Taral V

Mid Game, Republic Only

Hidden deep within a dangerous region of space, an Imperial prison houses a legendary Jedi Master. Long before the Sith Empire’s return from exile, this Jedi traveled to the farthest reaches of the galaxy to confront the Emperor himself. But the Jedi was defeated, and held in stasis as the Emperor attempted to purge information from the Jedi's mind.

For ages this Jedi was thought to have been dead, but now a Force ghost has revealed that not only does the long-lost Jedi live, but he is being held prisoner within the treacherous Maelstrom Nebula. Armed with this knowledge, Jedi Master Oteg assembles a group of the Republic’s most elite heroes and sends them to the Imperial world of Taral V. There they will battle against the legions of Imperial soldiers, as well as deadly creatures, as they steal Imperial star charts that will lead them straight to the hidden prison.

Taral V is available to Republic players, and is designed to be experienced around level 33.