Lt. Felix Iresso

Rank: Lieutenant
Service Number: 2145149-42
Days of Lost Memory: Seven
Romance: Yes

A career soldier with an intense sense of duty, Lieutenant Felix Iresso has seen some of the most brutal conflicts in the galaxy. Iresso was born on a small world near the fringes of Republic space. Fleeing the Sith advancement, his family left their home and spend the next several years bouncing from one planet to the next, never allowing themselves to settle down.

When Iresso was of age, he enlisted in the Republic army. Early in his career, Iresso was a favorite soldier among the higher command echelon; a stern, by-the-books soldier who never disobeyed orders and did whatever was necessary to defeat the Empire. As his notoriety rose, so did his responsibility, quickly rising to the rank of Lieutenant.

Though he has received several commendations from his superior officers for his exemplary service record, Lieutenant Iresso has also been passed up for promotion several times, and in two years was transferred over a dozen times. Many leaders see him as a potential liability after he was taken prisoner by the Empire for a short period. Details about his detainment, however, remain classified.

Bonuses: +2 Armstech Critical, +2 Scavenging Critical

Likes: Republic military, leadership, danger for the greater good, honor and mercy

Dislikes: Breaking the law, cruelty

Primary Stat: Aim

Secondary Stat: Endurance

Primary Weapon: Blaster Rifle or Blaster Pistol

Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator


  • Weapon: like
  • Military Gear: indifferent
  • Courting: indifferent, love
  • Luxury: like
  • Technology: indifferent
  • Republic Memorabilia: favorite
  • Imperial Memorabilia: indifferent
  • Cultural Artifact: indifferent
  • Trophy: love
  • Underworld Good: indifferent