The Foundry

Mid Game, Empire Only

Following an intense battle, a Republic cruiser carrying supplies to a hidden space station is now in Imperial hands. As the ship is readied for the assault, the Empire learns the location of the station, as well as its true value. Built deep inside an asteroid, the complex has the power to create a nearly endless army of Battle Droids that answer solely to the station’s master. The Empire knows that control of this station can sway the war, and put together a plan to take it from the Republic.

But it won't be easy. The station is in the hands of a mad Jedi who wants to purge the galaxy of Sith, and the complex itself is surrounded by a Republic fleet. To take the station, the Empire sends a small group of its most powerful champions to the asteroid surface to storm the base, fight their way through the army of droids and defeat the crazed Jedi once and for all.

The Foundry is available to Imperial players, and is designed to be experienced around level 37.