabers will be fully moddable, commented on how class balance adjustment details will be revealed for Game Update 1.2, corrected a poster’s assumptions about how color matching will work in Game Update 1.2, dipped in to the Operative forums, explained why free respecs were being given in 1.2, confirmed assumptions about purple items and modifications, confirmed that cross-server queuing for Warzones was in the works, reached internet legend status with his red pill comment in regards to upcoming class changes, made a cameo in the healing section of our forums, made further clarifications on reusable stims, and confirmed Reverse Engineering for shotguns and vibroblades. Phew.

European Community Manager Chris Collins commented on why the “Darth” title was fixed to “Dark” for our French players.

And finally, Sr. Community Coordinator David Bass updated the 1.2 testing call for guilds thread with more details, specifically asking for guilds that applied to ensure that: each player patches to the Public Test Server and logs into it before submitting your team list via email.