Mandalorian Raiders

Mid Game, Shared

During the war, one of the Empire's most valuable allies was the Mandalorians; a society of warrior-based clans that are united under their leader, Mandalore. When the treaty of Coruscant was signed and the war ended, many Mandalorians found themselves growing restless. While many Mandalorians broke away from their clans to become bounty hunters or join private militaries, one Clan turned their back on the Mandalorian leadership and set out on a ritualized quest for battle.

The militant clan Varad has hijacked the powerful Republic warship "Allusis", and has begun a campaign of brutality against both Republic and Imperial controlled worlds. Clan Varad poses a risk to the stability of the Outer Rim and cannot go unpunished for their actions. Now both the Republic and Empire put into motion plans to take the Allusis for themselves, and punish the rogue Mandalorians for their actions.

Mandalorian Raiders is available to both Republic and Imperial players, and is designed to be experienced around level 25.