Tharan Cedrax

Field of Study: Exo-technology
Homeworld: Unknown
Age: 29
Romance: No

Tharan Cedrax has made a name for himself in several circles, and has developed a reputation for himself as both a technological genius and a gallivanting playboy. All throughout his life, Tharan was fascinated by all forms of technology, especially computers and holographic technology. Tharan would study all forms of technology in his life before turning his attention to the field of exo-technology, the study of rare and alien technologies believed to not originate from this galaxy.

But while his discovery was well appreciated among his scientific peers, Tharan himself was not taken seriously. Considered a brilliant scientist, Tharan was also known to be a fly-by-night playboy and notorious gambler. He would often use his intellect and mathematical prowess to get the upper hand during his frequent visits to the casinos of Nar Shaddaa, and the number of women he's charmed would impress even the most smooth-talking smuggler.

With his holographic companion, Holiday, Tharan continues to gallivant across the galaxy in his search for new adventures and new technologies…

Bonuses: +10 Cybertech Efficiency, +10 Slicing Efficiency

Likes: Cleverness, logical thinking, aiding scientists and beautiful women, getting something for nothing

Dislikes: Mystical Jedi nonsense, Force Persuade, destroying science, heroism that involves danger

Primary Stat: Cunning

Secondary Stat: Endurance

Primary Weapon: Blaster Pistol

Secondary Weapon: Scattergun


  • Weapon: indifferent
  • Military Gear: indifferent
  • Courting: like
  • Luxury: love
  • Technology: favorite
  • Republic Memorabilia: indifferent
  • Imperial Memorabilia: indifferent
  • Cultural Artifact: like
  • Trophy: indifferent
  • Underworld Good: like