Maelstrom Prison

Mid Game, Republic Only

After a vicious battle on and above Taral V, the Republic now holds the coordinates of the secret Imperial prison, as well as valuable star charts that are needed to navigate the dangerous nebula that surrounds it. With this information, ships led by the Jedi Master Oteg make their way to the Maelstrom Nebula and rescue the captured Jedi. But they are not alone; an Imperial fleet under the command of a vicious Grand Moff pursues them, determined to make the Republic pay for their attack on an Imperial world.

As Republic and Imperial fleets battle, a small group of elite heroes make their way into the prison. Now they must work together to fight their way through elite Imperial soldiers, deadly war droids and powerful Sith to find and free the Jedi prisoner.

Maelstrom Prison is available to Republic players, and is designed to be experienced around level 37.