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Dev Tracker Summary: March 27th, 2012 – April 2nd, 2012

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Dev Tracker blog. Each week, we’re going to be collecting the most important developer responses that show up in our Dev Tracker and collating them into this digest.

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Principal Lead Combat Designer Georg Zoeller wasn’t as active on the forums as previous weeks, but he did drop this bit of information:

“I feel obliged to mention that the oro bird eggs are a different mystery from the NVSCCS from these crystal formations. Three very different things with different steps involved "

He also answered a question about Champion Gear and how it will change in Game Update 1.2.

Sr. Online Community Manager Stephen Reid commented on possible social network integration for SWTOR, hinted at the future of in-game events (with more details here), posted two requests for PvP feedback on behalf of James Ohlen here and here, and asked for 1.2 armor feedback.

Live Community Coordinator Amber Green was busy posting the latest Public Test Server patch notes and splitting up the PTS forums (UI Customization and Guild Banks) to make it easier to report bugs.

Sr. Community Coordinator David Bass reminded people about the status of the pre-destined loot system in Game Update 1.2, posted a thread about our PAX East plans, and let people know that the Guild Summit Panels were beginning to make their way to YouTube.

Sr. Community Coordinator Allison Berryman responded to some confusion about experience gained in Warzones on the Public Test Server.

Senior Game Designer Will Wallace replied to a user’s question about the benefit of the Legacy system family tree.

Systems Designer David Hunter commented on the status of offhand lightsabers in Game Update 1.2 and answered a few questions about armoring, mods, and gear.

Assistant Designer Cameron Winston clarified information on the amount of damage that Shock/Project is supposed to do for Shadows and Assassins.

Associate Online Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez confirmed that Game Update 1.2 will not be coming out with April 3rd, 2012’s maintenance and posted a thread to discuss last Friday’s Q&A blog.

Community Production Coordinator Alyson Bridge posted an announcement about server maintenance for April 3rd, 2012.

Social Media Coordinator Eric Musco posted about the new SWTOR podcast.

And last but not least, Assistant Community Production Coordinator Courtney Woods posted a thread for both the Legacy System Developer blog and the PVP in Game Update 1.2 blog in General Discussion. Additionally, she posted about a great new feature that was featured in our News section on April 1st.