The Red Reaper

Late Game, Shared

In the century before the Sith Empire’s return to the known galaxy, the powerful Sith Lord Ikoral was among the Emperor’s most honored servants. Ikoral, himself a Sith Pureblood, believed in the genetic superiority of pureblooded Sith and became obsessed with discovering other Purebloods that fled from Korriban centuries ago. Over time Ikoral convinced the Dark Council to allow him to search for these lost Sith, and he set off with an expeditionary fleet.

Seventy years have passed. Darth Ikoral has returned from his expedition with an army of mad Sith, and has begun a campaign to purify the galaxy of those he deems as unworthy. Having already laid waste to an Imperial fortress at the edge of the galaxy, Ikoral now sets his sights on the Republic-controlled world of Chandrila. While the Republic scrambles to defend their world, the Empire plots its revenge against Ikoral for his betrayal. Both factions now assemble elite groups of their strongest warriors to board his flagship and defeat Ikoral once and for all.

The Red Reaper is available to both Republic and Imperial players, and is designed to be experienced around level 45.