The Hammer

Early Game, Shared

Constructed by the Republic Engineering Corps during the war, Hammer Station was designed to serve as the ultimate deterrent against the Empire; a devastating superweapon that could wreak planet-wide destruction. The prototype battle station was built to utilize a gravity cannon that could hurl asteroids at planets and enemy capital ships. Once the Treaty or Coruscant was signed, the Republic military decommissioned the station and it was assumed to be destroyed when sent on a collision course with a nearby sun.

Now the station has reappeared under the control of the Advozse Hegemony, who have begun using the station’s cannon to conquer unaligned worlds near the contested borders. Allowing the Advozsec to control the station poses a threat to both the Empire and the Republic, and both sides now assemble strike teams to storm Hammer Station and eliminate this deadly threat once and for all.

Hammer Station is available to both Republic and Imperial players, and is designed to be experienced around level 17.