2V-R8 is an Imperial ship droid specializing in personal etiquette and starship upkeep. Programmed with extensive knowledge of Imperial starship design, 2V-R8 can perform advanced maintenance and upkeep, including everything from cleaning the ship's fuel injectors to dusting the crew's personal quarters. 2V-R8 is also designed to cater to the crew on an individual basis, attending to the personal preferences of each crewmember when possible.

The 2V-series of ship droids, such as 2V-R8, can be upgraded with a more advanced sensor unit, as well as more efficient motors and operation cores. 2V-R8 has also been programmed with basic first aid protocols, allowing him to tend to minor wounds and injuries in the field.

Romance: No


  • Weapon: indifferent
  • Military Gear: indifferent
  • Courting: indifferent
  • Luxury: like
  • Technology: favorite
  • Republic Memorabilia: indifferent
  • Imperial Memorabilia: like
  • Cultural Artifact: love
  • Trophy: indifferent
  • Underworld Good: indifferent