Vector Hyllus

Species: Human, Trace Killiks
Age: 26
Former Posting: Imperial Diplomatic Service
Romance: Yes

The son of an Imperial Captain, Vector Hyllus saw first-hand the Empire's ability to create civilization from the ashes of a ruined world. Seeing how the Empire operated and the good he saw in their order, Vector elected to enlist in the Imperial Diplomatic Service and help expand the Empire's might.

Vector thrived in the IDS, quickly becoming one of the most skilled diplomats in the service. It was not long before his superiors began to take notice. In looking for a charismatic and effective diplomat, Vector was ultimately chosen to initiate talks with the mysterious Killiks, an insectoid species that once inhabited Alderaan, but were becoming increasingly rare. Although he recognized that this would be a difficult mission unlike any other he had been assigned, Vector could not bring himself to pass up the opportunity. However, Vector had no way to anticipate what would happen next.

After his first meeting with the Killiks, he was taken into the hive. His brain chemistry was altered, and the Killiks mutated his DNA so that he could become linked into the Killiks hive mind. While this would have frightened lesser men, Vector took great joy in seeing the world through these new eyes. Yet the individual traits that made Vector the man he was began to melt away, and though he has never truly forgotten the man that he was, he now serves a dual purpose as an agent of the Empire and the defender of his adoptive hive.

Bonuses: +5 Diplomacy Critical, +5 Bioanalysis Efficiency

Likes: Diplomacy, helping people, exploring alien cultures

Dislikes: Greed, cruelty, prejudice, anti-alien sentiment

Primary Stat: Willpower

Secondary Stat: Endurance

Primary Weapon: Electrostaff

Secondary Weapon: Generator (non-shield)


  • Weapon: like
  • Military Gear: indifferent
  • Courting: indifferent, favorite
  • Luxury: like
  • Technology: indifferent
  • Republic Memorabilia: indifferent
  • Imperial Memorabilia: favorite
  • Cultural Artifact: love
  • Trophy: like
  • Underworld Good: indifferent