Lord Scourge

Age: Over 300
Homeworld: Unknown
Alias: "Emperor's Wrath"
Romance: No

The Sith Lord known as Scourge is one of a handful of beings in the galaxy who can remember a time before the rise of Darth Revan's Sith Empire. His life being artificially prolonged by a combination of invasive and perverse technology and powerful dark side forces, Scourge has dutifully served the Empire for over three centuries. In his service, Scourge has struck down dozens of Jedi while climbing over the bodies of numerous Sith who dared to stand against him.

In his many decades as the Emperor's personal executioner, Scourge has developed a unique view of people, and a fatalistic view of the galaxy at large. He possesses an uncanny ability to analyze those around him to discover their weaknesses, and use that knowledge to his advantage.

Bonuses: +10 Archeology Efficiency, +10 Artifice Efficiency

Likes: Using power against the weak, power, anger, revenge and spite

Dislikes: Greed, acts of mercy, Jedi and Republic authorities

Primary Stat: Strength

Secondary Stat: Endurance

Primary Weapon: Lightsaber

Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator


  • Weapon: like
  • Military Gear: like
  • Courting: indifferent
  • Luxury: indifferent
  • Technology: favorite
  • Republic Memorabilia: like
  • Imperial Memorabilia: favorite
  • Cultural Artifact: like
  • Trophy: love
  • Underworld Good: like