The False Emperor

Elder Game, Shared

After an intense battle, the forces of the rogue Sith Lord have been driven from Ilum. Now both the Republic and Empire each possess the coordinates to the Imperial traitor‘s battlestation. Knowing that their defeat on Ilum will only serve as a temporary setback to the renegade Empire’s offensive, both sides realize that the time to strike is now.

The Empire and Republic call on their most powerful heroes to board the Sith’s stolen battlestation and bring an end to their march across the galaxy. But the rogue Sith was prepared, and has readied the battlestation in preparation for the confrontation that lies ahead. Now the most elite heroes in the galaxy must battle their way through a seemingly endless army of droids and soldiers before facing off with the rogue Sith to crush their new Empire once and for all.

The False Emperor is available to both Republic and Imperial players, and is designed to be experienced at level 50.